Big Cat Rescue Staff Members

Victor Alonso – Maintenance

Carole Baskin – Founder and CEO, Press Liaison

Howard Baskin – Donor Appreciation

Erin Carden – Sales Manager and Part Time Operations Manager

Lauren Buckingham – Conservation Director and Immersive Video Producer

Cody Fox – Landscaping

Gale Ingham – CFO and Investment Properties Management

Brittany Mira – Online Sales Manager, Media Production and Social Media

LaWanna Mitchell – Social Media Manager

Jamie Veronica Murdock – CoFounder and President, Graphic Design, Photography

Katie Nikic – Data Maven for Customer Records and Fundraising

Deb Quimby – Social Media Assistant

Afton Tasler – Operations Manager and Media Producer


Our Board Members

Carole Baskin – Founder, CEO, Director

Howard Baskin – Secretary, Treasurer, Director

MaryLou Geis – Director

Darren Kipnis – Director

Keith Lawless – Director

Lynda Licht – Director

Kim Mahoney – Vice President, Director

Jamie Veronica Murdock – President, Director


Our Veterinarians

Dr. Justin Boorstein – Volunteer since 2005

Dr. Liz Wynn –  Volunteer since 2003

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