Pallas Cat

When it was announced that a Pallas Cat was arriving, Vern was heard to say, “Is that a breed, or did the cat get kicked out of the palace?” (You never know around here)


This cat is being treated like royalty. He was imported from Mongolia in part of an effort to save this incredibly beautiful creature from extinction. As happens with males, he is surplus for the moment and not needed in the breeding program at the Oakhill Center for Rare and Endangered Species. His owner sent him to us knowing that his time here would not be wasted because in our naturalistic Cat-A-Tats he will become a well known face in educational media.



When the volunteers heard he was coming they all pitched in to build him a 400 square foot Cat-A-Tat in a single day. It includes privacy fencing for his security, a tree stump den, lots of logs to climb and “room service”. During his stay on Easy Street he’ll have every luxury that a Pallas Cat deserves.


These photos are the new arrival to Big Cat Rescue.


This Pallas Cat has a special love of fish as can be seen from the lip licking in the photo at the bottom. While we offer fish as a treat, it is not a staple in our diet.



Notice the bushy, ringed tail in the photo above. The underbelly fur of the Pallas Cat is longer than the fur on any other species of cat.


His primary diet will consist of fresh mice and rats and AFS.

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