2003 Annual Report

2003 Annual Report

If your charity doesn’t make this information accessible on line, perhaps you should ask why.  We are proud of the way we have utilized your donations and think you should know how your money has been spent.   The following figures reflect the fiscal and calendar year 2003.


     Gifts and Contributions cash:           688,571.

     Inventory Sold:                               33,942.

     Rental Income donated property:        21,298.

     Interest & mortgages pledged             29,770.

     Events income:                                22,908.

     Non cash donation of time shares         9.000.

Total income for the year 2003:           $796,489.


Animal Care and Education:           172,153.

Advertising:                                  33,948.

Administrative:                              12,028.

Salaries:                                       47,579.

Professional fees:                             7,057.

Depreciation:                                149,281.

Other:                                               418.

Total Expense for the year 2003:     $402,114.

Excess for 2003    $  337,323.00  

Net Assets at the beginning of 2003        $ 896,945.

Net Assets at the ending of 2003              $ 1,142,039.

While this accounting appears to show a gain, it does not take into consideration money spent on capital improvements.  Our complete 990 is available online at Guidestar.org under Big Cat Rescue.

How much did you pay in income taxes last year?

Wouldn’t you rather that money go to saving animals and our environment?

Make your tax deductible donation for this year now in our secure on line gift shop, under Donations.

Join our Legacy League by naming us in your Will to perpetuate your vision of a world in which all life is considered precious.

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