Nyla the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue


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Female Leopard

DOB 6/6/94

Rescued 8/4/94

DOD 3/16/14

Nyla the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue
Nyla the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue


Nyla came to Big Cat Rescue with her brother, Simba, on 8/4/94. She was a product of the entertainment industry, which only wants perfect looking models.  Because she was cross eyed, she was unwanted.

She gets very jealous if her brother Simba is getting any attention and will begin making a nuisance of herself until all the attention is focused on her. All she wants is everyone’s undivided affection.

She’s much smaller than her brother, though she is just as tough.  We are happy that we’ve been able to keep the two of them close together so that they could at least live out their lives with a sibling with whom to share their experiences.


Nyla on “vacation” just a few days before her death.

Nyla Leopard On Vacation 2014

Tributes to Nyla Leopard

Becky Gagliardo
Aug 28, 2014
Ny Ny my beautiful baby girl, best leopard girl in the world, we all miss you so much. I am honored to have known you and love you.
BethAnn Bluder
Mar 28, 2014
Beautiful Nyla. I loved doing operant with you. You were such a smart girl. I’m glad you and Simba got to be together for a short time. I will miss you very much.
Elizabeth Pullan
Mar 18, 2014
aw, Nyla i will miss you………. : (
Mar 17, 2014
Aw, Nyla, what a wonderful beautiful amazing creature you were. I am grateful that I got to meet you and I was greatly touched by your beauty. Hopefully there is no more pain for you now, and your spirit can roam freely.
Mar 17, 2014
Nyla, you were a very pretty girl and I am so sad with all who we are losing so far this year, but when I was cleaning yesterday with Rich he reminded me that we are actually a nursing home for all of you and it’s only a matter of time. But we get so attached, I never got to get close to you or any of the other big cats that have left us so far, as far as cleaning for you all, but know that I love you all very much. Run free pretty girl and know you are loved. RIP
Rich Bluder
Mar 17, 2014
Nila I really loved being your housekeeper . You’re a beautiful little cat .I was always amazed how you would catch ( and kill ) everything that came in your cage, we’d always find little bits of something .You had you had your anger issues ,but I love you through it . I felt we were friends.You will be greatly missed .
Regina Rinaldi
Mar 16, 2014
Ny Ny my little leopard. You tried, but you just couldn’t rally. I am honored to be one of the volunteers you liked. I am privileged to have been able to care for you for so long. You always knew where you stood with Nyla. She either loved you or not. Run free beautiful girl. No more pain.
Mar 16, 2014
Nyla, I have no words. My hearts is weeping. I remember the day you wanted to eliminate me but the relationship had grow into something different. You are petite and beautiful and will always be in my heart. Be at peace fierce one. You will always be loved and missed. :,(
Marie Schoubert
Mar 16, 2014
Oh Nyla…this is so so so sad… I am going to miss you so much! No more special treats and breakfast every morning to my special skinny girl! I hope you are running free and happy now. I WILL MISS YOU!!!
Carole Baskin
Mar 16, 2014
Dr. Wynn and Gale came to help Nyla cross over into the exciting new lives that are ahead of her, but as she was letting go, it was like one of those near death experiences to me, but the life that flashed before my eyes was Nyla’s. I remembered her as a cub, who had to be bottle fed several times a day and her brother being so difficult to feed while she was so eager to do it right and be a perfect angel.

I remembered her and Simba, playing their favorite game, back before we learned better, where they would race around and around a cage full of volunteers and then launch up and off the wall to be able to jump on someone’s head. The goal was to tackle the person to the ground. You got extra points if they screamed.

I remember the day someone came to my bedroom one early morning and said, “Come quick! There’s something gross in Nyla’s cage.” and it turned out to be Sundari and her black coated sister. Nyla hadn’t opened the sacks, so I did and was able to revive the dead little Sundari, but could not save her sister. Sabre was their dad. That was 1996 and pre Internet, so we had not learned yet than none of the privately held exotic cats would ever serve any conservation value.

Day after day, I’d try to get her to take Sundari back, but Nyla wouldn’t have any part of mother hood and was never bred again.

I’m so glad that she and her brother we re-united and got to go on “vacation” before her time was up. I had pressed for this to happen because we had come so close to losing Simba. I never dreamed that Nyla would go on before him. I am ever thankful to all of you who made her life the best it could be, and who worked so hard in the end to keep her comfortable until it was time to let her go.


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    1. She has a brother too (Simba!) if anyone is interested in sponsoring him, or one of their other big cat friends (the amounts are affordable),

  1. She is so precious! Who couldn’t adore that face, honestly?

    Now I’m not terribly up to date on my feline social dynamics; do litter mates bond so closely that they enjoy each other’s company into adulthood? I was under the impression that big cats are fairly solitary animals, at least, in the wild. Does captivity change this in them?

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