Ty the Serval




Male Serval

DOB 6/1/93 – 1/24/13

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/18/98

Ty came to Big Cat Rescue on 6/18/98.

His previous owners had become worried that Ty, who has all of his claws, would harm their young children. The breeder had told them that if they raised Ty with their infant son they would bond forever. By the time Ty was three, the boy was still a toddler and Ty went after him. The parents had visited Big Cat Rescue before and felt that Ty would have a comfortable and happy home here.

His owners caught him up in a crab trap and transported him to the sanctuary in the back of their pick up truck. After spening days in the heat, on the open road, he finally arrived. Ty has finally found refuge and seemed to be quite happy here. He lived to eat and would begin to look down the pathways for approaching keepers an hour before feeding time.

Ty was almost 20 years old when he died. He had been very healthy, right up until the end.

Tributes to Ty Serval

Regina Rinaldi Feb 11, 2013
Ty was a little more feisty than alot of our servals, but I always enjoyed listening to him eat as he made those crazy sounds while chewing. That made me smile anyday. And boy did he loooove pineapple tops. Run free Ty-Ty, my hissy boy.

Big Cat Education Jan 29, 2013
Ty-Ty was a serval ’til the end–hissing, spitting, swatting, and wild at heart. I have such respect for him for that. At 20 years old we had to close his lockout at feeding time to stay safe from those long arms! I always liked how he would eat and growl at the same time. I hope he’s out in the savannah somewhere, catching and eating everything that moves.

Carole Baskin Jan 29, 2013
Ty was a strong reminder that these cats hide their ailments so well that even the most experienced eye can rarely tell when they are on the decline. He was in such beautiful condition and was such a spitfire, right until the very end.

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