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Big Cat Rescue has been covered favorably in the media more than 1000 times! Below are the news stories from 2013. To see earlier years go to Media.

12/30/13 – The Daily Reville includes Big Cat Rescue in the ten things to do in Tampa other than the football game.

12/30/13 Controversial crossbreeding to produce ligers is discussed.†

12/27/13 Making your house a donation drop-off point and regularly honoring shelter volunteers are just a couple of ways your family can help.

12/26/13 New Year’s Resolutions You and Your Kids Can Make to Help Cats

12/24/13 Because every story deserves a happily-ever-after Big Cat Rescue kitties know how to enjoy the holidays

12/23/13 ∑ Klaudia Kaczmarek of Body Shop Lip Balm, explains why she loves Big Cat Rescue and wants to support them.

12/21/13 ∑ Christmas is no holiday for circus animals. Revelations about behind the scenes practices of the circus raises serious questions.

12/18/13 VIDEO of rescued big cat enjoying their Vacation Rotation.

12/17/13 Tampaís Big Cat Rescue celebrates holidays with Christmas trees and wrapped gifts.

12/16/13 Deformities of white tigers (I could not get web site to load)

12/12/13 Attacks, deaths rampant at sanctuaries. Keeper killed at Cat Haven.

12/12/13 3 ways to save big cats and one involves lip gloss.

12/11/13 Article by Howard Baskin on why petting cubs leads to abuse.

12/11/13 How Big Cat Rescue decides if they can release an animal back into the wild.

12/11/13 The Body Shop is using beauty for the power of good with their donations.

12/11/13 Body Shop drawing attention to keeping felines happy.

12/11/13 VIDEO of amazing rescue of a bobcat named Fencer.

12/3/13 Kat Lewis gives a quick list of some local Tampa Bay nonprofits, organizations that are participating in Giving Thursday which includes Big Cat Rescue.

11/29/13 Big Cats get Thanksgiving turkeys.
11/23/13 ∑ Valis Vicenty talks about bullying and social media against tormenting animals.

11/23/13 ∑ Body Shop will be donating money from the sales proceeds of its super-yummy Dragon Fruit Lip Butter to three nonprofits.

11/19/13∑ International Science Times ∑ The lion who bit a lioness to death at the Dallas Zoo last Sunday may have done so in response to the stress of captivity. …

11/16/13∑ Since 1990 more than 20 people have been killed by captive big cats.

11/16/13 óAs an exotic pet trade boomed and Americans bought cute tiger cubs and baby sanctuaries have sprung up and more people hurt or killed….

11/14/13∑ An officer guards the gate near at the entrance of Cat Haven exotic animal park in central California where a 26-year-old female volunteer intern was killed …

11/14/13 An officer guards the gate near at the entrance of Cat Haven where volunteer was killed.

11/8/13∑ Annalisa Palmer Comments Wild animals are often seen in a dangerous light, but they have souls too, many of which are in need of saving.

11/5/13 ∑ Actor Quinton Aaron known for his lead role in the movie The Blind Side understands animals being rejected and then finding home in loving sanctuary.

11/5/13∑ Video of one Way To Burn Off Candy Calories by swimming and playing with pumpkins.

11/5/13∑ Exotic hybrids are a fad but people do not realize the high maintenance of these small but still wild cats.

11/3/13∑ Opening of Vacation Rotation to allow big cats to see the open sky.

11/1/13 Video for Halloween of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida cats enjoying their pumpkins and thinking of Tony and hoping he too will soon experience enrichment and a…

11/1/13 Halloween video from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida of the cats enjoying their pumpkins and always thinking of Tony and hoping he too will soon experience a good life.

10/31/13 Video of Big Cats destroying pumpkins at Big Cat Rescue.

10/31/13 Halloween Becomes ‘Growloween’ at The Big Cat Rescue

10/31/13 Page not found but it was video of lion intimidated crocodile.
10/31/13 Video of the animals of The Big Cat Rescue have a smashing good time with pumpkins, spiders, ghosts and bats!

