Purrfection Ocelot in Favorite Tree

hear big cats


Female Ocelot
DOB 5/22/96

2/7/18 Purr-Fection has been growling at keepers and not eating well for the past few days so Dr. Justin did diagnostics and found she has a broken toe and two bad teeth.  He pulled the teeth and has put her on cage rest for the toe.

PURRfection, and her twin brother PURRsistance, were born at the sanctuary before it was known that no privately held exotic cats would ever be able to help preserve the species due to the inability to tract them back to the wild.

She is the epitome of the perfect looking ocelot, which explains her name.  Her markings are extraordinary and demonstrate why this species was almost hunted out of existence for its fur.  She is much more timid than any of the other ocelots at Big Cat Rescue.

While some of our ocelots were born here prior to 1998 we quit breeding ocelots when we learned that there are no release programs for exotic cats.  They can never be free.  They should never be born for life in cages.

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Funny Story – Jan 2018

When it gets cold we plug up one of her dens so she has a heated bed. She protested her den being heated and went to her other den that is not heated. So, fearing she would be cold, the keepers put a bunch of clean hay in there for her. LOL, that silly old girl then protested the hay and went back to the other den. Keepers are cheering because they wanted her in the heated den anyway.

Learn more about Ocelots:  https://bigcatrescue.org/ocelot-facts/

Purr-Fection Ocelot Sees the Vet She’s stopped eating so it’s serious Find out what was troubling her
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