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Female Caracal

DOB 3/28/97 – 7/31/13

Rose is such a friendly caracal that she was featured in Jack Hanna’s show “Wild Adventures” for a demonstration of photo tour techniques.

Guests love looking at the characteristic black tufted ears of this little caracal.

Rose, like many other wild cats that were raised to become pets, did not learn proper grooming techniques from her mother when she was young.  This explains the matted sections of fur she so often has on her coat.



On July 13, 2013 it was noted by keepers that Rose had not finished her meal.  Over the next three weeks her appetite seemed sporadic, so keepers began cutting up her food and offering it on a stick.  When that stopped working she was taken in for blood work on July 31, 2013.

Her test results read off the charts for kidney failure and she had ulcers in our mouth and on her tongue. She was in the final stages of the renal failure and so while she was under sedation we made the decision to euthanize her.

We have had 7 caracals in the past, the oldest of which was 17 years old when she passed away.  Rose was 16 years old.

Tributes to Rose Caracal

Erin Carden Oct 15, 2013
Rosie ROO ROO, I will always love you. I’ll always love telling the story about how when I’d clean your lockout, and fill your bowl up with lots of fresh water you’d come in to drink out of your plates, one of the cutest things I’d ever seen! Keep on rubbin’ Rub Rub Rosey, and be friendly to all the kitties you’ll meet up there, love you baby girl.

Lynda Licht Oct 8, 2013
I remember when I first started as a red shirt, I came on Wednesday night for enrichment and at the time we were building the hammocks. I worked on the one that you received and I loved to see you enjoying a rest on it. When I started to learn to clean, you were one of the first to accept me and follow me around (ok, so you did this with everyone – that’s just how friendly you were.) It’s been almost three months since you passed and I still expect to see you as I round that corner. I miss seeing your sweet green eyes and your striking feline features that made me remark to tours that I thought you were the most beautiful cat on property.

Monica Spires Aug 16, 2013
I always loved seeing Rose on the tours.. She loved to hide in her tall grass and when you would spot her, the look she gave was priceless….

Carole Baskin Aug 10, 2013
When she was born she reminded me of a rosebud. Tiny, delicate and fiery red. But a name like Rosebud conjures up cows, so Rose became her name. She was born into a chaotic time at the sanctuary, so I didn’t get to spend much time enjoying her kittenish ways. It was a decade before we were on solid footing at Big Cat Rescue and I finally had the chance to just observe her. I envy the time our volunteers spend with the cats. It’s a luxury I’ve never been able to afford. In a rare moment, where no one was pulling at me to deal with a personnel issue nor answer a phone call, I walked past Jamie who was trying to comb a knot from Rose’s fur. Jamie was using the telescoping back scratcher. At first I hurried on by, but then turned around, deciding this was a great teaching moment, to show how we groom the cats. It’s possible to give the cats some pleasure without risking a bite or scratch. Rose was clearly loving the good scratching she was getting in that hard to reach area behind her ears. I’m glad stopped and enjoyed this precious moment in time. In just another day or two Rose was gone.

Regina Rinaldi Aug 6, 2013
Rosie Roo I will miss you very much. You were the first cat I cleaned on my own. When I was done cleaning your food tray, you came right in, and muddied it up again. I cleaned it probably 7 or 8 times until Honey(my trainer) came over and said “What is taking you so long to do that lockout?” I said, “She keeps on walking mud all over the tray, and I was told to make sure the trays are clean.” Honey and I had a good laugh over that one . I still talk about that one. Rose will sorely be missed by me.

Diana Rao Aug 5, 2013
I will miss seeing beautiful Rose very much and having the opportunity to introduce this species and in particular to this most special little girl. Thank you to all that took such good care of her and a very big thanks to those who made the not so easy decision to let her cross “over the rainbow bridge.

Regina Turgeon Aug 3, 2013
Even though I never cleaned your area, I will still miss seeing this sweet girl on tour for the 2 years I have been here.

Edith Parker Aug 1, 2013
Friendly, sweet and beautiful Rose, thanks for letting us share your life, it was a great honor to know you.

Sherry Levesque Aug 1, 2013
Beautiful Rose, I will miss you so – always had fun trying to find you – loved it when I first started as a keeper and I would clean your enclosure you would follow me all around the cage and you stole my heart. Have fun with all your buddies from BCR up there!

Pam Rodriguez Aug 1, 2013
Rose was a beautiful caracal, one that will be sorely missed.
Once again we have lost another cat, but she was taken care of by many who loved her. Thank you to all who
had the opportunity to take care of Rose.

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