Male Savannah Cat
Date of Birth: 1/1/2004
Date of Rescue: 9/8/2019

Date of Death 11/19/2023

Mouser is a male Savannah cat born in 2004. He arrived here in 2019 with three bobcats from a failed California facility called the Wildlife Waystation. We are told he was used for handling by the public. This is a practice we oppose because it is not a good life for the cats and sends the wrong message to the public.

What made it possible to use him in this way is that he has an unusually social personality.  On the drive from California he loved to “make biscuits” in view of his rescuers. He also quickly learned on the trip that stopping for gas or to change drivers meant he got treats and he eagerly looked for them.

Once here at Big Cat Rescue we accidentally discovered that he loves to be sung to.  He comes over, rubs the fence, and listens intently.

It is extremely rare for a Savannah cat to be so friendly. The problem with letting the public handle a cat like this is that it encourages people to buy one as a pet. In the vast majority of cases, when the cats mature at around three years old they start to spray and bite and are no longer wanted.

Mouser Savannah Cat
Mouser Savannah Cat

September 19, 2019

Mouser, the Savannah cat, really seems to enjoy his new toys.

Mouser, the Savannah cat, really seems to enjoy his new toys.

May 2022

Mouser’s home enclosure was in an area of the sanctuary that during rainy season had a low spot of standing water nearby due to the excavation of some nearby land. Due to that there were always mosquitos no matter what we did, so it was decided to move Mouser to a more interior area of the sanctuary away from the mosquitos and nearer some of the smaller cats. Here is a look at the removal of 2×4 cage wire from an empty cage to the area where his new home will be. Check out these videos to see how that construction job was completed by all the staff, volunteers and interns over a several week period of time.

Summer 2022

Mouser is LOVING his new home! Photos by Jamie Veronica

November 18, 2023


This week, the sanctuary experienced a few days of rain. During that time Mouser took shelter in the comfort of his den and wasn’t coming out to get drinks of water. This caused this 19 year old, savannah cat to become lethargic resulting in him refusing food and meds.

Afton brought him into the cabana to get him out of the weather and give him fluids in hopes it would perk him up. Now that it has been a couple of days he’s gradually eating better and taking his meds on his own. He is drinking plenty of water and is more active, so Afton will come in tomorrow (Sunday) morning for his morning meds and breakfast, and then she will put him back outside in his enclosure to see how he does since the weather has been very nice.

Send your paw-sitive vibes and well wishes for our Mouser! 🐾❤️‍🩹🐾

November 19, 2023

🌈💔A Heartfelt Farewell to Mouser, Our Beloved Feline Friend 💔🌈

It saddens me deeply to share the news of Mouser’s passing.

Last night, our dear 19-year-old hybrid cat, Mouser, unexpectedly refused his food. Concerned for his well-being, we reached out to Dr. Justin, who came in today to examine him. Sadly, during the examination, Dr. Justin discovered a large, inoperable mass near Mouser’s liver. Realizing that further treatment would only create suffering, we made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize him.

Mouser was more than just a cat; he was a cherished member of our extended family. His playful nature, gentle purrs, and endless affection touched the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. He brought joy, comfort, and companionship to countless volunteers, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering love for Mouser. Your kind words made his life richer and more meaningful.

As we mourn the loss of our dear friend, let us find solace in the knowledge that we gave Mouser all the love and care he deserved until the very end. Despite the pain we feel, it is a testament to the incredible bond we shared with him. Mouser will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and his memory will continue to inspire us in our mission to care for and protect all creatures great and small.

Thank you, once again, for your love, support, and dedication. Together, we made a difference in Mouser’s life, and together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

With heartfelt gratitude, Carole Baskin and staff

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  1. The sky has a new star as of today. Now you’ve got your wings, Mouser. You were the first cat I saw when I came to BCR. You will always be in my heart. Rest in peace . I send my heartfelt condolences and a lot of strength to the employees of BCR and especially Afton.

    1. Savannah cats are not domestic cats. They are wild African Serval bred with domestic cats. BigCatRescue.org/hybrid-facts

  2. I am a former volunteer at the wildlife waystation for 8 years. He loved all the attention and was very vocal with his opinions. I had forgotten that you took over his care and am glad happy he is thriving. Thank you 😊

  3. Mouser was given to the Wildlife Waystation from a private owner, The Wildlife Waystation never used him for people to pet. Just to clarify your bio,

  4. There is no Savannah sponsorship option. And can you please let us just select the cats we want to sponsor in a dropdown instead of asking us to fill something in and mail it back? It’s just so much easier and quicker to do. Saves paper and time and money from mailing things here and there,

    1. Savannah cats are a hybrid. You will find them listed in that category. The application is totally online.

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