hear big catsRusty

Male Caracal

3/28/1997 – 9/4/2016

Rusty has some of the most beautiful features you will find in a caracal.

Having been around humans all of his life, he is extremely interested in what the volunteers who clean his enclosure are up to every day.

Even when he is enjoying a delightful catnap, he insists on jumping up and following the volunteers around his cat-a-tat, all the while marking his palm fronds and rubbing his cheeks against the wire.

He is in constant motion while he enjoys his “human enrichment.”

9/3/2016  Rusty Caracal was born in 1997. He was neutered in 1999 and hasn’t had to go to the vet for any health issue since. He gets the routine vaccines and dewormings, and had a stick removed from the roof of his mouth in 2001, but he’s never been sick.

Keepers noted that he’s walking stiffly, may have some trouble urinating and while he’s eating every day, he’s not eaten a full meal for about 5 days. Keepers caught him up today to bring him in to the hospital from the sogginess left behind by Hurricane Hermine.

Dr Wynn came in early on Sunday to examine him. The following was the LIVE facebook broadcast of that exam.

Rusty Caracal’s kidneys were so bad that the machine couldn’t even read it, and there is no way he can recover from this, so the only kind option is euthanasia. We turn off the cameras before ending a life because it’s just too difficult for everyone involved. Rusty was much loved and will never be forgotten.



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Rusty and Sassy Caracals are snuggled in the bush in this Wildcat Walkabout Video on May 1, 2014 –

Tributes to Rusty Caracal

Sharon Dower 9:36 PM Sep 7
I loved how you were always so happy to have visitors. You would always “help” clean your lockout. I enjoyed that so much. You were loved by many and will be missed by all.

Regina Rinaldi 7:05 PM Sep 4
Rusty, you’ve made me laugh countless times. You were so silly. When you rubbed your chin on the cage wire, you’re whole face would disappear like Snoopy’s did when he danced in the cartoon. I’ve always called that your Snoopy dance. I will miss that. Don’t worry, we’ll take special care of Sassy for you. I will miss you lots. My heart breaks, but I know you had to leave us. It was your time. Give Rose, Krackle, Hunter and the rest a hug from me, and I’ll see you handsome Rusty on the other side. Love you

Joanna Atkin 3:19 PM Sep 4
I came to BCR expecting to fall in love with a tiger or lion or leopard, I over looked the smaller species, but right from my very first day of cleaning you set about working your way into my heart and making sure you had an unbreakable hold on it. You quickly gained my love and will never lose it. I will miss you so much but I am happy you are finally free.

Sharon Henry 12:02 PM Sep 4
You were truly a very special little soul and if love could have saved you, you really would have lived forever. Don’t fret over your beloved Sassy, we will continue to take good care of her until she is ready to join you in paradise. May you forever enjoy gentle breezes and warm sunshine. Until we meet again my sweet little boy. ♡♡


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