Mouser Savannah Cat


Male Savannah Cat
Date of Birth: 1/1/2004
Date of Rescue: 9/8/2019

Mouser is a 15-year-old Savannah Cat. He is super sweet and loves to “make biscuits”. He’s making them for the entire rescue crew who retrieved him from the now-defunct Wildlife Waystation. He was also quite eager to enjoy treats each time the rescue team stopped for gas or to switch out drivers.

Mouser Savannah Cat

Mouser Savannah Cat


September 19, 2019

Mouser, the Savannah cat, really seems to enjoy his new toys.

Mouser, the Savannah cat, really seems to enjoy his new toys.

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  • Sarah

    There is no Savannah sponsorship option. And can you please let us just select the cats we want to sponsor in a dropdown instead of asking us to fill something in and mail it back? It’s just so much easier and quicker to do. Saves paper and time and money from mailing things here and there,

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