Media 1996-2005

Big Cat Rescue was in the Media 223 times 1996 – 2005

Directory of all Press and Media for Big Cat Rescue

223 12/30/05 The Animal Atlas ran a 30 minute feature on Fox in Hickory, N.C. on Big Cat Rescue and an interview with Scott Lope.

222 12/28/05 The Washington Post did a story on a 10 year old who did a peaceful protest of tigers being used for store openings.  The article mentions that she used the protest to raise awareness for Big Cat Rescue and nice quotes from HSUS as well.  More…

221 12/9/05 The New York Times listed us at their top 10 things to do when you are in Tampa.  Read it here.

220 12/4/05 The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio ran a travel article on Big Cat Rescue that brought visitors from Ohio right away.

219 11/26/05 Accent on Tampa Bay did a feature story on Big Cat Rescue here:

218 11/25/05 The Tampa Tribune’s Maurna Bales did a large feature in her Volunteer Connect column asking for items on our wish list.

217 11/24/05 Channel 10 WTSP showed Big Cat Rescue’s Thanksgiving Day treats for the big cats and how much they enjoyed it.

216 11/23/05 The Tampa Tribune‘s NW section and the Carrollwood News both gave the entire cover to Big Cat Rescue and the story of the cubs we saved after their mother was shot to death by a hunter.

215 11/22/05 Fox 13‘s Cynthia Smoot did a great piece on the rescue of the three cubs who were orphaned when a hunter shot their mother.

214 11/21/05 Channel 8 did a follow up story on the progress of the three orphaned cougar cubs. See it here.

213 11/19/05 Sean Ledig of the Tampa Tribune covered the zoning application made by Big Cat Rescue for our recent purchase of 3 more acres and pointed out the need for funding and corporate support.

212 11/13/05 Cox Radio station 102.5 the Bone‘s Jeff Slater did a 30 minute interview with Carole Baskin about Big Cat Rescue’s holiday fundraising, fur trade protests, and many other issues that affect the big cats.

211 11/1/05 The Weekly Planet covered the rescue of three orphaned mountain lions and the magazine subscription fundraiser in progress.

210 10/28/05 Channel 13Channel 10 and Channel 8 all did stories on the arrival of the three baby mountain lions who were orphaned by a hunter’s bullet.  Their story is here.

209 10/18/05 Visit News Channel 10s website and scroll down the page, under the Morning Around the Bay Stories, to find
a link about Fur Ball and Big Cat Rescue following Gemma and Mario’s interview with Carole Baskin.

208 10/16/05 Radio 103.5 Country’s Mike Serio interviewed Carole about Big Cat Rescue and the Fur Ball.

207 10/16/05 Cox Radio Stations (all 6) ran 300 Fur Ball ads and promo spots for the past month.

206 10/14/05 Bay News 9‘s Fur Ball interview with Carole and Auroara the tiger at Big Cat Rescue runs every half hour around the clock.

205 10/11/05 Fox 13 ran a story on Adventure Outfitter’s climb to benefit the Snow Leopards of Big Cat Rescue and interviewed Scott Lope about their plight in the wild.

204 9/23/05 The Tampa Tribune headline read, “Flappers, Gansters:  Relive the Roaring 20s at the Fur Ball.

203 9/23/05 When St. Pete Times Party Animal, Amy Schertzer launched her new party blog, Big Cat Rescue’s Fur Ball was the example she used of a great party.

202 Katie Marsico quotes Scott Lope the General Manager of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, who insists that public awareness is the key to halting what is rapidly becoming America ‘s “big cat crisis.” Read
the article..

201 9/17/05 Ch. 10 ran this story: Big cats bring in donations for displaced animals Video Story (go online to see the video) Tampa , Florida Some rescued wild cats were showcased on Saturday to benefit cats and dogs that need to be rescued. A group called Big Cat Rescue held a tour in Tampa to raise money for animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Guests saw tigers, lions and other wild cats for a $10 donation. Scott Lope, Big Cat Rescue: “We want to take care of the animals too. There’s been so many victims of this hurricane and that there’s a lot of animals whose owner’s homes have been destroyed or their owners have perished so we want to make sure they’re taken care of too.” Big Cat Rescue is home to more than 150 exotic cats that were abandoned or abused. The non-profit sanctuary has already sent animal supplies to the Gulf Coast. All the money raised on Saturday will go to the Humane Society of the United States and Emergency Animal Rescue Service. Tampa Bay ‘s 10 News See the video HERE.

