Precious the Bobcat at Big Cat Rescue

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Female Bobcat

DOB 4/1/92  DOD 1/27/14

Rescued 11/15/92


Precious came to Easy Street from an auction when she was about six months old. She is a Texas Bobcat, which is the most dramatically spotted variety. She lived in the house for a while, but she was never house broken and never trusted people. She seems happiest to have people keep their distance and admire her from afar.  She shared a 900 square foot Cat-A-Tat with Shiloh and Indian Summer for many years and then, one day, they decided they didn’t like her anymore and wouldn’t let her come down, out of the tree, to eat.  Vern built her another Cat-A-Tat with a great climbing tree so that she can live near by them, but not have to worry about being attacked.


Clipping Bobcat Claws



Physical Therapy



Oct. 16, 2013


Precious and the Great Pretender were both on the Vet Observation Chart yesterday (2/18/13) at Big Cat Rescue. Pretender wasn’t hungry, which never happens, and Precious was said to have a long toe nail that looked like it might be hitting her paw pad when she walked.

Precious Bobcat used to climb trees all the time, but is 21 years old and barely even uses the ramps that were constructed up into the tree for her. Pretender is also 21 and both suffer from periodic neurological symptoms, but have been in amazingly good health for their age.

It would be very risky to sedate a bobcat this old, just for a hang nail, so Dr Justin Boorstein and President Jamie Veronica came up with a plan to clip the nails while causing the least amount of danger to the bobcat. This is a long video, but pretty amazing footage that has probably never been captured before.

Some cats, including Precious were purchased at auctions where the uncaring owners were dumping the cats with no concern about their welfare.  The people bidding on such cats were usually taxidermists or those who owned canned hunting ranches.    There is much controversy over whether we did the right thing by paying the ransom for these cats.  We still accept many unwanted cats each year, but do not pay for them and typically require that their owner surrender their license, in an attempt to keep people from just trading in their cats each year for a newer, cuter model.  We have to turn away more than 100 cats each year due to a lack of space and funds and the lack of regulation of the exotic pet trade. Read more about our Evolution of Thought HERE


Jan 27, 2014:  Precious Bobcat suffered a major stroke today. She was sedated to halt the seizing, but an exam showed that her bones were softening and bowing to the point that she wasn’t able to walk, and she was euthanized. She would have been 22 in April.


Note from Carole:  Some things just can’t be unseen.

I just hate days like today. I got a call saying that a cat was having a seizure. There are some things that are so painful to witness that I wonder, “Was it harder for the cat, or those of us who could only stand there and watch while waiting for instruction from the vet.”

Thankfully, Dr. Wynn answered her phone and was able to come immediately but every minute seems like hours when a cat is suffering. I knew this was the end for this cat, and that I would have to be the one to say so, and hated that I am in a position to have to make such decisions.

The cat’s suffering was over in a few minutes. I may never be able to forget what I saw or what has to be done. I know that those with me suffered as greatly, or maybe even more, because they aren’t in the position to decide. I don’t know what is worse, actually.

There is no escape from this and I hate it.


Tributes to Precious Bobcat

Unknown Jan 31, 2014
Such a beautiful creature inside and out. She helped prove that with love and care you can give back to someone’s life, even if they are near the end of their time. Precious, you were a fighter. No doubt about that! I only hope you are showing that same fierce attitude on the other side.

Unknown Jan 29, 2014
Precious, you beautiful little fighter! You tried and hung on as long as possible, Jamie and Carole are awesome the way they took care of you. I know you knew you were loved immensely. Now your spirit is free and no more pain little one, you are loved and will be missed and you are at peace. RIP baby girl

Unknown Jan 28, 2014
I have only known you for a brief period of time, but you touched my heart deeply, little Precious. You are in a world without pain now, may you roam freely, chase squirrels and frolic happily <3

Unknown Jan 28, 2014
She had the cutest round eyes and was such a fierce survivor. Precious was proof of Big Cat Rescue’s dedication to our animals. While other places would have given up on her long ago, she received phenomenal care to the end. The fact that Carole and Jamie gave Precious physical therapy even at her old age shows the love we have for our cats. I’m glad we gave her more time when she clearly wasn’t ready to call it quits. But I’m also glad that she is at peace now. I will miss you and your adorable face Precious.

Marie Schoubert Jan 28, 2014
My poor little girl. I loved you so much Precious… my love for you will never end. Taking care of you every morning was my favorite time of the day… looking at you eating your breakfast with meds was all I wanted. Now I will miss that moment, but I know that where ever you are,, you can go back to your tree, scar at everything going around, eat all you want and enjoy freedom again. I will just miss you miss you miss you…

Desmond. Fowles Jan 27, 2014
Will miss you Precious, you were a fighter till the end. What a fantastic job the staff did in giving her a few more months of quality living with us by nursing her so patiently after her previous stroke.

Regina Rinaldi Jan 27, 2014
In that very tree in the picture, Precious would lay and wait for me to circle her enclosure so she could scare the life out of me by hissing from the branch. After her first stroke she became so much nicer. She’s a fighter for sure and I will miss her feisty self. I think she appreciated all the keepers taking extra timeto care for her. I loved Precious to pieces. I will miss the feisty spirit that lived in her. Forever gone, but not forgotten.

Karma Hurworth Jan 27, 2014
I didn’t know her for long, but she was such a little warrior, that I loved her. Every time I cleaned her enclosure and I talked to her, she would look up and greet me. Run free and whole, sweet Precious.

Unknown Jan 27, 2014
What a little fighter you were feisty Precious! While I will miss your spirit I am happy to know you are pain free and picking & choosing whatever tree you want to climb & hang out of. Happy too I got to see your sweet-looking face & wiggling tail yesterday. Be at peace fierce girl!

Carole Baskin Jan 27, 2014
Precious got her name because of her precious appearance, but make no mistake; she was the epitome of ferocity and I loved that about her. I will miss her every day inspiration to keep on trying, no matter the odds.

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