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At Big Cat Rescue, our commitment extends beyond the majesty of lions and tigers to encompass the lesser-known yet equally vital small wild cats that inhabit diverse ecosystems across the globe. In fact, we are one of the largest funders to small cat projects and hope to become even more so. These small felines, ranging from the elusive ocelots to the striking servals, play crucial roles in maintaining the ecological balance. Our mission is to ensure their survival and wellbeing, providing a haven for these species and a voice to their often unheard struggles. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive not only to safeguard these cats but also to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of their role in the natural world.

Small wild cats face an array of daunting challenges that threaten their existence. Habitat loss, a consequence of expanding human activities such as deforestation and urbanization, is perhaps the most significant. This loss of habitat not only reduces their natural living space but also leads to decreased prey availability and increased human-wildlife conflicts. Furthermore, these cats are often victims of poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, sought after for their unique fur and, tragically, for both the legal and illegal pet trade. These challenges are compounded by a lack of awareness and representation, making the fight for their survival an uphill battle.

Despite these challenges, there have been glimmers of hope and success due to the tireless efforts of conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. At Big Cat Rescue, we have witnessed heartening success stories: from rehabilitating injured small wild cats and reintroducing them into their natural habitats, to effectively campaigning against poaching and illegal trade. Each success story is a step forward in our ongoing journey to protect these incredible creatures. Through these efforts, we not only aim to save individual animals but also to create a sustainable future for their species. Our work serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with dedication, passion, and support, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of these remarkable felines. Below are just a few of the images our conservation partners have provided in thanks for the funding Big Cat Rescue provides. These stories are a testament to what can be achieved with dedication and support.

Each species of small wild cat, with its distinct traits and behaviors, contributes uniquely and indispensably to the delicate tapestry of our ecosystems. From the way they regulate prey populations to their specific roles in seed dispersal and maintaining the health of their habitats, these cats are integral to ecological balance. Their survival is not just a matter of preserving individual species; it’s about maintaining the harmony of our natural world. When we protect these cats, we safeguard a multitude of interdependent life forms and processes that together sustain the environments we all rely upon. This intricate balance, once disrupted, can lead to unforeseen and often irreversible consequences for the ecosystem. Therefore, ensuring the survival and thriving of each small wild cat species is not just a conservation goal; it’s a vital necessity for preserving the richness and functionality of our planet’s diverse habitats.

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Testimonials From Some Of Our Conservation Partners

“I’m making sure you got this update below. I’m heading to Western Thailand to eyeball the situation myself, and to connect our best rangers and cop friends to prevent more tiger poaching. Let us know if you need more info, pics, and if you’d like to keep helping. I think the help is paying off. Since 2022 when villagers in Bor Ong forest community in Khao Laem reported a tiger was predating their cattle we were able to work closely with park officials to prevent any retaliatory poaching. We conducted outreach in local schools and communities to tell people about the tiger and to warn them not to travel into the forest before dusk or overnight. Villagers were very supportive and appreciated the interest shown in their wellbeing. Camera surveys immediately established proved the tiger had left the area and this was relayed back to the local mayor.

The villagers now realize that it is their own cattle drawing tigers into their community area and want to initiate ways to move their cattle away and find new livelihoods. Discussions have started with villagers to figure out how they can turn this problem into a situation that benefits them. To this end the park management is willing to consider community led trekking, home-stays and socio-economic enterprises. However, as most villagers they are not well versed in business or marketing and have asked for assistance to help decide on which would be the best way to earn an income. Just two years ago villagers poached two tigers (the poachers are now in jail for 5 years) and the whole community was against tigers. However, now after they have seen the deterrent of jail and the offer of assistance to find ways to help them earn a legal income they appear to be changing their opinion about having tigers on their doorsteps. To date no snares have been found in this area and more tigers have been poached.” – Steve Galster

Freeland Preventing Tiger Extinction

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