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DOB 6/1/95 -10/14/2010

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/6/95

Takoma came to Big Cat Rescue in May 1995 with Divinity. His owner became ill and unable to care for him. She had seen our video and knew that he would have a good home here, so she asked if we could take he and Divinity from her, which we did. He is without any doubt our prettiest Bobcat. He is so dramatically spotted that we have been asked if he is an Ocelot. He is also as lovable as he is gorgeous! He was neutered in 1998. Bobcats are not endangered and there just aren’t enough good homes available for these cats to justify breeding them.


Most of our bobcats were rescues from fur farms.  The deal Our Co-Founder made with the three fur farms we discovered in the U.S. was that he would pay top dollar for every cat and kitten they had as long as the fur farmer would agree to never buy and breed cats again for slaughter.  It came at a time that the public outcry was against the fur industry.  Many of these animals were purchased at auctions where the uncaring owners were dumping the cats with no concern about their welfare.  There is much controversy over whether we did the right thing by paying the ransom for these cats.  We still accept many unwanted cats each year, but do not pay for them and typically require that their owner surrender their license, in an attempt to keep people from just trading in their cats each year for a newer, cuter model.  We have to turn away more than 100 cats each year due to a lack of space and funds and the lack of regulation of the exotic pet trade. Read more about our Evolution of Thought HERE

Update October 2010

Takoma bobcat seems to be losing his fight against liver disease and it is compounded by kidneys that no longer fully serve him.

We try to leave the choice of when to go to the cats and in his case are giving him fluids for as long as he will tolerate it, but have been letting him stay outside in the comfort of his nearby friends, both human and feline, rather than confining him to a small cage in the hospital for his final days.

When he decides that he won’t put up with being trapped for fluids or when he decides to quit eating, we will help him ease over that bridge without pain.

I know how hard it is to watch them die, but we owe it to them, to give them every opportunity, to make the choices they have available to them in captivity.



Meredith, Volunteer Keeper
Though he was purring the whole time I sat with him yesterday, I knew the time would come soon.

Takoma, I told you you could let go; that we could take care of your guys for you. I told you noone would think differently if you gave up the fight, but until your last moment, though you were exhausted, you still put up a valiant effort.
Though sometimes it feels wrong and selfish to me to have “favorites”, you were one of mine. I feel more at peace now, since we know your journey on this plane is over. No more suffering, no more medical procedures, just serenity.
Shelby, Volunteer
R.I.P. Takoma
Kim, Volunteer
You are free now Takoma. I will miss you..
Regina, Volunteer Senior Keeper
The last time i was at the sanctuary I told Takoma it was ok to go, but he was much more interested in receiving attention from me. He was truly a special bobcat and will be missed by all.
Marie, Volunteer Senior Keeper

I was so afraid to read the news this morning… somehow I knew it was time for Takoma to go…. I am going to miss this beautiful Angel! So beautiful inside out! No more suffering! Have fun now Takoma, R.I.P. We will never forget you!

Julie, Senior Keeper

I’m glad I spent time with Takoma this week.  He still had his spunky spirit, coming over to see what I had to say to him, then turning, lifting that tail, and trying valiantly to spray me.  I promised him he was heading to a much better place, no cages, free to make his own choices.  I’m glad he made the first big choice – to move on quickly so he could finally experience the freedom he’s always deserved.

Sherry, Volunteer Senior Partner

My Dear Takoma, I have never forgotten when I first started volunteering and I was a keeper everytime I would clean your enclosure you would always spray me…making me feel so important as your “favorite keeper” – since you obviously wanted everyone to smell you on me! I will miss you dearly my beautiful fellow. Have fun romping in the grass with all your buddies from Big Cat Rescue who have gone before you to Kitty Heaven.
Barbara, Volunteer Master Keeper

Takoma, the “most beautiful” bobcat.

Sue, Volunteer Senior Keeper

What a special boy! I will miss you so very much!

Sharon D, Volunteer Keeper

Such a handsome fellow.You will be greatly missed, especially by your crew.

Willow, Volunteer Senior Keeper

Takoma was a beautiful and feisty guy. I will always think of him at feeding time, barging into lockout and hissing and grabbing. It was a joy to hear his purr this week as he slowed down, but I know it was probably out of discomfort. A brave cat until the very end.

Lisa, Volunteer Senior Keeper
Takoma, again, I keep thinking back to when I was taught to feed the “Backyards” that you always had to come first. You were        always the one to lead the rest of your ‘crew’ to tours that stopped to admire you. They always commented on your beautiful        coat and they were happy you got to keep it once they knew where you came from. I was so glad for the time I have spent with    you recently and while my heart is heavy and sad it is for me as I will miss you and your spirit so but I know that you are free        now and no longer in pain. The fact that you purred and talked to me these past days leaves me with wonderful memories.            Thank you and be at peace little one.

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