200 August issue Glamour Magazine ran a photo of Carole and Howard Baskin on a recent trip to New York City.

199 8/22/05 CBS interviewed Big Cat Rescue for input on the mauling death of the teenager in Kansas at Lost Creek Sanctuary and Animal Studio.

198 8/19/05 Bay News 9 reported the mauling death of a teenage girl posing for photos with a tiger in Kansas and contrasted that sort of activity at a pseudo sanctuary to a real sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue.

197 8/18/05 A PSA produced by Sherry Sacino, President of Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. will be shown on local TV stations throughout Tampa Bay area. Later it may run nationwide.  See it HERE.

196 7/30/05 Bay News 9 reporter Chris Hawes investigated how better laws can prevent the suffering, abandonment and abuse of big cats.  See

195 7/29/05 Tampabay’s Best Magazine did a feature on Big Cat Rescue and on Howard and Carole Baskin in their section called People With Style.

194 7/28/05 Ford ran an article about Jaguar of Tampa’s Rob Elder and his sponsorship of the Jaguars and Cheetaro the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue.

193 7/19/05 Inside Edition did a story about a couple who came and enjoyed the Big Cat Expedition.

192 7/1/05 Fox 13′s Cynthia Smoot interviewed Scott Lope about Savannah Cats as bad pets.

191 6/1/05 Tampa Tribune NW Section Carrollwood News reporter Rebekah Chrysler did a story on the Golden Palette painting the E Center for Big Cat Rescue.  It was front page and half an inside page with two great colour photos.

190 5/5/05 The Dayton Daily News did a story about the Harold Schnell Elementary class, lead by Jean Mayer that raised 600.00 for Big Cat Rescue by creating and selling The Big Cat Cookbook full of recipes from current and former governors.

189 4/8/05 The St. Pete Times writer Jackie Ripley did a cover story on the North of Tampa section about our great veterinarians, Dr. Stacy Wadsworth, DVM and Dr. Liz Wynn, DVM.

188 3/1/05 Karen Hamlin’s travel column in Around the Ranch, a Florida publication featured Big Cat Rescue in Offbeat Travel.

187 2/22/05 Big Cat Rescue was on CNN Tuesday Feb. 22 7PM (EST) in Anderson Coopers 360 Black Market America. See it!

186 2/20/2005 The Staten Island Advance did a wonderful story about what it is like to visit Big Cat Rescue from an Expedition Guest: Eric Claro’s perspective. Free Online.

185 2/14/05 Russell Rhodes of Fox 13 featured our Big Cat Wedding on their morning show.

184 2/14/05 The New Magic 94-9 radio hosted their fourth annual Valentine’s Day wedding at Big Cat Rescue and gave us 100 air time mentions. The lucky couple was married on air by The Morning Show hosts Chadd and Kristi, was featured live on TV Fox 13′s Russell Rhodes segment, and will appear on the cover of the summer issue of Tampa Bay’s Best Wedding & Party Planner magazine.

183 2/13/05 The Tampa Tribune gave us 800 words and the front and back page of the Commentary Section in an article Howie wrote about why big cats don’t make good pets. See the full colour version in PDF with the front page HERE and the back page HERE.

182 2/6/05 Carole Baskin quoted by Sapna Magazine about the disappearence of the tiger from the wild. More here.

181 2/2/05 We have been on 94.9 online a Cox Radio station for the past two weeks in a promotional give away of a dream wedding at Big Cat Rescue that will be announced Feb. 4, 2005.

180 1/30/05 The Ledger-Enquirer quoted Big Cat Rescue’s Operations Manager on why canned hunts frequently have so many exotic cats in cages for illegal killing “Most of these places advertise for deer and elk hunting or maybe some type of bighorn sheep,” said Scott Lope, manager of Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary in Tampa, Fla. “But if you look at the bottom of the ads, you’ll see fine print that says, ‘Other species available upon request.’ That’s how they do it.”

