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Big Cat Rescue was in the Media 82 times in 2009

Directory of all Press and Media for Big Cat Rescue

583  12/29/09 Carole Baskin was quoted in the Advocate about Tony the Truck Stop Tiger, “I am very sorry to hear that the tiger will continue to live in that miserable situation.”  More a

582  12/18/09  Animal Planet announced that Scott Lope won the Animal Planet Hero of the Year award.  Thanks to all of our supporters Scott got more votes than the other nine candidates combined and he was in some very good company of fellow animal heroes.  These 10 had been chosen from 7000 nominees.

581  12/18/09  TBO announced the party tonight at Whiskey Joe’s to hear the announcement of the 2009 Animal Planet Hero of the Year. Big Cat Rescue is hosting their Volunteer Appreciation Party there as well.

580  12/18/09  Fox 13 ran the story of Bellona the bobcat who was hit by a car, rescued and given surgery to restore her back to the wild.

579  12/17/09  The Tampabay Business Journal announced Big Cat Rescue’s big win in the facebook contest that now qualifies Big Cat Rescue for the $1,000,000 grand prize.

578  12/17/09 Business Wire’s press release ran in NY and Palo Alto, CA  announcing that Big Cat Rescue won $25,000 in facebook’s contest which turned out to be the largest social media contest of all time, gathering more than 1 million new bank fans.

577  12/9/09  The Extraordinaries, which include Big Cat Rescue, were featured on ABCnews in San Francisco.

576 12/2/09 Jeff Corwin’s new book 100 Hearbeats lists Big Cat Rescue in the resource section under Feline.

575  12/1/09  The Extraordinaries published an interview with Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue about how they are using the crowd to stop big cat abuse.

574  12/16/09  WFLA mentioned Scott Lope’s selection as a Top 10 finalist in Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year 2009 Award.

573 12/1/09  Brit Bravo of The Extraordinaries interviewed Big Cat Rescue’s Founder and CEO, Carole Baskin about her implementation of an iPhone app to end animal abuse.

572  10/28/09  Lois Kindle of the Tampa Tribune mentioned that Big Cat Rescue would have an educational booth at the Ruskin Seafood Festival.

571  11/1/09  National Geographic did a one page piece called Don’t Hold That Tiger that contrasted the practices of Vernon Yates’ who charges to take his tiger cubs to parties to Big Cat Rescue and other sanctuaries’ philosophies about such cruelty.

570  10/18/09  The Tampa Tribune did a recap of the Fur Ball with a photo of Howard and Carole Baskin at the podium.

569  10/11/09 In Tucson, AZ someone did let their wild cat out about a 3 weeks ago and never reporteded her missing.  KOLD reporter Van Nguyen reported that the cat was on its way to Big Cat Rescue and that officials think this serval may have been brought into the U.S. to breed with domestic cats.

568  10/7/09, the Tampa Tribune’s online news announced the Fur Ball with the headline:  Let Your Wild Cat Out!

567  10/6/09 Carole Baskin was interviewed by Cyndi Edwards on NBC’s affilate WFLA Daytime show about Big Cat Rescue’s participation in TBO Rewards.  This segment will air several times locally and nationally.

566  9/28/09  Tampa Bay 10 listed Big Cat Rescue as one of the top area attractions.

565  9/27/09  The Tampa Tribune ran a short piece with a big tiger photo in their Critter Calendar about the Fur Ball.

564  9/27/09  The Ledger ran an editorial about a man’s visit to Big Cat Rescue calledSaving More Than 9 Lives.

563  9/26/09  Nicole Hutcheson of the St. Pete Times reported on Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year Award and Scott Lope’s nomination vs. Jaye Perrett of EARS.  Reader comments favor Scott Lope for the title of Hero of the Year.

562  9/25/09  Fox 13 anchor, Russell Rhodes interviewed Scott Lope and Carole Baskin about Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year Award and the Fur Ball on Good Day Tampa Bay.

561  9/25/09 Fox 13‘s Cynthia Smoot did a more in depth interview while walking the sanctuary with Scott Lope about his bid for Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year.

560  9/24/09  Leigh Spann’s article from TBO ran in the print version about Scott Lope making it into the top 10 for Hero of the Year.  It was a cover story with photo of Scott and Zabu the white tiger.

559 9/24/09 Reporter Cara at Associated Content told her readers about why Big Cat Rescue is THE place for lovers on Valentine’s Day.

558  9/22/09 Fox 13 anchor, Cynthia Smoot talked with Scott Lope about his inclusion in the Top 10 for Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year Award.

557  9/22/09 Crystal Hamilton of the Examiner came for a tour and confirmed her assessment of Big Cat Rescue as a hidden gem.  She did a wonderful job of educating the public about how all white tigers are purposely inbred, resulting in a myriad of health issues.