10/26/13!t1IiJby Miss Cellania Halloween at Big Cat Rescue in Florida means giving pumpkins and other gourds to the cats to play with.
10/24/13 Video of the Lion, Cameron that shares space with a White Tiger, Zabu.

10/22/13 Female lion dies in big cat fight at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

10/18/13 TJ the Tiger gets a vacation.

10/18/13 Big Cat Rescue offers a little holiday-themed enrichment to their charges of pumpkins and piÒatas.

10/18/13 Tigers and leopards received pumpkins filled with chicken and a paper mache ghost in a tree.

10/13/13 Tony the Tiger paces in his case.

10/13/13 Truck stop owner fights to keep tiger.

10/12/13 Torties leave as tigers growl on TV.

10/10/13 Tiger attack latest problem for GW Interactive Zoo.

10/10/13 Truck Stop is no place for Tony and Tiger.

10/9/13 Truck Stop tiger story updated.

10/9/13 Big cat owners frustrated with new law prohibiting interaction.

10/9/13 Correction to story about Louisiana truck stop tiger.

10/9/13 Correction to Tony Tiger story with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries saying Big Cat Rescue asked about taking the tiger if the owner did not meet permit†requirements.

10/9/13 Correction to Tony Tiger story saying Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have not been fighting owner for years.

10/8/13 Truck stop owner vows to keep Tony the Tiger.

10/5/13 Discovery launches digital network AnimalList.

10/3/13 Big Cat raised awareness of cub petting abuse.

10/3/13 Five questions with Jamie Veronica, President of Big Cat Rescue.

10/2/13 Big Cat golf tournament events.

10/2/13 Video of how to improve your catís quality of life.

9/30/13 Bovard graduated from Indiana University and founded Single Vision, Inc. Baskin believes a ban on the breeding and public exposure of big cats would eventually eliminate the trade and need for sanctuaries.

9/25/13 Hybrid cats are controversial.

9/24/13 Descendants of lions, tigers and cheetahs, this new breed of house cat can still be wild.

9/24/13 A bill is now being debated in Congress that would make it illegal and outlaw the ownership of big cats by private owners.

9/23/13 Reise the cougar came to Big Cat Rescue all the way from Homestead!

9/23/13 Volunteers rescued Reise from the South Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

9/23/13 Reise the cougar came to Big Cat Rescue all the way from Homestead!

9/23/13 Reise the cougar came to Big Cat Rescue all the way from Homestead!

9/23/13; Reise the cougar came to Big Cat Rescue all the way from Homestead!

9/23/13 Reise the cougar came to Big Cat Rescue all the way from Homestead!

9/23/13 Reise the cougar came to Big Cat Rescue all the way from Homestead!

9/23/13 Reise, an 18-year-old cougar, had likely never placed her paws on soil before tentatively entering her new home Sunday night at Big Cat Rescue.

9/23/13 Reiseís story, an 18 year old Texan cougar who was†confiscated in New York from a drug dealer.

9/23/13 Reise is latest addition to Big Cat Rescue.

9/22/13, My Big Cat Rescue Summer Camp experience.

9/22/13 Petition to ban big cat private owners.

9/18/13 Picture takes by Nicole Schoen at Big Cat Rescue.

9/16/13 One stop source of the issues facing big cat ownership.

8/23/13 Circuses entertain audiences, but they bring no joy to performing animals.
8/23/13 Big cats cool off in water fountain.

8/22/13 Video on three steps to preventing petting cub abuse.

8/21/13 ConstantRambler takes tour at Big Cat Rescue.

8/19/13 Worldís oldes tiger, Flavio, playing in the fountain.

8/16/13 had article that is no longer displayed about the big cat playing in fountain and with boxes.

8/16/13 Video of Flavio playing in fountain and with other toys.

8/9/13 31 photos of cats at Big Cat Rescue.

8/9/13 USF Marketing students help Big Cat Rescue.

8/2/13 Revision3 ink deal with

7/31/13 Video of Big Cat Rescue unveiling ëvacation spotí for lions and tigers.

7/31/13 Vacation area for Big Cat Rescue unveiled.

7/31/13 Video of Big Cat Rescue opening new space for exotic animals to vacation.

7/30/13 Big Cat Rescue opens new enclosure.