179 1/19/05 The Tampa Tribune Northwest Section did a story about the legislative efforts of Big Cat Rescue called Sanctuary Owner Urges Bann on Canned Hunts.

178 1/12/05 The Fox 13 show Your Turn, hosted by Kathy Fountain aired a debate about the inhumane aspects of circus life for the animals. Carole Baskin and Dr. John Mead debated Lance Ramos, a circus owner.

177 1/6/05 The WB Channel 38 ran a story about Ringling’s Tigers coming to Big Cat Rescue.


63 times in 2004


176 The Tampa Tribune‘s Amy Scherzer recapped the best events of the year and included Big Cat Rescue

175 12/19/04The Tampa Tribune’s Volunteer Connect Column by Maurna Bales ran our wish list for a Big Cat Christmas.

174 12/18/04 The Carrollwood Form News did a small piece talking about our tours.

173 12/14/04 Fox 13‘s Cynthia Smoot did an investigative report about a road side exhibit called Animal Attractions and how the public can stop this sort of abuse.

172 12/1/04 Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine ran us in the Social Scene with a half page of photos and text about the Fur Ball.

171 11/26/04 Tampabay Network Ch. 19 and Ch. 20 ran “The Big Cat Picture” on T.V.

170 11/28/04 Newsday’s Jim Breheny quoted Carole Baskin on the question of whether or not zoos serve any real conservation purpose in today’s sociey.

169 11/26/04 Tampabay Network Ch. 19 and Ch. 20 ran “The Big Cat Picture” on T.V.

168 11/24/04 Ken Lewis of the Times-Union news quotes Carole Baskin on the case of the 14 year old boy being attacked by a tiger on a leash.

167 11/18/04 Tampa Tribune’s Liz Bleau mentioned Big Cat Rescue twice as helping with the No More Homeless Pets “Home for the Holidays” adoption program. No More Homeless Pets HC also ran a story about Howie and Carole meeting at the very fist No More Homeless Pets meeting Nov. 1, 2002 and marrying on Nov. 1, 2004.

166 10/18/04 Animal People gave us the lead in story in their recap called, “Four Hurricanes in Six Weeks” by Merritt Clifton

165 10/16/04 Cultural Affairs Magazine ran a photo story about the success of the Fur Ball.

164 10/15/04 Hawk Radio 1520 am’s Ani Crane interviewed Carole Lewis about the big cats of Big Cat Rescue and the pet trade in this week’s salute to Pet Appreciation.

163 10/11/04 The Animal Planet ran an episode of The Most Extreme called Killer Cats featuring Big Cat Rescue. This runs repeatedly and can be bought in our gift shop. (This may not have been the exact air date.)

162 10/8/04 Radio WWJB’s Bob did an interview called All About Animals that is hosted by the Nature Coast Humane Society and spoke with Carole Lewis about the exotic pet crisis in America.

161 9/24/04 The St. Pete Times reporter Amy Scherzer did a great follow up story on the Fur Ball with four photos of people in their wild attire.

160 9/23/04 The Tampa Tribune did a followup story on the success of the Fur Ball with photos by Maria Johnson.

159 9/04 issue of Florida Voices for
 (Fall 2004) did a nice feature story about their visit to Big Cat Rescue.

158 9/16/04 The Tampa Tribune did a story on the upcoming Fur Ball.

157 9/15/04 The St. Pete Times did a story on the upcoming Fur Ball.

156 9/15/04 The Carrollwood Community News did a story on the upcoming Fur Ball.

155 9/11/04 Tampa Tribune reporter, Kristen Levine did a story called Big Cat Heroes in her Petcetera column.

154 9/11/04 The Tampa Tribune advertised the upcoming Fur Ball in a three inch commentary.

153 9/5/04 The St. Pete Times donated a quarter page ad for the Fur Ball called The Call of the Wild.

152 8/29/04 The St. Pete Times donated a quarter page ad for the Fur Ball called The Call of the Wild.

151 8/12/04 The Hernando County edition of the St. Pete Times writer Dan DeWitt quoted Carole Lewis on the Florida Panther sightings in Hernando County.

150 8/10/04 Cox Network of Radio stations began 180 one minute PSAs for Big Cat Rescue and the Fur Ball.

