where will the ringling cats go



The owner of Ringling circus is petitioning the USDA to allow 8 of their circus tigers to be exported to Germany where they will reportedly be forced to perform in another circus! It’s extremely disappointing that Ringling will not retire these tigers to a GFAS-accredited sanctuary such as Big Cat Rescue; instead they hope to continue to exploit these poor tigers!

Take Action buttonRingling’s application states they want to export the captive-born tigers “to enhance the survival of the species.” This is ridiculous in that Ringling’s captive tigers have ZERO conservation value and their offspring cannot be released into the wild.

Please take one minute to comment here: https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=FWS-HQ-IA-2017-0031-0001

NOTE: It’s important to state in your comment that you are commenting on the application called FELD ENTERTAINMENT, INC., PALMETTO, FL; PRT-22685C

Read The Dodo’s article here: https://www.thedodo.com/in-the-wild/ringling-tigers-german-circus

Please send others to this page to take action by telling them to go to:  TigerShows.com

Summary of How YOU CAN HELP

If YOU want to help the Ringling Circus Cats PLEASE follow these steps exactly:

1) Go to https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=FWS-HQ-IA-2017-0031-0001

2) You must start your comment with these exact words: I am commenting on the application called FELD ENTERTAINMENT, INC., PALMETTO, FL; PRT-22685C

3) Add your own note

4) Optional – add your name

5) Click the Continue button and that takes you to the next screen

6) Put a check mark on the box that says “I read and understand the statement above.”

7) Click the button Submit Comment

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT curse, do NOT threaten, and in general, do NOT be rude!! Be logical, reasonable, and factual.

REMEMBER:  Since you are asking that they deny the export permit, then you need to remember they are asking for the export permit to enhance the propagation or survival of the species, which is the only way they can get such a permit.  Therefore, You NEED to reference the fact that the re-export of tigers for the use of circus performance does not meet the guidelines that the permit “enhance the propagation or survival of the species.”

PLEASE NOTE: While we like seeing your comments here on this page, commenting here will not help those cats. To help the Ringling Circus cats you MUST follow those steps so that your comment is seen by the people making the decision about the cats.


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