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Big Cat Rescue was in the Media 69 times in 2008

Directory of all Press and Media for Big Cat Rescue

500 12/28/08 The good work of Big Cat Rescue was applauded in the U.K. newspaper, theSunday Mirror, in an article called unseen Florida.

499  12/17/08 Carole Baskin was interviewed by NBC‘s Morgan Rose while attending the Iberville Parish hearing in an attempt to have the council enforce their 1993 ban on the exhibition of wild animals.

498 12/15/08  Accent Tampa Bay announced the Fin, Fur and Feather Art Show to benefit Big Cat Rescue.

497  12/12/08 The St. Pete Times noted that members of the GFWC St. Petersburg Woman’s Club made donations to seven area charitable organizations at their annual Jinglefest Christmas luncheon. Beneficiaries are Big Cat Rescue, the Christmas Toy Shop, Help A Child, R Club, Resurrection House, the St. Petersburg Free Clinic and the SPCA.

496 12/9/08 Jill Adler, reporter for Sports Guide, included a segment on Big Cat Rescue as a way to support Eco Tourism in Florida.  Sports Guide has a circulation of 25,000.

495  12/7/08  The Tampa Tribune reported that the Tampa Realistic Artists hosted the reception for Fin, Fur and Feather, an art exhibition and competition focused on wildlife. The event and all of the commissions on art sales benefited Big Cat Rescue.  The winner of the show donated her prize money to Big Cat Rescue as well as did some of the other winners.  Representative Faye Culp was on hand to welcome Big Cat Rescuers.

494  12/5/08  Cox Radio has been running to excellent PSA’s for us on their 6 radio stations.

493a 11/17/08 Discovery Channel featured Big Cat Rescue Operations Manager, Scott Lope in Lion Feeding Frenzy.

493  11/13/08  Steve Echeverria Jr. mentioned Big Cat Rescue in his article about Efest and eco friendly themed festival in Sarasota’s Herald Tribune.

492  11/8/08  Karen Hamlin of Travel World International Magazine did an excellent story about Big Cat Rescue and captured the essence of the big cat crisis.  Read it HERE

491  11/4/08  St. Pete Times Reporter, Amy Schertzer, posted more fun photos from the Fur Ball HERE

490 10/28/08  Cindy Richards. reporter for the Travel Muse listed Big Cat Rescue as one of the three best things to do in Tampa.

489 10/28/08 The Tampa Bay Charity Register listed our 2008 and 2009 Fur Ball and included us in their direcotry of exclusive galas.

488 10/28/08 Bay News 9 announced our video was number two on You on Demand, “Another youngster is our number 2 clip…. Baby Bobcat. The Big Cat Rescue group has this young male and he’s adorable. Check him and other animals out in the Pet Performances section.”

487  10/19/08 The Tampa Tribune devoted more than 1/4 of the page to fun photos and follow up of the Fur Ball.

486  10/18/08  The Carrollwood section of the Tampa Tribume sported a 1/4 page color photo of Cynthia Smoot and Barbara Nagy at the Fur Ball.

485  10/17/08  Amy Schertzer, of the St. Pete Times did a great story with photos of the Fur Ball with the headline, “Fur Ball raises funds for big felines.”

484  10/16/08 Amy Scherzer, social scene reporter for the St. Pete Times said, “Fur Ball Big Cat Rescue supporters drummed up warm and fuzzy feelings for the care and protection of 135 lions, tigers, jaguars and other exotic felines at its annual Fur Ball. Jana Broder’s thundering drum circle set the beat for 600 whiskered and tailed guests Oct. 10. Top cat donors included Tom Mitchell, who bid $8,000 for an African safari; Michael Jamison won the Thailand trip for $7,500; and Lance and Karyn Ringhaver paid $2,350 to drive a new Jaguar XF for one month. Playing Wheel of Fur-tune to win two Rolexes donated by Avant-Gold Jewelers also helped the $150-ticket event raise about $80,000.”