149 8/11/04 The Carrollwood Community News ran a story about the Charis for Charity program and Big Cat Rescue’s involvement and quotes by Jamie Veronica.

148 7/30/04 The Billings Gazette quoted Carole Lewis in why Bobcats should not be bred and sold as pets.

147 7/15/04 Our Town Brandon featured The Fur Ball.

146 7/13/04 Carole Lewis was quoted by the Captive Wild Animal Protection Coalitionin their press release concerning the number of escapes, deaths, maulings and confiscations of big cats across the country.

145 7/13/04 Carole Lewis was quoted twice by The Palm Beach Post in the shooting of an escaped pet tiger.

144 7/13/04 Big Cat Rescue’s Scott Lope was interviewed about the plight of big cats kept as pets when “Tarzan’s” tiger escaped and was shot to death by authorities on ABC Action News.

143 7/13/04 Hear the interviews with Scott Lope of Big Cat Rescue on 970 WFLA News Radio.

142 7/16/04 Bay News 9′s Jennifer Holloway features Big Cat Rescue and a link on their website here.

141 7/12/04 The Oklahoma News quoted Carole Lewis of Big Cat Rescue in the controversy of a pseudo sanctuary breeding lions and then using the cubs to get donations.

140 7/4/04 The Miami Herald featured Big Cat Rescue as a great place to spend the summer and volunteer.

139 7/4/04 The Orlando Sentinel featured Big Cat Rescue as a great place to spend the summer and volunteer.

138 6/13/04 The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC featured Big Cat Rescue as a great place to spend the summer and volunteer by Jill Schensul of Universal Press Syndicateand The Record in NJ.

137 6/22/04 Bill Murphy’s One Tank Trips featured Big Cat Rescue on Fox 13.  Runs again 6/25 and 6/26.

136 6/20/04 Harvard Business School Bulletin.  Howie’s classmates joined him for a golf outing and a visit to Big Cat Rescue and wrote about their wild time in the HBS monthly newsletter.

135 6/17/04 Tampa Tribune ran a 3 inch mention of our up coming Fur Ball September 17, 2004.

134 6/16/04 Radio 97X reporter Lara Misuraca did a half hour phone interview with Founder, Carole Lewis about the issues that cause so many big cats to be in need of rescue and what can be done to prevent the abandonment and abuse.

133 6/15/04 Cox Radio Tampabay (the 3rd largest radio network in the Country) donated $100,000.00 in free air time to promote our annual gala, The Fur Ball and agreed to continue their support with Public Service Announcements.

132 6/13/04 The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C. featured Big Cat Rescue on the Cover of the Travel section as a place to volunteer for the summer.

131 6/8/04 the BBC One’s Mikala featured Big Cat Rescue in their series called Really Wild. See it HERE.

130 6/6/04 The Record featured us in their Travel section called “A Way With Animals” by Jill Schensul.

129 6/1/04 Our Town Brandon reporter Kathy Tidler featured a two page spread called “Big Hearts Reach Out To Big Cats”.

128 6/1/04 Natural Awakenings featured Big Cat Rescue in their June issue.

127 5/15/04 Carrollwood Forum News Editor/reporter Karen Ketner and photographer Mark A. Thomas, did a cover story about Big Cat Rescue called, Big Hearts Reach Out to Big Cats.

126 5/6/04 McDowell News, Marion, NC’s editor Scott Hollifield ran a tongue in cheek piece about cougars spotted in N.C. and quoted us as collecting such data for the Captive Wild Animal Protection Coalition.

125 3/28/04 CNN ran this for us pro bono: “Sometimes thrill seekers need a break from the long lines and wallet-breaking prices of mega-amusement parks. One alternative is the world of roadside animal parks and wildlife sanctuaries. While these places can’t offer the high-speed kick of roller coasters, tourists will learn there’s certainly never a dull moment.“Big Cat Rescue” in Tampa , Florida , is a nonprofit “retirement home” to more than 140 exotic cats. At “Big Cat Rescue” you can “stand just 3 feet from tigers and lions” and get so close to the cats “that you can feel their hot breath on your skin.” A night tour is also offered where “you become the hunted rather than the hunter.” Unbelievably, there are also opportunities to hand-feed cougars and tigers.”

