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hear big catsNairobi

Female Serval
4/1/93 – 7/6/16
Rescued  7/7/94

Nairobi was the mascot in a pet store window until she came to live at Big Cat Rescue July 7, 1994. The pet store owner was afraid that she would bite the small children who were always taunting her and she was right.

Nairobi spends her days lounging in her huge natural Cat.a.tat and can often be found draped over her favorite log without a care in the world.

On July 6, 2016 Nairobi was on the observation chart for being a little possessive of her food at breakfast.  In the afternoon she was found to be breathing hard, so we brought her into the on site Windsong Memorial and Dr. Justin Boorstein rushed in to do diagnostics.  Her Xrays showed that her lungs were completely encased in cancer and he found other masses in the abdomen.  At 23 years of age there was nothing we could do, but give her a peaceful transition over the rainbow bridge.


2016 July

Tributes to Nairobi Serval

Sharon Dower
Jul 18, 2016
I cried at the news. i will miss youi so much pretty girl.

Lynda Licht
Jul 9, 2016
“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief, but gratitude.” Thank you Nairobi for being a part of our lives. I’ll always think of you as our serval momma – wise and looking out for all of us.

Sharon Henry
Jul 6, 2016
I’d like to think that Little Feather was waiting for you at Heaven’s front gate. Two little angels crossing over together. While our world dims, heaven just got a little bit brighter. Love you Nairobi girl.

Brittany Mira
Jul 6, 2016
ohh Nairobi… I am so thankful we got to have a long talk this past Saturday. I kept telling you how pretty you were and it was the first time you didn’t hiss at me… I thought we were finally agreeing with me 🙂 Run free sweet girl!

Carole Baskin
Jul 6, 2016
We cried so many tears for Little Feather yesterday, that we were almost cried out by today when you decided it was time to go. Almost…

Marie Schoubert
Jul 6, 2016
Oh no, not you Nairobi! You were always my favorite serval. I love them all, but I always had a thing for this little girl with her skinny tail and gorgeous face. Poor baby! I hope you are happy up there now with all your friends. Don’t forget about us… Because we will never forget YOU. R.I.P. little Angel. Love you!


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