7/30/13 Big Cat Rescues opens ìvacation rotationî.

7/17/13 Tigers painting pictures at Big Cat Rescue and White Serval nose surgery.

7/10/13 Paw paintings from Shere Khan and China Doll.

7/6/13 Paw paintings by Shere Khan and China Doll.

7/4/13 Two tigers paint red, white and blue art with tails and paws.

7/3/13 Tigers painting to be auctioned off to raise money.

7/3/13 Tampa tigers paint patriotic motives.

7/2/13 MSN News had article on Tampa tigers painting patriotic motives but no longer available.

6/29/13 Joseph, the lion, eating ìBloodicleî ice cream.

6/29/13 White Serval nose surgery and lion eating ice cream.

6/20/13 Video of lion eating ice cream.

6/19/13 Lion eating ice cream.

6/18/13 Stop the trade; care for the cats.

6/18/13 Big Cat Rescue, a non profit educational sanctuary, is devoted to rescuing and providing a permanent home for exotic cats who have been abused, abandoned, bred to be pets, retired from performing acts, or saved from being slaughtered for fur coats, and to educating the public

6/17/13–211870061.html Lions love ice cream.

6/16/13 Lion loves ice cream.

6/16/13 Lion gets ice cream treat.

6/15/13 Zabu loves her boomer ball.

6/15/13 Joseph eating ice cream.

6/13/13 Gilligan, Canadian Lynx, voices opinion of construction noise.

6/12/13 Wild animals do not make suitable pets and animal agencies are there to assist when owners give up the animals.

6/10/13 Moses, the bobcat likes to chase laser pointers.

6/8/13 The Dalton Agency recently presented Big Cat Rescue with a $1,000 donation as part of its annual charitable campaign Dalton Cares.

6/7/13 Head to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa for a closeup of lions and tigers.

6/7/13 Tampaís top tours ñ Big Cat Rescue.

6/3/13 Guilty plea in Atchinson exotic animal case.

5/29/13 Big Cat Rescue is sanctuary located in Tampa, FL, showing cats playing in boxes.

5/24/13 We fell in love with Big Cat Rescue.

5/17/13 A safe haven for big cats in Tampa spreads awareness of different breeds of cats.

5/15/13 Lynx abandoned in Atchison, Kansas to live at Big Cat Rescue.

5/15/13 What happens when lions and tigers need to protect their trademark – they call Johnson, Pope et al.

5/14/13 Video Carole Baskin speaking at National Tigers for Tigers Coalition Conference.

5/13/13 Want a lion burger or a lion taco? Tampa locals not pleased that they are on the menu.

5/13/13 Giving back to the community at Big Cat Rescue.

5/13/13 Lion tacos outrages some to the point of bomb threats.

5/12/13 Why Tampa is Awesome: Big Cat Rescue.

5/12/13 Taco Fusionís lion tacos create controversy.

5/11 House cats bred with wild animals sell for $35,000.

5/10/13 Nine exotic cats rescued in Atchison, Kansas.

5/10/13 Lion taco stirs controversy.

5/9/13 Exotic cats rescues in Kansas to live at Big Cat Rescue.

5/9/13 Tampa restaurant draws fire for serving lion tacos.

5/9/13 Restaurant offering lion tacos.

5/9/13 No longer viewable – was about restaurant serving lion tacos.

5/9/13 Florida restaurant offering lion tacos.

5/9/13 Florida restaurant (once again) sells lion meat tacos.

5/8/13 Neglected big cats headed for Texas sanctuaries and Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

5/8/13 Big cats rescued from private property in Kansas.

5/8/13 Article and photos of exotic animals seized in Kansas.

5/8/13,1302808/ article and video showing big cats celebrating Cinco de Mayo with piÒata snacks.

5/8/13 Article no longer available on site about exotic animals receiving care from rescue in Atchison County.

5/8/13 Big Cat Rescue Summer Camp welcomes Tampa Bay kids.

5/8/13 Abandoned animals find new home at Tampaís Big Cat Rescue.

5/8/13 Big cats in cages: Wild animals rescued in Atchison, Kansas.