124 3/20/04 Tampa Tribune did a two page spread on our Camp Conservation 2004 with photos of the cats and our Education Director leading a class of students on a field trip.

123 3/1/04 Upper Tampa Bay Monitor’s Julia LeBerth covered our zoning hearing in, “lions, Tigers and Bearcats, Oh My!”.

122 2/27/04 St. Pete Times reporter, Jackie Ripley covered our zoning approval in “Big Cats Get To Expand Den.”

121 2/3/04 We are on the cover of Absolutely Florida.  Click HERE to
see it and then click on Esmerelda’s picture for the rest of the story.

120 1/28/04 Be watching for us on Tampa Bay Stepping Out Brighthouse 47 Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. or if you miss it you can call the episode up online at

119 1/21/04 Carrollwood News, Michael Murillo did a story on our rezoning called “Big Cat Rescue Plans Expansion”.

118 1/18/04 St. Pete Times, Jackie Ripley did a favourable front page of the North of Tampa section called, Procat with a Clause.

117 1/16/04 Bay News 9 did a segment about Hillsborough County requesting that the State require owners of dangerous animals to post it on the property for safety’s sake.  Big Cat Rescue is working with the county and the state asking for better laws to protect the animals and the public.  Stock footage of Scott Lope and Nikki the lioness were aired.

116 1/15/04 Tampa Tribune, Elizabeth Lee Brown, did a follow up to our rezoning application called “Big
Cat Rescue Pushes fro Zoning for Expansion”.

115 1/14/04 Tampa Tribune, Northwest News, Michael Murillo did a story about Ringling Bros., called Ring of Controversy and mentioned that their cats retire to Big Cat Rescue.

114 1/13/04  St. Pete Times, Brady Dennis, did a report on our zoning hearing called Shelter for Big Cats Plans to Grow.

113 1/10/04 Tampa Tribune did a short story entitled, “Refuge Seeks to Expand” in which it says the county is in favor of our plan.


35 times in 2003


112 12/31/03 Tampa Tribune‘s Sean Ledig did a story about Jaguar of Tampa’s part in rescuing two Jaguars who had been kept in a basement for more than a year.

111 12/29/03 Big Cat Rescue was named as a great place to visit on CNN.  Read the storyHERE

110 12/21/03 Bay News 9 covered the Jaguar Rescue and the local hero, Rob Elder of Jaguar of Tampa who made it possible.

109 11/19/03 interviewed for three days by People Magazine’s Joanna Blonska for Dec.5ths issue, but was told we won’t be quoted because she is trying to present the positive side of big cat pet ownership and we had nothing to say in support of something that irresponsible.

108 11/7/03 St. Pete Times, Jackie Ripley quoted us on the number of big cats who are discarded and why.

107 10/31/03 Orlando Sentinelran Carole Lewis’ featured letter to the editor about performing animals in Opinions-My Word.

106 10/28/03  Fox Channel 13 with Kathy Fountain’s call in talk show called, Your Turn.  Carole Lewis took phone inquiries and comments about the questions involving exotic cats in the entertainment industry and as pets.

105 10/25/03 “Education Is Big Cat Rescue’s New Plan To Save More Animals” By Sean C. Ledig was on the Front Page of the Northwest section of the Tampa Tribune with a story about our rezoning efforts and our new name.

104 10/19/03 Tampa Tribune Bay Life commentary by Judy Hill entitled “Leo brings home plight of stray animals”.

103 10/14/03 Bay News 9 interviewed Scott Lope about the close proximity of people to big cats in any given town.

102 10/13/03 WPVC 97.5 Country Station’s Tanner and Tom interviewed Scott Lope about the issues of big cats as pets.

101 10/12/03 St. Pete Times reporter Sheryl Kay interviewed Scott Lope in an editorial called “Maybe they don’t belong on stages and in cages”.  She described Scott as brilliant and as a rich source of information about the plight of animals in captivity.

100 10/10/03 St. Pete Times writer, Collette Bancroft interviews Carole Lewis about the white tiger myths that abound.

99 10/10/03 St. Pete Times, Amy  Scherzer gave the fun facts from the Fur Ball.

98 10/10/03  Dateline NBC aired an interview with John Kirkland in front of Bengali at Big Cat Rescue.

