Glory Glory

Glory Glory Cougar


“When I started volunteering at Big Cat Rescue in 1999, I had no idea what a life-changing decision I had made.  At first, as I cleaned cages, I was unaware of the unique personalities these cats possess.   To me, they were all the same.  But, within a few weeks, I had noticed that one of the cats was paying more attention to me than all the others.  She was a beautiful blue-eyed cougar named Glory.  She was a very shy cat, and whenever I cleaned by her cage she would hide in the palmettos and watch me.  Eventually, one day she lost her shyness and came over to say hello.  From that day on, when I first approached her enclosure, she would hide, but as soon as I crouched down next to her cage, she would jump out of her hiding spot and run over to me.  It was then that I realized the cats pick who they like, and we have no choice in the matter.

I worked with this wonderful cat for three years.  Unfortunately, after a brief illness, she passed away in 2002.  Glory was the first cat I loved and the first cat I lost.  She will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have always had more empathy for animals than I have for people.  They are truly innocent creatures and it always broke my heart to see them abused or neglected.  As much as I loved Glory, and appreciated the relationship I had with her, I have always wished that she had been given a chance to run free and live the way she was intended.

As a volunteer, once you develop a deep bond with one of the cats, you begin to understand that you become a voice for them.  That is why I have continued to volunteer at Big Cat Rescue.  It is by making our voices heard that we can improve the lives of cats now, and in the future”…..Matt, Senior Volunteer Keeper

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