Ligers and Tigons are hybrids of Lion and Tiger Matings

What is a Tigon?

Ligers and Tigons are hybrids of Lion and Tiger Matings
Ligers and Tigons are hybrids of Lion and Tiger Matings


The tigon is a hybrid of a male tiger and a female lion, and is less common than the liger, a hybrid of a male lion and a female tiger.


For all the tigon’s rarity, the first citation of that word in the Oxford English Dictionary dates from 1927, while the first citation of a liger dates from 1938.


A cross between a tiger and a stuffed toy is, according to The House at Pooh Corner, a Tigger, and dates from 1928.


The only reason that ligers, tigons, white lions or white tigers exist at all is because stupid people will pay to see them.  They serve no conservation value and breeding them only results in these huge and majestic cats spending 10-20 years behind bars.

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  1. Could I ask why tigons are not as common as ligers? Aside from the fact the ligers look exotic and appealing as well as being incredibly large, larger than both parent species, but at one point in time I heard, tigons were more popular and common than ligers, and were produced a whole lot more. But both hybrids are now less favorable and strongly discouraged upon to have as they should, and circuses have been shut down especially those suspected to breed these hybrids and also among other reasons like animal abuse etc.

  2. I feel it is a misconception that ‘stupid’ people will pay to see them. I believe it’s more appropriate to convey that people who pay to see them haven’t properly been informed of the tactics and misfortune that is involved to bring one of these animals to existence and exploit them. I’m also sure, somewhere in nature, this has probably occurred outside controls and therefore could be considered as a natural fluke. Putting down the public for their ignorance is just as bad.

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