More Exposure on Joe Schreibvogel DBA Tigers in Need

Watch the video at the link below to see the outrageous excuses for breeding cubs for pay to play schemes.The name sounds familiar, because they have promoted their cause in public forums around the country.


After encountering protestors and alleged PETA investigations, Big Cat Rescue Entertainment is under the microscope.


There is speculation from both parties; however it is still unclear where exactly this animosity stems from.


Representatives acting on behalf of ‘Big Cat Rescue’ in Florida actively protest the presence of ‘Big Cat Rescue Entertainment’ in communities, nationwide.


After encountering endless scrutiny, the traveling show’s owner maintains that he’s just in it for the animals.


G.W. Exotic, owner and operators of Big Cat Rescue Entertainment, are a USDA registered zoo.


Their mission is to raise environmental awareness through hands on education.


“People really care more if they are hands on, learning about something that they have never touched before,” said Joe Schreibvogel of G.W. Exotic.


However arguments from another organization, bearing a similar name, say this practice is unethical.


“He’s breeding these animals, when there are already so many big cats with no place to go,” said Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue. “Using them for a four week period of time that he can make a lot of money of them and then they disappear into these zoos.”


“If they’re over bred, I wouldn’t have a waiting list for zoos,” Schreibvogel said.


“The kind of back yard breeders, the hoarders and collectors that might pay him for the animals are not the kind of places these animals belong,” Baskin replied.


“They have always went to USDA licensed facilities,” Schreibvogel said. “They can offer a better facility then I can.”


There are varying accusations against G.W. Exotic, involving details from a public USDA report.


“Last year […] it came out that 23 cubs had died,” Baskin said. “That’s just the ones they found out about. If you think about, the USDA inspector shows up maybe once a year?”


“That’s why I have 187 cats, because I don’t pawn my cats off on anybody else that doesn’t ask for one and we have a no kill policy,” Schreibvogel said.


Video surfaces on PETA’s website, an alleged undercover investigation.


While Schreibvogel admits to catching PETA ‘spies’, he maintains the video is fabrication.


“Because I have the largest privately owned facility in the United States, and they can make money off of me,” Schreibvogel said.


PETA Director Debbie Leahy issues a statement saying there is ‘a lack of basic needs’, and that cubs should stay with their mothers.


“Don’t dictate to me what is too young because the government is the one that says we have to use them between the time that we’re born and 12 weeks old,” said Schreibvogel.


The two organizations go toe to toe in allegations, but there are no standing USDA violations against Big Cat Rescue Entertainment, or Big Cat Rescue sanctuary


To see the PeTA video of him hitting the cats with a shovel go to .

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