483  10/12/08  Baird Helgeson, reporter for the Tampa Tribune quoted Carole Baskin on the purpose of the Zoo Association of America, “Critics such as Carole Baskin said the organization is designed to legitimize and protect shady exotic-animal breeders.”

482  10/8/08 The South Tampa Tribune reported: The fall social season is in full swing with fundraising events. The Fur Ball at 6 p.m. Friday at the A La Carte Event Pavilion, 4050 Dana Shores Drive, benefits Big Cat Rescue.  There will be food, entertainment and a live and a silent auction; dress is “safari and wild.”  Tickets are $150.

481  10/3/08 The Fur Ball was featured twice today in the St. Pete Times and Amy Scherzer’s Diary.

480 9/29/08 Jamie Veronica had a full page photo spread devoted to her work at Big Cat Rescue and the Fur Ball in the October issue of Tampa Bay Illustrated.

479  9/28/08 The travel book called Kids Love Florida featured Big Cat Rescue as a place that kids love to visit. $11.66 online HERE

478 9/20/08 Bill Taylor of the Toronto Star interviewed Scott Lope who knows all about Ontario’s notorious roadside zoos, some of which take advantage of inadequate legislation to shamefully mistreat their animals. “We have them here, too,” he says. “But roadside zoos are starting to go away in the States. People aren’t so keen any more to take their kids to see an animal in a cage.”  Bill also went on to expose the white tiger fraud and talked about how Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary, not a zoo.

477 9/20/08 Friends of Florida mentioned Big Cat Rescue as one of their charities while being interviewed for clean up work they did by Tampa Tribune reporters.

476 9/11/08  The Look To The Stars Celebrity calendar featured Big Cat Rescue’s Fur Ball and noted Bo Derek’s support of our work.

475  9/10/08 The announced the Fur Ball on Oct. 10, 2008

474  8/30/08  The UK Mirror wrote, “It’s hard to see animals like tigers, lions and jaguars behind bars, but this centre is doing good things for these incredible creatures. And seeing them up close is pretty impressive, if mildly heart attack-inducing.”   The UK is way ahead of most Americans in their understanding that big cats don’t belong behind bars.  They do not allow most of the abusive practices that result in exotic cats being used and abandoned.  (circulation of 1,565,500 readers)

473  8/11/08 Zach Dunkin featured Big Cat Rescue in a piece called Sanctuary By The Seaat the Indy Star Zach recalls, “Access to the sanctuary is by guided tour only. Knowledgeable docents from a staff of more than 100 volunteers take groups of 10 to 15 visitors on a 90-minute tour along a winding, level trail of sand through the various cat habitats. As guests learn facts about each cat and their behaviors in the wild, they get a closer look than they would ever get at most zoos. Every cat housed here has a story, and the guides are eager to tell it — like Nikita, the lioness found living on a concrete slab, chained to a wall by her drug-dealing owner. Or Natasha and Willow, a pair of Siberian lynx rescued from a fur farm where they lived in dirty metal sheds. As much as founder Carole Baskin adores her cats, she’d be happier if her service were never needed.” Circulation 337,421.

472  7/25/08 Magnificent Obcessions, featuring Big Cat Rescue’s Scott Lope aired in the U.S. as did the re -runs of Monster Quest and Uncut and Uncensored that also featured Big Cat Rescue’s big cat expert.

471  7/24/08  2,600 people called in for the launch of Living the Law of Attraction.  Bob Doyle, Marie Diamond and Carole Baskin were interviewed live.  You can order the book atAmazon.

470  7/23/08  Maurna Bales featured the Fur Ball in her Helping Out section of theCarrollwood News & Tribune.

469  7/21/08  Carole Baskin wrote a feature article for Advocacy for Animals called Man Eating Lions.

468  7/13/2008  Donna Miller, reporter for the Plains News Reporter in OH did a follow up story on the rescue of Joseph’s Pride and discussed the fact that OH still fails to protect the animals and citizens due to their lack of laws.