97 10/9/03  Carole Lewis did a radio talk show with Charlie Warren at WMAL in Washington.

96 10/9/03  Carole Lewis did phone interview with KABC in Los Angeles.

95 10/08/03 Carrollwood News Amy Williams featured Big Cat Rescue and Carole Lewis’ story as Cat Woman.

94 10/6/03  Tampa Tribune‘s Valerie Kalfrin wrote Show Tigers, Lions Retire to Tampa Refuge.  Read it here.

93 10/6/03 Channel 13 did a local interest tie in to the attack on Roy Horn about the cats on Easy Street.

92 10/5/03 Channel 8 and Channel 10 did stories on Seigfried and Roy’s misfortune with a local interest story on where big cats go when they won’t perform or are unwanted pets.

91 10/3/03 The WB T.V. channel 38 did a great presentation about the Fur Ball at 10:00 PM.

90 10/2/03 ABC Ch. 28 Bob Kendrick and Deiah Riley interviewed Carole Lewis about The Fur Ball, by phone and ran the event in their online calendar.

89 10/1/03 The Tampa Tribune NW, Pick of the Week featured the Fur Ball and a 1/4 page photo of Maya the lioness in her new cat-a-tat.

88 10/1/03 World of Westchase ran a two page glossy 15 photo spread by Chris Barrett about Big Cat Rescue.

87 9/30/03 ran a pro bono colour ad for The Fur Ball with 53,000 impressions.

86 9/27/03 Christian Radio FM 97.1 Carole Lewis was interviewed by Bob Barnes telling why Big Cat Rescue is Tampa’s best kept secret.

85 9/26/03 Channel 8 has been airing promos about the Fur Ball.

84 9/15/03  Channel 10‘s Virginia Johnson of the Morning Show interviewed Carole Lewis about the upcoming Fur Ball.

83 9/12/03 Fur Ball Set for Oct. 3 Funds Big Cat Sanctuary by Maurna Bales at the Tampa Tribune.

82 8/24/03 Channel 44 UPN interviewed Scott Lope in English and with the help of Angelica in Spanish after seeing us at the Back To School Bash with Radio Disney.

81 8/1/03 Feline Conservation Federation ran Carolyne Clendinen’s article called Bobcat Enrichment, giving us two full pages, lots of photos and our bobcat, Little White Dove the cover.

80 7/9/03 Tampa Tribune NW Section, by Jamie Pilarczyk, about Maya’s new Cat-A-Tat.  This was also published in the Carrollwood News and Town N Country News.

79 4/15/03  St. Pete Times Floridian section.  Colette Bancroft did a wonderful two page spread about the overnight stays here called Bed & Bengal.

78 3/10/03 Channel 28 interviewed us for background information about the Florida Panther after one was struck and killed by a car on I-4 just outside Tampa.

77 1/3/03  WUSF Channel 16 aired a 30 minute segment on Big Cat Rescue in their Spectrum series.  This is the best documentary on us yet and was filmed entirely by USF students.


76 times from 1996 until the end of 2002


76 12/24/02  Tampa Tribune ran a brief segment about us and our need for volunteers and donations.

75 5/9/02  Front page of the Oldsmar Community News, “Big Cats Live Life on Easy Street, by M.L. Harris & Kevin Gartland.

74 4/3/02  Town N Country News, “Caspurrilla Raises Money For Lion’s Den” by Jamie Pilarczyk.

73 4/2/02  Channel 10 aired live from WOES at 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 a.m.

72 3/31/02 The German Magazine, Spot On ran something about us that resulted in several Deutche  emails.

71 3/1/02 The National Horseman ran a two page article about us.

70 2/22/02  The Tampa Tribune, “Champion Horses Strut for WildLife Sanctuary” is about the Gasparilla Horse Show selecting Big Cat Rescue as the charity to benefit from the proceeds this year.

69 2/3/02  Palm Beach Post writer, Ron Wiggins, wrote “Prowling With Big Cats” after touring.

68 2/1/02  The Tampa Tribune, “Big Cat Sanctuary Fundraiser Is Saturday” tells about our Groundhog Day Celebration on 2/2/02.

67 1/27/02  The Jack Hanna Show aired again from FL to CA and the calls poured in.

