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Female bobcat

Approx. DOB 4/1/2013

Rescued 10/17/2016

Moved to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on December 14, 2023


Smalls the bobcat had been dropped off at Spirit of the Hills in 2013 by people that found her drowning in a creek in Wyoming.

Smalls and 5 others arrived at Big Cat Rescue on Oct. 17, 2016 from Spirit of the Hills.  Find out more about the rescue here: https://bigcatrescue.org/spirit-of-the-hills/


Smalls is the one who arrived in the steel trap above.

Below is a video from 2014 at Spirit of the Hills where her Keeper explained that Smalls was dropped off by people that found her drowning in a creek in Wyoming.  He said she had pneumonia and spent a week at the vet’s office.

When Smalls arrived we found that all of the information was sketchy at best.  It was said that she was an intact female who had been housed with a male.  We wanted to be sure no kittens would be surprising us, so she was spayed, and while she was sedated we removed a couple of rotten teeth.

360 Smalls Bobcat Dental 2016

Drag your mouse around on the screen to see around the room, or spin around with your mobile device to feel like you are right there with us during Smalls the Bobcat’s dental surgery at Big Cat Rescue.

Smalls Bobcat when she was at Spirit of the Hills in the photo below.


Once at Big Cat Rescue it didn’t take Smalls Bobcat long to find a favorite scratching stump.

Medical Update – April 1, 2019

Smalls Bobcat is being seen by Dr. Justin in the Windsong Memorial Hospital for possible dental issues.

Operant conditioning with Smalls bobcat and Keeper Brittany! Smalls bobcat operant Brittany

Smalls bobcat and a spice bag enrichment!Smalls bobcat enrichment spice bag

April 1, 2020

Today Smalls turned 6 and I tried my hand at my very first “big” enrichment for her. Of course I used her favorite.. the signature cinnamon and catnip spice bag to get her attention. What little girl doesn’t want a pool party with a rainbow fountain for their 6th birthday? I laughed so hard when she put her butt on it and told her not to fake pee in the pool! ~Brittany Mira

Smalls bobcat birthday pool enrichment

October 29, 2020

I gave Smalls a tissue paper ghost enrichment and she turned it into a mummy costume ❤ Things are getting spookily adorable around here! ~ Brittany Mira

Smalls bobcat halloween enrichment

Smalls should be the spokeswoman for #notapetSmalls bobcat claws #notapet

April 1, 2021

Happy Birthday to my babe ❤️💕 Smalls had a great time investigating her Sand Castle made by Keeper Lauren G and Cake made by Keeper Bethany once the rain finally stopped.She must have taken 50 laps around her entire enclosure and each time she came by she played a little more and got a little braver. Finally she figured out her favorite spice bags were inside and batted them out. This is her first enrichment where she had to be brave enough to stick her paws and head inside for toys 💕🥰 ~Brittany Mira
Smalls bobcat birthday enrichmenthttps://youtu.be/sstUkKZcdEo

October 28, 2021

Smalls bobcat and her spooky pumpkin!

Smalls bobcat halloween pumpkin enrichment

Christmas 2021

Smalls LOVES her Christmas tree and enrichment!

Smalls bobcat christmas enrichment

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  1. There is a bobcat near me that looks exactly like Smile. I call her Little Lion. I think she was abandoned when she was little. I heard heard cry out for a week. Now she lives a wonderful life catching rabbits and birds. She lives next to a large squirrel’s nest and lets them run around and has boy bobcat call for her. I heard her meow when meeting him but now she ignores him when he calls. She just about 1 now. I feel so blessed to see her in the wild

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