467  6/30/08  Debbie Carson, staff writer for The News did an in depth article on the rehabilitation of Hope the baby bobcat and an interview with Big Cat Rescue’s President, Jamie Veronica.

466  6/13/08  The WagMag (a pet oriented bi-monthly magazine with a circulation of 40,000) devoted a full page to Big Cat Rescue’s Hurricane Preparedness Program.

465  6/1/08  n the Magazine of Naples featured Big Cat Rescue as Tampa’s best kept secret in their Trail Mix section.  They included a huge color photo of Cheetaro the leopard.  Circulation 45,000.

464  5/29/08  Janice Doyle of the Brandon Valrico Journal featured Big Cat Rescue in Big Trip Little Trip.

463 5/17/08 The Tampa Tribune did an extended story on the subject below and separately ran our Wish List asking their readers to respond.

462  5/16/08 The Tampa Tribune and mentioned Big Cat Rescue as being the recipient of fundraising efforts by students under the banner of Paws For Peace.

461  5/6/08 Cathy Carter Harley of the Beaufort Gazette writes, “Gussie Sirovatka has always loved animals, especially cats, but even her mother was surprised when the 9-year-old Port Royal Elementary School third-grader decided to take on fundraising efforts for Big Cat Rescue.  More HERE

460  4/28/08 Big Cat Rescue was the featured story at Encyclopedia Britannica. Anita Wolff had contacted Jamie Veronica to ask for permission to use some of her photos and she suggested they contact Carole Baskin about some of the legislative work we are doing. Encyclopedia Britannica devotes an impressive section of their site as a source of information, a call for action, and a stimulus to thought regarding humanity’s relationship with the animals with whom we share our planet. They support worldwide efforts to ensure humane treatment of animals, develop the understanding of their nature, promote their survival, and protect and restore the environment. We are honored to be a part of the great work they are doing to educate, inform and enlighten.  Read it HERE

459  4/20/08 The Tampa Tribune and reported on Big Cat Rescue in Earth Day Event Lets Youths Get In Touch With Nature.
The first-time festival includes animal encounters, arts and crafts, live folk and bluegrass music, a nature art show by well-known photographers and artists, a student art exhibit and displays by local organizations including Tampa Audubon Society and Big Cat Rescue.

458 4/19/08 Leonora Lake of the Tampa Tribune included a mention of Big Cat Rescue as participating in this year’s Earth Day celebration.

457  4/10/08 The Tampa Tribune and mention Big Cat Rescue again in New Motivational Club Keeps Students Hopping.
Named for Lowry’s leopard mascot, the club has gone on fundraising walks for autism and multiple sclerosis, adopted a leopard at Big Cat Rescue, created valentines for veterans, hosted a literacy event and visited nursing home residents.

456  4/9/08 The Tampa Tribune and mention Big Cat Rescue in Strength In Numbers.
For their first project, they raised $1,310 through rummage and bake sales and adopted Cheetaro, a leopard at Big Cat Rescue in Citrus Park.

455 3/22/08 Jamie Veronica, President of Big Cat Rescue was credited in Cat Fancymagazine (annual cir. 3,060,020) with providing photos illustrating the difference in leopard and jaguar spots for their article about saving them in the wild called Jaguar: King of the South American Forest.  To see the work Big Cat Rescue is doing in S.A. to save the jaguar visit

454  3/14/08 John Woestendiek, reporter for the Baltimore Sun listed Big Cat Rescue as his top contact link in the ongoing saga about Puddy the Siberian lynx, owned illegally by Dan Vitilio.

453 3/1/08 Ebe Bower of the Clearwater Chamber wrote a nice segment about Big Cat Rescue that was published in GTP Group Travel Planet.