5/8/13 Abandoned exotic cats seized and sent to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

5/8/13 Abandoned animals find new home at Tampaís Big Cat Rescue.

5/8/13 Big Cats seized in Kansas now live in Floridaís Big Cat Rescue.

5/8/13 Exotic cats rescued in Kansas to live at Big Cat Rescue.

5/8/13 Video: Exotic animals seized from Atchison County.

5/8/13 Tiger, mountain lions seized from Kansas property.

5/8/13 lion meat tacos with a side of controversy.

5/8/13 Tiger, mountain lions seized from Kansas property.

5/7/13 msnbc had article about Big Cat Rescue summer camp welcoming kids but is no longer available.

5/7/13 Exotic cats seized in Kansas arrive in Tampa.

5/7/13 Yahoo had article about tiger and mountin lion seized from Kansas property arriving in Tampa but it is no longer available.

5/5/13 Great organizations across Tampa Bay that do fantastic things to help make the community better like Big Cat Rescue.

5/5/13 Find out how to help your community by checking out Big Cat Rescue.

5/5/13 Find out how to help your community by checking out Big Cat Rescue.

5/5/13 LiveLeak had article about the beautiful creatures at Big Cat Rescue but it is no longer available.

5/5/13 Video of big cats playing with boxes.

5/3/13 Video of leopard ripping apart meat-filled piÒata at Big Cat Rescue.

5/3/13 Video of leopard ripping apart meat-filled piÒata at Big Cat Rescue.

5/3/13 Video of leopard ripping apart meat-filled piÒata at Big Cat Rescue.

5/3/13 Video of leopard ripping apart meat-filled piÒata at Big Cat Rescue.

5/3/13 Video of leopard versus piÒata.

5/1/13 Video of leopard versus piÒata for early Cinco De Mayo.

5/1/13 Reno the leopard tearing piÒata to shreds.

5/1/13 Video of leopard launching vicious attack against defenseless piÒata

5/1/13 had video of leopard tearing piÒata to shreds but is no longer available.

5/1/13 Big cats play like little ones with their cardboard boxes.

5/1/13 Festive leopard fighting with piÒata.

5/1/13 Festive leopard fights with piÒata

4/30/13 Charles Rutenberg Realty sponsoring Casino Night to benefit big cats.

4/29/13 Big Cat Rescue offering big summer camp fun.

4/29/13 Leopard going to town on a piÒata.

4/29/13 Leopard attacks a pinata.

4/29/13 Big cats like boxes too.

4/25/13 Lion cage where intern died at Central California Wild worked perfectly.

4/25/13 Find out how to make a difference as a volunteer for a nonprofit.

4/25/13 What are ìblack panthersî people see around the world.

4/25/13 Article not found but was about Central California Wild workerís death.

4/21/13 Tag Archives had an article but it is no longer available on big cats playing with boxes

4/21/13 had article on cats playing in boxes.

4/17/13 Big cats playing in boxes.

4/16/13 Paw painting by Reno.

4/13/13 White tiger trying to paint but has no talent.

4/13/13 Cool Cat Summer Camp advertised.

4/12/13 Article tells about places to visit in Tampa and talks about the less known, but a pearl to be savored, is Tampaís Big Cat Rescue, a place where big cats can find a sanctuary to live out their days.

4/12/13 Talk about that Paw-casso! Talented tigers show off their painting skills at Tampa, Florida

4/11/13 Argentinaís Lujan Zoo lets visitors pet tigers, feed bears and ride lions.

4/8/13 Cool Cat Summer Camp

4/8/13 Banjo video at Big Cat Rescue

4/7/13 Girl pleads for people to help the cats at Big Cat Rescue.

4/7/13 Video showing around Big Cat Rescue.

3/28/13 Five things to do in Florida. The cats at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa will get an early Easter treat on

3/28/13 The cats at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa will get an early Easter treat on Big cats get big treats at Easter.

3/26/13 Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado is a treat for animals and humans.

3/21/13 Big Cat Rescue is one of nine non-profits competing for the Dalton Cares Campaign.

3/21/13 Story not found of two bobcats going from the wild and then back to the wild ñ happy ending.

