1. Val Te Aorere Mahara
    August 21, 2014 @ 8:39 pm

    I follow your posts when ever they come up on Face book. I have read all the bio's of every cat that you have in your care. Thank you! For saving them! I cried tears of sadness for what, we as humans have put them through. Then i cried again when you saved them. It hurts me so much that i can't bring myself to watch the rescue video's.Thank you, Thank you!! Big Cat Rescue.

  2. Maggie Metzger Brazeau
    June 25, 2013 @ 2:25 am

    What ever happened to Imara?

    I visited the Siberian Tiger Foundation in 2000, for my 30th birthday. I met and snuggled Imara, Joseph (who was so incredibly charming and sweet), Ekaterina, Sierra, Simba, Sasha, and SherKhan. Nikita was very shy and would not come out, he would only poke his head out.

    I am heartbroken to know that things were not what they seemed, and I am angry that I was taken in. They are such beautiful creatures, and it was so overwhelming to meet them, to stroke them, to have Joseph lay his huge paw on my knee and lick my hand with his super rough tongue. (Felt like rugburn for a week, and I didn't care, a lion kissed me!) I am so upset that SherKhan perished!

    Anyway, I'm very grateful that you have my friend Joseph, he looks healthy and happy. You've been added to my donations list, I can't give a lot, but I want to share what I can. Thank you for taking care of these lovely animals.

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