556  9/16/09  Amy Scherzer of the St. Pete Times announced the Fur Ball on her social calendar.

555  9/15/09 The Tampa Tribune reporter Leigh Spann ran a story on Scott Lope making it into the top 10 after they were alerted via Animal Planet that he is in the running for Hero of the Year.

554  9/14/09 Ch 8 NBC interviewed Scott Lope after they were alerted via Animal Planet that he is in the running for Hero of the Year.

553  9/12/09  Crystal Hamilton, reporter for The Examiner did a feature on Big Cat Rescue and helped us promote our contest to win $50,000 from Intel.

552  9/11/09 Families on the go gave us a half page ad for the Fur Ball in their most recent print edition which goes out to 60,000 families.

551  9/10/09 TIME Magazine featured BeExtra which is the new iPhone app that enables anyone and everyone to be an animal abuse investigator.

550  9/9/09 blogged about how Big Cat Rescue leads the way for non profits on You Tube.

549  9/3/09  The History Channel aired the premiere of Tigers in the Suburbs.  This is a great show that documents how there are too few laws and even poorer enforcement that is resulting in leopards roaming America.  See Big Cat Rescue’s Operations Manager, Scott Lope talking about the industry that breeds and discards baby lions, tigers and other exotic cats into the pet trade.

548  9/1/09 The Florida Family Fun Guide did a great article and sensational video about Big Cat Rescue.

547  8/15/09  The Village Views posted a two page spread about Big Cat Rescue written by volunteer Diana Rao who begins by saying, “At Big Cat Rescue one of the most frequent comments we overhear is, “WOW! I’ve always driven by Easy Street and wondered what lay at the end of that long dirt road. I’m so glad I finally stopped by to check it out. I have to tell my friends about this
hidden gem, literally in my own back yard!”

546  8/13/09 History Channel premiered Monster Quest’s episode called Killer Chimps.  Big Cat Rescue Operations manager, Scott Lope, got in the last word about why dangerous animals should not be kept as pets.  See Killer Chimps

545  8/12/09 Ch 8 / interviewed Scott Lope to get a sanctuary’s perspective on places that drag tigers out to the mall on leashes.  Tiger at mall

544  7/18/09  Vickie Ferguson, reporter for Examiner listed Big Cat Rescue in the Top 7 attractions in Tampa.

543  7/10/09  ABC Action News interviewed Scott Lope about the pending federal ban on dangerous, invasive species.

542  6/28/09  The New York Post quoted Big Cat Rescue Operations Manager Scott Lope in a story they did about a woman who claims to be saving cheetahs by keeping them as pets.  Kirsten Fleming wrote, “Scott Lope, operations manager of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., says sleeping with big cats is a bad idea. ”The biggest misconception is that when you raise these animals, that they are somehow tame,” he said. “They’re dangerous creatures. That doesn’t change because someone sleeps in a bed with them.”

541  6/22/09 Romow listed Big Cat Rescue as one of the top five tourist attractions in Tampa Bay FL.

540  6/21/09  Big Cat Rescue’s Three Word Video aired on Good Morning America.

539  6/20/09 Carole Baskin was quoted in the Tampa Tribune on why the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission’s decision to create a new category of tiger owner called a “Sanctuary” is nothing more than a way to circumvent the legislature’s $10,000 bond requirement.  More about that HERE

538  6/20/09 Tampa Tribune Reporter Courtney Cairns Pastor’s story called Big Cats’ Lunch Money: $3,800, about the PDKats efforts in the county school system to get kids involved in charitiable giving, ran with a photo of Snorkle the tiger.

537  6/20/09  Tampa Tribune was mentioned as an asset to Tampa in a letter to the Editor about the new development by Chris Daye going in next door to the sanctuary.

536  6/18/09 The Suwanee Democrat mentioned Big Cat Rescue in a story about brothers Rhett and Brian Barker ages 15 and 11, who will be featured on an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon’s “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee” July 12 at 9 p.m. thanks to the success of their Internet show “Teen Wilderness” on YouTube.  The pair has visited several state parks and even filmed at Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Tampa.

535  6/17/09 The Maddux Report online noted that Howard Baskin, CFO of Big Cat Rescue was  the 2009 winner of the Citizen of the Year Award from the Upper Tampabay Chamber.

534  6/15/09 Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine did a full page recap of the 2008 Fur Ball with photos of Howard Baskin, Commissioner Kevin Beckner, Senator Phyllis Busansky, Fox 13 celebrities Russell Rhoades, Charley Belcher, Sean & Lisa Halter, Jay and Laura O’Connor and Keith Lawless of Cox Radio along with several volunteers and interns.

