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Phoenix Cat



Male Domestic Cat


When I started as a red shirt, Phoenix and Jack hung out at the beach and the old food prep area.  They were typically fed in that area as well.  I remember one night, Phoenix was slow to come out for dinner. I called and called and finally he came running down the road.  He had something in his mouth as he approached – it was a mouse.  He dropped the mouse at my feet (almost to say thanks) and went over to the canned food and started eating.  I have loved him ever since.  Phoenix had a huge heart and always had time for attention.  He loved to be carried and would often hitch a ride with me from food prep to volunteer sign-in where he would share any leftovers from my turkey sandwich. I hope he is in a better place and at peace. He deserves the best. I will always miss him…Kathryn, Volunteer Senior Keeper


No matter when I arrived, Phoenix was always there and would coming pattering over to see if I had a treat or more likely, just to get a rub and a love.  His favorite thing was for me to pick him up and rub him under the chin.  I still sometimes think I see him out of the corner of my eye but alas, he is not there.  He was also one of the special ones you don’t forget.  He used to love to try to bum a piece of meat from me when I was getting ready for expedition.  I miss you, Phoenix…..Susan, Volunteer Senior Keeper


Phoenix was a hoot and a half. Not only did he like to peep on guest and volunteer cars alike, he was so stubborn and knew how to manipulate us. I remember one evening, when he and Gabriel had both positioned themselves firmly behind each rear wheel of our volunteer Susan’s vehicle, after an Enrichment meeting. Even though she had gotten into it and started it thinking, perhaps the engine noise would budge the duo… not to be. She and I had to move them from that position… twice before they sauntered off indignantly that we had disrupted their evening! Another time, I had spent hours cleaning the E-Center only to have “you know who” come in and peep all over the kitchen backsplash! Brat! He will be greatly missed – pee and all!……Lisa, Volunteer Keeper


Phoenix was one of my favorite cats because he looked exactly like one of my own cats – Princess.  It was a nice reminder, when I’d see Phoenix, of my beautiful cat at home.  I also enjoyed Phoenix’s company because, unlike some cats, Phoenix was friendly and let me pet him and of course – give him treats!  I’ll miss his friendly presence in the parking area…Pat, Volunteer Senior Partner
Carole Baskin
Jan 4, 2013
I always think of Phoenix in his role of surrogate lynx. He was a playmate to Natasha and Willow the Siberian Lynx when they were tiny, but they very quickly outgrew him.


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