3/20/13 Marshall Student Center Ballroom has ìThink outside the cageî

3/19/13 Big Cat Rescue wins $953,000 judgment against traveling exhibitor.

3/15/13 Big Cat Rescue says the global treaty charged with ensuring wildlife is not commercially exploited to extinction[1] fell short of putting the brakes on poaching of elephants, tigers, and rhinos at its biannual meeting that closes today in Bangkok.

3/14/13 What happens to tiger cubs once they are too big to pet?

3/13/13 Juliet Simms opens her closet to benefit Big Cat Rescue.

3/12/13 Page canít be displayed but it was about a lion the killed an intern at the California Cat Haven.

3/12/13 Social media spotlights spreads awareness of strong community dedicated to serving.

3/8/13 Beware of big cats even when caged such as the white tiger that attacked Roy Horn during a Las Vegas performance.

3/7/13 Lion is shot after killing an inter at Cat Sanctuary in California.

3/7/13 Lion shot after killing handler in California.

3/7/13 Big Cat Rescue strives to provided the most comfortable situation for abandoned big cats.

3/7/13 Father says intern killed at Cat Sanctuary in California was living her dream.

3/7/13 Big cat experts says internís death at Cat Sanctuary in California was avoidable.

3/7/13 Coroner says killing of intern in California happened after big cat escaped its cage.

3/7/13 Article on the killing of the California intern is not available.

3/7/13 A lion mauled to death a 24-year-old intern just a few weeks on the job Wednesday at an exotic animal park in the Sierra Nevada foothills of remote Central California.

3/7/13 Intern mauled to death in California Cat Sanctuary by her favorite lion.

3/2/13 ìJoe Exoticî ordered to pay Big Cat Rescue one million dollars.

3/1/13 Mason Dixon photo show

2/25/13 Article is not displayed but visitor said she liked them all.

2/10/13 Tigers and lions and meat bouquets.

2/3/13 Duncan Strauss interviews Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue.

2/2/13 Page cannot be displayed but it was interview with Jennifer Ruszczyk who is a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue.

2/2/13 Page cannot be displayed but it was interview with Jennifer Ruszczyk who was with Lowry Park before coming to Big Cat Rescue.

1/30/13 White lion and white tiger cubs born in Germanyís SerenegtiiPark Zoo.

1/29/13 Susan Crow visits Big Cat Rescue.

1/19/13 Deleted scene of Big Cat Rescue rescuing tigers from Savage Kingdom.

1/17/13 — Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care recently announced a partnership with Charles the Monarch in order to raise funds for Big Cat Rescue. Gerrard Larriett is the maker of a line of aromatherapy pet products

1/12/13 Watch Jumanji the black leopard “sawing!” Leopards have a distinctive call that sounds like a wood plank being cut with a saw

1/11/13 Jumani the black leopard ìsawingî

1/10/13 Commissioner Ken Hagan wants to seize profits from animal cruelty

1/10/13 White serval does head shake after receiving enrichment.

1/9/13 Pictures of big cats

1/9/13 Updates from Monica Spires, intern at Big Cat Rescue.

1/9/13 Annual Christmas tree event for the big cats.

1/9/13 Pure Motivation will head to Tampa this month to volunteer with Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary dedicated to rehabilitating injured and abandoned lions, tigers, bobcats, and other large cat species.

1/9/13 Big cats in slow motion to see how graceful they are.

1/7/13 Big cats in slow motion.

1/7/13 Lady petting a liger

1/7/13 Big cats with their Christmas presents.

1/7/13 Big cats in slow motion

1/7/13 Spoof by staff at Big Cat Rescue of the Gangham Style

1/5/13 Fundraiser to help Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

1/5/13–p1c&feature=youtube_gdata_player 2012 inventory at Big Cat Rescue Trading Post

1/5/13 Jamie fixes stuff

1/4/13 Volunteers tossing Christmas trees

1/3/13 Big cats in slow motion

1/2/13 Kelsey singing a video with scenes from Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is the world’s largest accredited sanctuary that is devoted entirely to exotic cats. More than 100 wild cats of 14 species call this 55 acre, Tampa, FL sanctuary home.

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