533  6/13/09 Brian Bishop of The Daily News in Sayr, PA reported the opening day of the Ribbons of Hope Foundation’s spring craft fair raises money for many non-profit organizations, such as the Bradford County Humane Society, the Sayre VFW, SERVE Inc., Boy Scouts and scholarship programs, as well as some national-level organizations, such as the Big Cat Rescue in Florida. The event is all about trying to supplement the incomes of non-profits.

532  6/12/09 Howard Baskin, CFO of Big Cat Rescue and 2009 winner of the Citizen of the Year Award from the Upper Tampabay Chamber was quoted in the St. Pete Timesarticle by Rodney Thrash on the development going in next to us. “We frequently are finding an increasing number of people coming to Tampa just for us,” said Howard Baskin, Chairman of the Advisory Board for Big Cat, which averages 25,000 visitors per year.  “Often we asked, “Where should we stay?” It would be ideal to have a hotel right next to us that we could send people to.”

531  6/10/09 Giving the Lion’s Share was a story by Courtney Cairns Pastor, reporter for the Tampa Tribune in which she covered the charity drive organized by the Phi Delta Kappa, a professional educators association.  PDKats raised $3,800 for the big cats in their campaign which included all Hillsborough County Schools.

530  5/28/09  The St. Pete Times reporter Hellen Anne Travis listed Big Cat Rescue in her top 6 ideas for a date night.  She suggested the Feeding Tour as the best option and we agree.

529  5/7/09 Jared Leone of the St. Pete Times announced Big Cat Rescue’s Summer Camp.  Children ages 8 to 15 can discover the outdoors with more than 100 big cats at the 45-acre Citrus Park facility. When: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting June 15.  Cost: Early bird registration through May 29 is $175. The cost is $190 for each four-day session.  Contact: (813) 920-4130; 12802 Easy St.

528  5/3/09 Connections for Women featured Big Cat Rescue in their Caring & Sharing section.  On 5/13/09 they made our article their cover story.

527 5/1/09 The Tampa Bay Business Journal named Big Cat Rescue as a finalist in their Non Profit of the Year awards.

526  4/23/09 The Tampa Tribune and mentioned Big Cat Rescue’s hosting of a Tai Chi class, saying: Observe World Tai Chi and Qigong Day with a free tai chi lesson at 10 a.m. today and April 25 (Worldwide Awareness Day) at Big Cat Rescue Meeting House, 8013 N. Meadowview Circle, Tampa. Donation of $5 for the Big Cat Rescue requested. A prepay of $20 guarantees a commemorative T-shirt. Call (813) 243-4271.

525  4/18/09 The Tampa Tribune and mentioned Big Cat Rescue’s hosting of a Tai Chi class, saying: Observe World Tai Chi and Qigong Day with a free tai chi lesson at 10 a.m. today and April 25 (Worldwide Awareness Day) at Big Cat Rescue Meeting House, 8013 N. Meadowview Circle, Tampa. Donation of $5 for the Big Cat Rescue requested. A prepay of $20 guarantees a commemorative T-shirt. Call (813) 243-4271.

524  4/15/09  Dee Santis, Big Cat Rescue AdvoCat was featured in the Bergen News in Palisades, NJ.

523   4/15/09 We were featured in Reader’s Digest Off the Beaten Path:  “Planning a trip to Florida? Why not stop at Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue, where you can see endangered cougars, tigers, and lions in a protected sanctuary?”

522 4/8/09 Laura Legere, reporter for the PA Times Tribune covered Big Cat Rescue’s policies in rescuing cats from repeat offenders, saying, “Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue, said she may be able to provide a permanent home to Genesis’ lynx and cougar if the animals’ owner, Margaret Miller, signs a contract — part of the sanctuary’s protocol — agreeing never to take another big cat.”

521  4/8/09 The Carrollwood News ran a reprint of Courtney Cairns Pastor’s story about Big Cat Rescue’s selection by the PDKats to be the charity of choice for all Hillsborough County schools for the rest of the 2009 school year.  Students at the schools taking part in the fundraiser will have a chance to do a podcast with Big Cat Rescue and attend a field trip where they can watch the lions and tigers getting fed.  The teacher, principal and area director of the class that raises the most will receive a three-day weekend in a Jaguar and a two-night stay at the Sirata on St. Pete Beach, thanks to corporate sponsors.

520  4/6/09 Courtney Cairns Pastor, reporter for the Tampa Tribune covered Big Cat Rescue’s selection by the PDKats to be the charity of choice for all Hillsborough County schools for the rest of the 2009 school year.   Our videos will be shown in all participating classrooms and the kids will be competing for prizes for themselves, their teachers and their principals based upon raising the most in donations to the big cats.

519  3/26/09  Rodney Thrash of the St. Pete Times did a 10 year anniversary look at the impact of the Citrus Park Mall on NW Hillsborough County and Big Cat Rescue was said to be the only thing left untouched by the sprawl.

518  3/24/09  The New York Times listed Big Cat Rescue as the thing to do in Tampa in their Travel section.

