Maya Cougar

DOB 3/19/1999

Arrived 12/9/17

Maya-CougarA Forever Home for the Holidays

December 8, 2017

We are excited to share with you that a team of Big Cat Rescuers is right now driving from Ohio back to our sanctuary in Tampa with a female cougar named Mya!

She is 18 years old (which equates to about 100 in human years) and was voluntarily surrendered by her owner to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Not many elderly captive big cats ever have the opportunity for a second chance and a brand new life at an accredited sanctuary. Mya is scheduled to arrive at Big Cat Rescue this week, so she will be home for the holidays.

We plan to spoil her and give her the best veterinary care and nutrition possible. She’s going to live in a big enclosure next to Reise, another elderly female cougar. Big Cat Rescue volunteers are already preparing new toys and a platform in her enclosure.

Will you help us welcome Mya to her forever home and donate to her care?


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On The Road With The Rescue Team LIVE!

The trip started out bad when the generator failed by the first fuel stop.

What is Afton up to?

That set us back $750.00 and 2 hours.

Then there was a belt of snow.  We’re Floridians, man!  We don’t do snow!


I guess we do snow now!

Checking in to make sure Maya is nice and warm.

Fog?  Snow is the real threat here.

When life gives you snow, make snow cats!

The rescue team arrived back at Big Cat Rescue at 5AM after a 20 hour trip.  Two hours of sleep and then the press arrived to see Maya being released into her new quadraplex.

YOU can help make happy stories like this possible through your sharing, liking and donating.

Give to Big Cat Rescue

And some great photos by Volunteer Brittany Mira


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