Male Bengal Cat

1/1/93 to 8/25/10

Arrived 8/20/00

Zander likes his privacy and prefers the company of his wild companions to that of his keepers. Zander’s distrust of people and his aloofness are typical of the wilder personalities possessed by most bengal cats. His boundaries are respected and he has the freedom to lounge about in palmettos, chase lizards, and stalk nearby ducks and guinea fowl.
August 25, 2010

Our sweet boy has passed on to a better place where he will no longer be confined in a cage and will be free to run and explore.
He was 17 years old and suffered from renal failure.  We will all miss him very much.



Zander, I will miss you so. I will miss trying to spot where you were hiding and then to see your cute face peeking from behind a palm fronds! Go in peace to a happier place where you will be free and all the physical problems that hindered you will be gone and you can run wild and free! Say hello to Shanghai! Lisa, Volunteer Senior Keeper

While cleaning Monday I found a pile of yellow goo (not sure whether it was vomit or diarrhea).
His head and half his body was in his small den and his little backside was sticking out. It reminded me of an ostrich sticking his head in the sand. Something (besides the yellow goo) told me he didn’t feel well.

Zander, you were a magnificent cat. I will miss you very much. Give our love to Shanghai and the rest of your cousins! Meredith, Volunteer Senior Keeper

Zander, I am going to miss you. But know you are free now and in a much better place.I feel so honard that Gail let me come to see you and say my good byes, even though your body had no life, it was a comfort to me knowing you also had no pain. You were such a joy to do operative conditioning with. You will always be in my heart so go play in the sunshine sweet one. I will love you always…Kym, Volunteer Keeper
Go now Zander go… you are free and wth no pain or sadness aymore… leave that to us! We can handle that! We know how… we are strong and we will never ever fogert you!!! R.I.P. Love!!!!  Marie, Volunteer Senior Keeper

Zander, you may have been one of our smallest cats but I think the volunteers spent more time with you than most.  Your enclosure was always so lush with trees and ferns and grass that you blended right in, just like a wildcat should!  Of course, that meant we’d spend all sorts of time trying to find you and feel really dumb when you were there in front of us all the time.

You were a wonderful companion for Shanghai for so many years.  It’s been strange seeing you in your cat-a-tat alone since Shanghai passed.  It seems we have Big Cat Rescue II and it is getting so full of our old friends who have passed on. I know you won’t be alone anymore.  Enjoy your new-found freedom with all those who have gone on to show you the way….Julie, Volunteer Senior Keeper
Zander – giving you your daily medication for years was challenging to say the least. You and I spent many many nights before a rain storm or in a rain storm discussing you coming out and considering taking your meds. I would plead please please please stick your head out just a little. You would sit quietly with a look on your face like you were saying NO WAY LADY!! I also remember when you first arrived at BCR. Boy you looked like a big mess. But I have had the opportunity to see you heal and have some really great years. I will miss you very much Z-MAN….Jennifer Bush, Volunteer Master Keeper

Carole Baskin
Sep 3, 2010
While Zander clearly loved and trusted some of his keepers, for the most part he was an unhappy cat who was dealt a lousy hand when bred for the pet trade. He would be so proud of all the hard work his keepers are putting into ending that trade. Perhaps he can find some way to help us do just that from the “other side.”

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