517  3/17/09  Baird Helegson, reporter for the Tampa Tribune did an expose, including names and addresses in his front page story called Are You Living Next To An Exotic Animal? Find out more about the subject HER

516  3/6/09  Nathan Stubbs, reporter for the Independent Weekly quoted Big Cat Rescue on the issue of the tiger held hostage at the Tiger Truck Stop, “We are happy that J. Mitchell Ourso vetoed the Council’s ruling, but the council can still over rule his veto with a 2/3’s vote. Ourso is asking the council to change the amendment to include measures that would make the Tiger Truck Stop more safe and more humane. There is no way to do either, but I am sure that if they do it at all, it will be some lip service language that does not really address either issue.”

515  3/2/09 Encyclopedia Britannica ran Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Bailout story.

514  3/1/09  Visit Florida magazine did a promotional piece on how Big Cat Rescue is family oriented fun in their section called Family Getaways.  The title of the article, by coincidence, was Wildlife on Easy Street.

513 3/1/09  Carole Baskin was interviewed on KNX 1070AM news radio in Los Angeles, CA about the exotic cat pet trade.

512 2/25/09 announced: Big Cat Rescue Topic Of Presentation at Tampa Palms where Denny Mitchell, senior volunteer at Big Cat Rescue, will speak at Friday’s 7 a.m. meeting of the Rotary Club of New Tampa.

511  2/14/09 Allison Pataki, reporter for Fox News quoted Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue in the piece called, “Claws Come Out in Fight Over Tony the Truck-Stop Tiger” saying “Carole Baskin, CEO of the Big Cat Rescue has extended repeated offers to Sandlin to move Tony to her facility. “Our care is absolutely the best, we provide the best food, we have the best employees, and we’re an accredited preserve,” Baskin says.”

510 2/12/09 Jessica Balanza of the Tampa Tribune covered the Valentine’s Day Adoption Event in Citrus Park where Laura Lassister and Big Cat Rescue will be participating.  This also ran on

509  2/11/09 Deidre Cruse, reporter for Post South in Plaquemine, LA quoted Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue in the article called, “Grosse Tete tiger draws international attention” about Tony the Truck Stop tiger, saying “Baskin said her organization’s supporters have generated nearly 14,000 letters complaining of conditions at the truck stop and asking for the tiger to be sent Big Cat Rescue.”

508  2/11/09 The Kentucky Enquirer, a daily newspaper with a circulation 49,356 ran Zach Dunkin’s story about Big Cat Rescue called Super Natural Attractions.

507 2/1/09 Joanne Poesch, Specialty Travel writer for the Miami Examiner, listed Big Cat Rescue as the number one thing people should see while in Tampa for the Super Bowl.

506  1/25/09 Patricia Borns of the Boston Globe recommends a visit to Big Cat Rescue to everyone coming here for the Super Bowl.

505  1/21/08  Stephanie Hinkaty, reporter for Disney Family Travel magazine, listed Big Cat Rescue as a four star family destination and did a page on all of our tours and what to expect for all ages.

504 1/18/09 Leonora Lake, reporter for the Tampa Tribune, reported Big Cat Rescue’s win of the WEDU People’s Choice Award for the 3rd year in a row.  Big Cat Rescue competed with 90 charities in a 16 county viewing area for what the host, Jack Harris, called the American Idol Show of the Non Profit World.

503 1/11/09  The Cincinnati Enquirer ran Zach Duncan’s story called Sanctuary by the Sea where he recalls, “Access to the sanctuary is by guided tour only. Knowledgeable docents from a staff of more than 100 volunteers take groups of 10 to 15 visitors on a 90-minute tour along a winding, level trail of sand through the various cat habitats. As guests learn facts about each cat and their behaviors in the wild, they get a closer look than they would ever get at most zoos. Every cat housed here has a story, and the guides are eager to tell it — like Nikita, the lioness found living on a concrete slab, chained to a wall by her drug-dealing owner. Or Natasha and Willow, a pair of Siberian lynx rescued from a fur farm where they lived in dirty metal sheds. As much as founder Carole Baskin adores her cats, she’d be happier if her service were never needed.”

502  1/11/2009 Front page of the Miami Herald reaching 279,484 readers as part of the Tackle Tampa story on what to do in Tampa during the Superbowl.  Story by freelance writer, Chelle Koster Walton.

501  1/4/09 Jack Teague of The Express in the U.K. did a lovely piece about his visit to Big Cat Rescue and included, “There is a strong educational theme to the centre. Our guide Neil (bizarrely from Nottingham and working in Florida as a volunteer) told us how breeders often make a living by convincing people that cute cubs make good pets and the wild cats are simply abandoned when they get too big.  Incredibly, many American states still do not prohibit the sale or private ownership of wild cats.”


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