66 1/09/02 The Carrollwood News, “Lioness gets comfortable in new surroundings”, by Sherri Lonon.

65 12/25/01  The St. Pete Times, “This gift of life lands Nikita on Easy Street”, by Jackie Ripley in the full St. Petersburg edition.

64 12/23/01  The St. Pete Times, “This gift of life lands Nikita on Easy Street”, by Jackie Ripley in the Northwest section of Tampa.

63 12/23/01  The St. Pete Times, “This gift of life lands Nikita on Easy Street”, by Jackie Ripley in the Northwest section of Tampa.

62 12/15/01  Fox 13, WTVT featured us in Bill Murphy’s One Tank Trips.

61 11/30/01  In Town Tampa, mentioned that we are befitting from free gift wrapping and Santa photos in Old Hyde Park.

60 11/29/01  Tampa Bay Metro, Fundraising Is Not For The Tame, article about volunteering.

59 10/12/01  Citrus Park News Cover story, It’s a Jungle Out There! Article suggested giving a memorable event such as an overnight stay, a tour or a Feeding Frenzy as Holiday gifts this year.

58 10/11/01  HTV Ch. 22, PBS The Paws Club, by Kevin Hoag and Patrick Dowling is a terrific piece that really details our mission and the lives of the cats here.

57 9/1/01 Telemundo Spanish Channel 13 Anissa Camp did introductions to each of their segments with different cats throughout the park.

56 8/14/01  Citrus Park News featured our Wild Eyes At Night Tours with a colour photo of Shere Khan.

55 8/4/01  CBS Channel 10 News interviewed Jamie Veronica about the dangers of caring for tigers and Nakoma’s Family Day, live.

54 8/3/01  Tampa Tribune, Baylife section, “Your Best Bet” named our Wild Eyes At Night tour at the top of their list and used a photo of Judah the lion.

53 8/1/01  ABC Channel 28 News John interviewed Scott Lope about keeper practices here after a tiger killed a keeper at Savage Kingdom.

52 7/31/01  WFLA 970, Shana did a phone interview with us asking about the nature of tigers after a man was killed by a tiger at Robert Baudy’s place.

51 7/26/01  St. Pete Times writer, Jennifer Conway wrote, “A Trek On The WILD SIDE with 1/3 page photos of Nini and Venus.  The article promotes our Wild Eyes At Night Tours every Friday through the summer.

50 7/20/01  The Observer, in West Palm Beach, ran a story called, “Maya, the Injured Lion Cub Off to Easy Street.”

49 7/7/01  Citrus Park News, “Wild Eyes At Night Tour” with colour photo.

48 7/4/01  Town N Country News, “Tragedy heightens animal awareness” by Jennifer Aldrich about Nakoma’s story and this year’s event for Maya.

47 6/30/01  Fluxfo T.V. is a show about places to visit in Tampa.  They aired a great 20 minute story about us featuring Scott, Jen and the cats.

46 6/27/01 Marco Island Eagle, Go Wild:  Tampa Has Great Escapes For Animal Lovers  by Staff Writer, Elizabeth Wendt

45 6/1/01  Citrus Park News, Big Cat Rescue’s Summer Camp.

44 6/1/01  The Long Island Ocelot Club posted at article called Got Stress? written by Big Cat Rescue’s Founder.

43 5/30/01 The Oracle,  at USF , Freedom To Roam by Teri Lockler

42 5/27/01  The St. Pete Times, An Unnatural Fate, by Linda Gibson, was not about Big Cat Rescue, but Carole Lewis was quoted about the horrible fate of most white tigers.

41 5/23/01  Town N Country News, Options Range From Wet to Wild for Summer Campers, by Sherri Lonon.

40 4/20/01  Tampa Tribune’s  Friday Extra listed us under attractions.

39 4/18/01  Carrollwood News, Earth Day Party To Shed Light On Endangered Animals by Sherri Lonon.

38 4/18/01  Carrollwood News, Cat Sanctuary Takes Steps To Prevent Burglaries, by Sherri Lonon.

37 4/14/01  Tampa Tribune, Bold Thieves Hit Big Cat Shelter, by Sean D. Ledig told about thieves stealing our donation box, and ATV and a motorcycle that we use to patrol the grounds.

