hear big catsNico

Female Geoffroy Cat
DOB 5/1/93 – 5/1/2015
Rescued 7/19/94

Read tributes to Nico here:

Geoffroy Cat at Big Cat RescueWe had been following his story from birth and chased him through his second owner, who sent him along to Big Cat Rescue with three Bengals on 7/19/94. He arrived taped up in a cardboard box. The fury from within the box made opening it a death defying act. As with many exotic cats, the smaller they are, the more fierce they can be. Everyone says that she “looks just like a domestic cat” but careful study of her size and shape shows that she is indeed a wild cat. It wasn’t until we went to have her neutered that we discovered that she had fooled all three of his owners; Nico is a female.

Melanistic geoffroy cat
Melanistic Geoffroy cat


Nico speaks to us of the medicine of Antelope which is the call to Action.  Antelope reminds Nico that life on this planet is brief and we are all here with a higher purpose than what our Ego paints as its illusion.  Our higher calling has nothing to do with hoarding things.  The physical body is made of dust and it and all that it gathers will return to dust.  Nico wants us to remember that we are called to action on behalf of self, family, clan, nation and finally Mother Earth.

Do something today to make the world a better place.  Pick up litter that you didn’t toss.  Clean up a mess that you didn’t make.  Smile at everyone you meet and silently wish them well.  Make a child laugh or teach him to read.  Pay the toll for the person you don’t know on the highway behind you.  Clean out your closets and garage and give all of the things you have gathering dust to someone who can use them.  Nico knows that the more you give, the more abundantly life gives back, but you have to make the first move.



Geoffroy Cat Species Spotlight Video



At 19 Nico needed a tooth extraction to save her life.

More Pages About Nico

* Today At Big Cat Rescue – Walkabout Video: The 3 Texas Tigers, Amanda, Andre and Arthur show off how smart they are at dinner time, enrichment is given to Alex Tiger, Simba Leopard, Zeus Tiger and Sundari Leopard. Check out Nico the Geoffroy Cat’s cute, pink toes. A sickly little foster kitten goes to Jamie for intensive care. See Natasha Siberian Lynx have some mats combed out of her fur. Interns help move her back outside after her seizure and she gets a new Cat-a-Tat. Bobcats, Lovey & Thurston have to move one door down first.

 * Today At Big Cat Rescue’s Wildcat Walkabout Video May 3rd 2014: See Nico PLUS Gilligan, Skipper, Reise, Ares, Narla, Diablo, Genie, King Tut, Rambo, Cybil, and many more of the cats.

* Big full screen size photo of Nico on her 21st birthday:

* Today At Big Cat Rescue: Here is a page of photos of multiple cats from March 5th, 2012 including photos of Nico at age 19.

* Today At Big Cat Rescue’s Wildcat Walkabout Video August 29, 2013: In this hour long walk about you will see Flavio Tiger in the Vacation Rotation cage and being loaded into a wagon for diagnostics.  You will see Bella Tiger making the long walk to the Vacation Rotation cage and enjoying it.  You will see the new Kitten Cabana construction, Tommie Girl Bobcat, Tobi Cougar, Gilligan Canada Lynx, Lovey, Thurston, Mary Ann, Moses, Bailey, Anazasie, Windstar,Max and Levi the bobcats.  Also rare glimpses at Genie Sandcat, Nico Geoffroy Cat, Pharaoh and Tonga the white servals, Mr E the Leopard cat, Jade and Armani the leopards, Joseph and Sasha the lions and Cameron and Zabu the white tiger.  Lots of cats, lots of rain, lots of interesting behavior.

* Today At Big Cat Rescue Ocober 2013 Walkabout Video: Angelica, Angie, Lil White Dove, Little Dove, Levi, Precious, Mary Ann, Thurston, Lovey, Tommie Girl, Moses, Bailey, Andi, Sierra, Cherokee. Leopards: Cheetaro, Jade, Armani, Jumanji, Simba and Nyla. Canada Lynx: Gilligan. Siberian Lynx: Natasha. Caracal: Rusty. Hybrids: JoJo and King Tut. Geoffroy Cat: Nico takes a long bath. Ocelots: Amazing Grace and Nirvana. Tigers: Zabu and TJ. Cougars: Cody, Tobi and Aspen Echo. Lion: Cameron. Sand Cat: Canyon. Servals: Ginger, Nala, Frosty, Kalihari, Zouletta and Zimba… and a whole lot more.

* Today At Big Cat Rescue October 10: Here is a page of past photos of Pharaoh, Cookie, Purrsonality, Esmeralda, Joseph, Sasha, and Nico.

* Advocat Newsletter March 2012 Issue: There is a story about Nico going to see Dr Wynn for some dental work.

Tributes to Nico Geoffroy Cat

Susan Bass May 26, 2015
As I sit here crying while writing up your eulogy post for Facebook, I realize that you died on your 22nd birthday. Run free little girl!

Sharon Dower May 8, 2015
So little and so fierce. I always loved seeing you out and about. You will be missed by so many of us at BCR.

Sharon Henry May 8, 2015
Such a big spirit inside such a petite package. You could have been the twin to my little Frankie girl, and I think that is what drew me to you from the start. You were my little sweet pea and I will remember you always. RIP little one. xoxo

Regina Rinaldi May 8, 2015
Little girl, so cute. Smaller than a kitten,when I looked into your eyes, I found that I was smitten. Mamma Becky loved you, as i did too. Now it’s time to cross the bridge, ad Saratoga waits for you. Rest easy little one. You’ll be missed.

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  1. Kuro Arashi i read your comment and came to the word "her as" and since it wasn't spaced i accidentally read it as "Heras" as being the name of your kitten lol… I found it would be a cool name for a feral kitten, which is what i have, I can not keep her though as we already have a few kittens that were given to us by someone who didn't want to deal with kittens of a female cat they didn't even know was having kittens.

  2. you never truly choose a cat they are always picking you:) kinda reminds me of my little kitten monster,we got heras a stray and i still have scars from catching her. she was the smallest from a stray litter an no one could get close,i got her home an she hid under the bed and was scared… 2 months later she wont leave my side an comes when wisled for

  3. You may say that she's the smallest but she thinks she's the biggest! Also, lol at 4.4lbs! That's smaller than my 6lb siamese mix, who is also a bossy little girl.

  4. Big Cat Rescue does so much to help cats. They take exotic cats from bad situations and give them sanctuary for life. They also help out with Florida's orphan kittens.

  5. thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of this beautiful feline creature. please continue to enlighten us cat worshipers, and we will try to do our part.

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