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Papi Bobcat

(pronounced Poppy) DOB appx: 4/27/2020 Rescue date 7/6/2020

Papi (pronounced Poppy) Bobcat was too imprinted on people during the weeks he was held by a couple who thought they were raising a feral cat.  He was sent to Big Cat Rescue for rehab and release back to the wild when he's big enough, but to break his dependence on humans, he's living with two feral kittens.  They were too wild to place as pets, and had been scheduled for release back to the streets by a shelter, so they were the purr-fect companions for Papi.  He will quickly outgrow them though, and when that day comes Big Cat Rescuers will work their magic to try and tame the feral kittens sufficiently that they can be adopted.

Meet Papi


The trio is being watched 24/7 on this Explore webcam:

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