Sierra the bobcat at Big Cat Rescue


hear big catsSierra

Female Bobcat

4/22/1997 – 4/11/2015

Rescued 11/30/01


Sierra and her two mates, a male and female bobcat, were bred for display at the Tennessee National Zoo, but were never used because they were very shy and hid from the public.

The three bobcats grew up together in a holding facility at the zoo. When we rescued Nikita the lioness, the zoo asked Big Cat Rescue to take the three bobcats as well. The male, Rocky, was neutered and the trio lived together for many years at the sanctuary.

Sadly Rocky passed away several years after their rescue. With out Rocky in charge of the bobcat group Sierra and Andi resorted to fighting for the dominant position in their duo. Their fighting continued so they were separated and now live in their own spacious enclosures where they can be their own bosses.



Siera Bobcat

Sierra Bobcat hasn’t been doing well in April of 2015.  We are trying some last ditch efforts to get her to eat.


Tributes to Sierra Bobcat

Sharon Dower
Apr 28, 2015
One of my favorite Bobcats for operant. You would sit so patiently waiting for me to give a command and then would take the treat so politely. I will miss you.

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