Female Siberian/Bengal Hybrid

DOB 1993  and died 3/12/12 from mammary cancer.

Modnic and Trucha were thought to be siblings. We do not know their actual history, however they were born in the same year and shared the same enclosure.  Trucha has been bred nearly to death at Savage Kingdom and has since died from reproductive cancers.

Modnic was rescued from Savage Kingdom, a breeding facility that was shut down by officials in 2006. She has become quite comfortable in her new surroundings at Big Cat Rescue and spends her days resting under the shade of an oak tree or splashing in the fresh water pool in their Cat.a.tat.

Since her arrival she has warmed up considerably to keepers and greet everyone with an enthusiastic chuff.



Savage Kingdom Rescue: TJ, Bella, Modnic and Trucha

A hundred times or more a year Big Cat Rescue is contacted by someone trying to unload a tiger, lion, bobcat, serval or some other exotic cat who has outlived his usefulness. In most cases the people calling are those who have used the animals to support themselves, or to make themselves more popular, and now the cat no longer serves their needs. Then the cat has to go.

Big Cat Rescue can only take in a limited number of big cats each year because each cat is a 10-20 year commitment. Most of the cases do not meet Big Cat Rescue’s criteria for accepting a cat as they will not assist these irresponsible owners in continuing to breed and use animals by being a dumping ground for last year’s babies.

This case at Savage Kingdom was different. Robert Baudy was world renown for producing what are commonly referred to as “throw away tigers” because they are so often lame and cross eyed from the inbreeding that goes into producing the white tigers that will fetch a big price.

When USDA finally shut down the 84 year olds’ breeding activities in August of 2006 an era of abuse came much closer to an end. A friend of Baudy’s had managed to place all but four tigers by May 14, 2007. If she could not find a home for these last four tigers she was going to have them euthanized on May 18th because she could no longer afford the time and resources needed to care for the cats.

TJ, Bella, Modnic, and Trucha were the last four cats that needed a home and Big Cat Rescue stepped in to provide one. On May 18th, 2007, Rescuers transported the four to their new home at BCR. They now have spacious grassy enclosures with shrubs and trees, large mountain dens, and pools to cool off in.


Modnic Gets a New Lease on Life


Trucha tigerThankfully, it was benign. Modnic has already healed, made new friends with Flavio the tiger who lives next to her and all would have been good, but a similar sore appeared on Trucha about the time of Modnic’s move.  As it turns out, it was a good thing that Trucha wasn’t moved the same day as it would have complicated her treatment.  Many places house big cats in large groups but that can be very dangerous for the cats because of fights (they don’t share space in the wild) and because it can be hard to monitor each cat’s health as closely.

Trucha’s pink spot was, like Modnic’s, just the size of a quarter, but it was on her belly. In just a few days it went from being just a pink spot to being a big oozing knot that looked like an infected teat. On her moving day the plan was to knock her out, and Dr. Kelly Rice and Dr. Wynn would attempt to remove it as cleanly as Dr. Wynn had been able to do for Modnic. The idea was to cut it off, send it to the lab and let her wake up in her new digs in the double cage with her sister.

As soon as Dr. Elizabeth Wynn felt Trucha’s stomach you could see on her face that things were very bad. She showed me that beneath the swollen nipple, buried in the soft baggy underbelly skin was a tumor the size of a grapefruit. As she felt up the mammary chain on each side she would smooth the fur back and showed the underlying shape of tumors all up and down her stomach, from the size of an orange to the grapefruit sized one. She said that with it spreading so rapidly even if she were to remove all of these tumors that we could see, there was a very good chance that her lungs are riddled with them as well. As she removed the swelling protrusion she could see that the cancer had spread tendrils in every direction. It would be impossible to remove every bit of it, if it is malignant.

“I suppose the one thing you can really hang on to is that… she’s not going out in a deprived and terrifying environment through some hideous method. And that counts for a lot.”

Modnic the Tigers undergoes Surgery
Modnic the Tiger Gets Eye Exam 2011 July
Modnic the Tiger Gets Eye Exam 2011 July
Modnic the tiger sniffs the new deck built by volunteers
Modnic the tiger sniffs the new deck built by volunteers

Tributes to Modnic Tiger

Carole Baskin Mar 18, 2012
It’s been five days since holding Modnic’s head as she made her peaceful exit from this world in the loving arms of her vet and keepers, but I can barely see to type how sad it is to walk by her enclosure and not be greeted by her gentle eyes, soft chuff and magnificent spirit. I am happy that she will never have to spend another day in a cage, but miss her so very much.

Lynda Licht Mar 17, 2012
On my last trip thru the Outback, just days before you passed, I saw you resting in your den box, but with your head outside so you could continue to see your keepers and the world around you. I know that you were so engaged with us, and clearly, us with you. Rest well sweet girl.

Pam Rodriguez Mar 15, 2012
Wonderful Modnic. Her chuffing said it all. Thank you to everyone who made her last years peaceful.

Unknown Mar 15, 2012
Modnic was such a pretty tiger–those eyes! I loved her sweet, gentle personality and will miss her very much. I am so lucky to have spent the happy hours with her that I did. I hope she is resting peacefully now.

Unknown Mar 15, 2012
Even thought I did not see you a whole lot you will be missed. Run free with your sis Trucha.

Unknown Mar 14, 2012
Thank you to all who took such good care of Modnic. And I am so grateful that in her last few months I had the pleasure of seeing her quite a few times. I know she is happily chuffing away with Trucha.

BethAnn Bluder Mar 14, 2012
I will miss your beautiful face so much. I love you

Regina Rinaldi Mar 14, 2012
Modnic my sweet girl. I always took the time no matter what I was doing in the outback to talk to you, for you enriched my life as much as I enriched yours. Again, a very sweet tiger, who came from horrible conditions, found unconditional love with us here at BCR and she knew it. Still with her lymphedema practically preventing her from walking, she still chuffed and looked at you with those loving eyes. Run free with Trucha, we love you sweet girl. The Outback will never be the same.

Marie Schoubert Mar 14, 2012
The most beautiful girl ever! I am going to miss her sweet face and chuff… R.I.P. my angel!

Rich Bluder Mar 14, 2012
I am so thankful for the time we had you with us. You are missed .

Lisa Shaw Mar 14, 2012
Oh Modnic, I will miss you so as it was always a delight to head to the Outback and hear your sweet chuffs and see your beautiful face. Even when you were in pain you graciously took your meds and continued to chuff at your keepers who love you so! I will cherish those times always. So happy you are now free from your pain and life in a cage. Run free with Trusha and all the other wonderful cats that are waiting for you! With much love! Lisa

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