452  3/1/08  Shaphali Jain of City Masala, the glossy lifestyle magazine of So. Asia did a two page cover story interview with Operations manager, Scott Lope and photos by Jamie Veronica called Hear Them Roar- The Jewels at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa. Cameron the lion looked positively regal on the front cover.  Get it HERE.

451  3/1/08  Wheels on the Road, the motorcycle’s enthusiast’s handbook included an article about Big Cat Rescue

450  3/10/08 Adam Stone, reporter for the Federal Times mentioned Big Cat Rescue as something unique in Tampa, FL.

449 3/1/08 Tampabay’s Best Magazine featured a two page spread on the success of the Fur Ball with great photos of guests, including Bo Derek.

448 2/27/08 Robert Sheer’s article about Big Cat Rescue appeared in the Travel Lady.

447 2/22/08 ABC’s Al Keck interviewed Scott Lope and Howard Baskin about Big Cat Rescue reaching the $50,000. goal in the PODS Birdies for Charities campaign.  This is tied to the golf championships as a way to provide a matching fund for charities.

446 2/22/08 The Tampabay Business Journal did a follow up feature on their awards banquet yesterday where Big Cat Rescue’s CFO, Howard Baskin had been honored as a finalist in their CFO of the Year Award.

445  2/21/08 WEDU aired interviews with winners of the Be More Awards. Host Cathy Unruh talked with Big Cat Rescue Founder Carole Baskin about winning the People’s Choice Award.

444  2/12/08 Jason Geary and Candace Mundy’s article about our new wall ran again in the Tampa Tribune;  this time in the Metro Section.  In the same section Daniel Ruth ran a commentary on cyber hunting, which was just outlawed in FL this month.

443  2/10/08 Amy Ellis profiled Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Flair Magazinewhich is distributed as a glossy, oversized lifestyle magazine in the Tampa Tribune.  Read itHERE

442  2/9/08 Jason Geary reported on our new wall project in a piece called: Protecting a Sanctuary, with photos by Candace Mundy, that made the cover of the NW News & Tribune section of the Tampa Tribune.  It was also carried on Read it HERE

441 2/8/08 Michaela Strachan’s new series Animal Rescue Squad featured Big Cat Rescue on 2/8/08 and will air again 2/11 on Five in the UK.  Michaela filmed a segment here for her last series called Michaela’s Wild Challenge a while back too.

440  1/24/08 Apryl Chapman Thomas of SouthernByWays listed Big Cat Rescue as a must see attraction with your family in tow HERE

439  1/18/08 The Tampa Bay Business Journal recognized Big Cat Rescue for winningWEDU’s People’s Choice Award HERE

438 1/12/08 The Delta Optimist ran Robert Scheer’s story about Big Cat Rescue HERE

437  1/11/08 Big Cat Rescue was mentioned in Langley Advance in an article by Robert Scheer that ran in 5 or 6 newspapers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  The circulation of the six publications is estimated at 480,000.  Read one version HERE

436 1/11/08 Traveling Tales featured Big Cat Rescue based upon a visit by journalist Robert Sheer HERE

435 1/17/08 Visit Florida’s expert travel writer Jennifer Michaels wrote a great article about what it means to bring your kids to Big Cat Rescue in her piece called:  LIons and Lessons:  Teaching Kids About Wildlife Conservation in the VisitFlorida guide.

434  1/8/2008 Woman’s World Magazine featured Big Cat Rescue as the #6 “must-see” destination in Tampa. Page 51 complete with pictures of the cats. Johnene Granger, a travel writer with Woman’s World named Big Cat Rescue as one of her 7 Must Sees in Tampa. The circulation of Woman’s World is 1,542,394 and the ad rate is valued at $60,830.00 according to HERE

433  1/7/08 Chosen as a Hot Pick for the Metropolitan Newsletter‘s March edition.

432  1/1/08 Dateline Florida in the St. Pete Times covered a tragedy in Dallas, TX reporting that   Big Cat Rescue in Tampa is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for killing a young female tiger and leaving her next to an apartment complex.

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