36 2/15/01  Digital City still giving us a 5 star rating.

35 2/10/01  Tampa Tribune, Wildlife Sanctuary To Show Off Big Cats, by Sean C. Ledig.

34 1/22/01  Sports Illustrated, Superbowl edition, Temptations of Tampa.

33 1/1/01  Physicians Travel & Meeting Guide, Tampa, More Than Meets The Eye  by Mary Lou Janson.

32 1/31/01  Town N Country News,  Refuge Plans Wild Valentine’s Party by Editor Sherri Lonon

31 12/1/00,   A Cat Lovers Dream Vacation by Penny Sayers.

30 11/16/00  Digital City gave us a 5 star rating in their Visitor’s Guide.

29 11/1/00  Town N Country News, A Bash Befitting a King for our 8th Birthday featured a photo of our Lion.

28 10/25/00  Town N Country News and Carrollwood News, Cat Sanctuary Celebrates 8 Years With Birthday Bash by Editor, Sherri Lonon.

27 10/21/00  Tampa Tribune,  Haunted Trail Has Frights, Insights by Judy Silverstein Gray.

26 9/25/00  King Features Syndicated, Ports of Call by Bethany Murray.

25 9/14/00  We were listed in the book, Irresistible Overnights in Florida:  A Guide to the 203 Most Delightfully Different Places to Stay, by Bob Rafferty and Loys Reynolds.

24 9/1/00 Cat Fancy Magazine listed us in their cover story, 100 Best Cat Places to Visit.

23 9/1/00  Carrollwood Community News,  Live Music For Easy Street promo.

22 8/20/00 Sun Sentinel, These Wild Cats Had Rough Time, But Now They’re On Easy Street by Marianne Wischeidt

21 8/18/00  Race For The Big Cats listed us on line as a useful link.

20 7/8/00 St. Pete Times, Linda Gibson did a story on Circus cats that needed a home and quoted us about the prevalence of the problem.

19 7/1/00  Animals Exotic and Small ran an article we wrote called How To Build a Cage.

18 6/28/00  Carrollwood News and the Town N Country News both ran:  Cat Sanctuary Shares Story of Lion For Holiday Crowds by Staff Writer, Michael Hinman.

17 6/1/00  AAA Going Places Travel Magazine wrote Fur A Good Cause by Tom Wuckovich.  This and Jack Hanna’s show has brought in the most supporters.

16 6/1/00  The Height Report, Lions And Tigers And Bears! Oh My! by Colette Jaccard.

15 5/24/00  ICON Reviews did a one paragraph review of Big Cat Rescue saying there is never a dull moment.

14 4/29/00 Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures ran a segment called Big Cat Rescue.  You can read more about it here at Jack Hanna.

13 3/16/00 Tampa Tribune, Exotic Cats New Neighbor May Be Cell Tower by Kathy Steele

12 2/12/00  The German Radio Show, story about Big Cat Rescue accommodating a blind boy from Germany by Susanne Neilson.

11 10/7/99 Tampa Tribune Pasco edition ran a story called Bound For Freedom by Lorie Jewell about the bobcat release.

10 10/1/99 at 5:28 PM  Channel 16 USF did a segment created by Martin Speechley about WildLife on Easy St.

9 8/18/99 Fox 13 T.V. and Lloyd Sowers did a two year anniversary story on the disappearance of the co-founder.

8 On 6/29/99 Bay New 9 did a great story called “What’s Up With That?”

7 3/1/99 Hard Copy ran a story about the sanctuary and its plight when one owner left.

6 Purred To Sleep, The New York Post, 1998 also in most major cities.

5 12/2/98 Too Purrfect, Dateline NBC Television ran a story about the plight of the sanctuary.

4 7/3/98  The St. Pete Times, “Benefit is planned for crippled lion” by Jackie Ripley told about raising money and awareness for cats that are used and abused by the entertainment industry.

3 12/1/98 Too Purrfect, People Magazine, appeared in December 1998 issue

2 1/23/97 The Tampa Tribune ran Welcome to Easy Street by Catherine Stengel

1 11/20/96 Carrollwood News ran a story called Feline Purrfection, written by Rebecca Bray and Sherri Vandersand

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