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May is here and Mother’s Day is just around the corner; Sunday May 13th. What better way to wish her a happy day than to treat her to a tour of Big Cat Rescue as an unknown destination? Click the shop link at the bottom for certificates of adoption or for tours. This month, we have a newsletter chock full of information and action items for you. We have seen how our pleas for action from you have not been wasted. You have acted in unity to answer each call we have put out to you. We now have what may be the most important legislative action item yet for you. We also have rescue news, a great report on volunteer efforts, a Rolex contest, a Fur Ball udate and more. Enjoy and make the most of your May! We will.



Carole Baskin, Founder



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Support Haley’s Act Today

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. Haley’s Act can be the trigger for stopping a wide array of abuse. This bill is in front of our Congress and we are pinning great hopes on it for change. We have procured a new audio technology that you can listen to the issue with a live voice, mine, explaining all the details and action steps to you. The message is posted at the link. Please take 2 minutes to save an infinite number of lives.

Click here to act with us today

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New Bobcat Buddies


Bobcat kittenIntroducing adult exotic cats is always a scary thing to do.  Just this week a white tiger killed his new cagemate at the Gulf Shores Zoo within days of being introduced.  Moses and Anasazie, two bobcats had lived together for most of their lives and gotten along well.  Bailey the bobcat had been introduced to them when they all were young, but Bailey was just too small at the time, being a couple years younger, and she was separated.  Now that Bailey is all grown up, but still a kitten at heart, we wondered if we could try it again?

We built a tunnel between adjoining cages and waited until all of the cats chose to sleep close to each other at the gates of the tunnel.  When there was no more posturing at this closest spot we armed ourselves with nets, gloves, hoses and carriers and opened the tunnel gates.  Immediately both Moses and Ana went to check out Bailey’s cage and Bailey ran over to check out theirs.  Satisfied that the other cats’ cages were just as confining they all returned to the tunnel entrance for a few tense hours.

Moses and Bailey were both accustomed to being king of their castle and Ana was always happy to be a follower.  The tension now would be for who would be the Top Cat.  Bailey was just so happy to have friends that she wanted to be all over them, but Moses seemed to take this as a threat because it was not proper bobcat protocol.  Bailey’s initial trial and errors had the other two on edge for a while, but over time they figured out that she meant no harm.  Seeing all three cats sleeping in a cozy little ring of spotted fur has made the introduction process all worth while.

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Feed Shere Khan for a Day & Win a Rolex!

Feed Shere Khan In addition to the chicken and beef, as our donations have risen we have been able to afford an extremely nutritious but a much more expensive food product for the cats called Natural Balance.  It costs $1.25 per pound, but is well worth it. With this included in Shere Khan’s food, it costs about $20/day to feed him as our biggest 800 pound tiger.

AvantGold Jewelers has generously donated a magnificent men’s Rolex watch to raffle to raise funds for the sanctuary. The tickets are $20 each, or 7 tickets for $100. You do not have to be present at the drawing to win. Each ticket feeds Shere Khan for a day and gives you a chance to win this beautiful time piece! For raffle details and ticket purchase information click here. Thank you for helping us feed this magnificent cat!

Get your Raffle Ticket here

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 Wanted: You on Our Web Site

Testimonials in business and charity work are key to spreading the word. We have a new and very cool way to gather testimonials from our supporters and we’d like to share it with you and ask for your participation. You can post your photo, written text and a phone message in several easy steps. We will then use these for publication on our web site. We thank you for your quotes to aid our mission and encourage others.

Click here to participate

 What If YOU Could Change The World?

If you have seen us on MySpace and YouTube you know that we have had more than 500,000 viewers of our videos there, but both of these social networking sites are just flooded with stuff that no one really wants to see.  What if there was a social networking site for people like you?  What if it brought together over 1,000,000 non profits and the people who make them successful in accomplishing their worthy goals?  What if this online community were devoted entirely to positive change?  Would you want to be a part of it?

We are and we hope you will help us by joining as well.  It is free and is a great platform for saying what you want to do with your life and sharing with the world all of your favorite charities.  The charities that have the most online supporters receive higher rankings, so if you join and select Big Cat Rescue as one of your favorites that helps expose our work to people who care about positive change.  Just visit the link below and choose the button that says, ADD TO MY NONPROFITS.   Thanks for taking a couple minutes to help us tell people why these big cats should be protected and respected.

Make a change by joining this free online global community

 Rescue in the Balance

Hurricane Wilma was the most intense hurricane that has ever been recorded in the Atlantic basin. It devastated parts of southern Florida during October in the 2005. One of the places hit hardest was the Southwest Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center which is home to more than 40 exotic cats.  Howard and Carole Baskin had visited this facility just months before the storm and had met the founder, Dirk.  What they had seen then was a man who was trying to do the right thing, but who had neither the funds nor staff to keep the place running much longer.

Dirk and Cougar at SW FL RehabAfter the storm Big Cat Rescue had offered help, but Dirk managed, despite a collapsed lung that sent him to the hospital right after the hurricane, to pull himself back up.  His wife left him, development crowded in around him and two years later he faces even more challenges than in 2005.  According to one of his volunteers, his wife is the owner of the sanctuary grounds and is demanding that he and his 40 cats, assorted primates, snakes, hoofstock and emus find someplace else to call home.  His one volunteer is trying to find placement for the animals and says he can rehome everything but 30 of the biggest cats.

We can take five but each cat rescued means a $7,500.00 cage and more importantly $5,000.00 PER YEAR to continue feeding and caring for each cat.  The sad thing is that there just isn’t any place decent for the other 25 cats to go.  Most other sanctuaries are finding themselves in the same predicament where they rescue animals to generate donations to feed the ones they have and eventually the entire facility collapses.  We owe it to the 100+ cats in our care to be cautious in taking on more than we can handle.  At this point Dirk is still in denial and not willing to place any of his animals.  We will keep you posted on this sad situation.

Your donations make it possible for us to help when needed

 Reunited at Last

Catera Happy by MomNothing makes us happier than to add to the quality of life of our cats. We have big news in the lives of two leopards. Simba and Nyla have been moved into adjoining cages. You see, they were littermates and have been separated for years. Now they are back together and can enjoy each other’s company. We’d also like to report that Catera has been moved back by his mom and dad after being separated from them for the last 10 years. Our observations tell us that he is very happy about it.




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 Kitty Quip

Those who wish to pet and baby wild animals “love” them. But those who respect their natures and wish to let them live normal lives, love them more.

~Edwin Way Teale, Circle of the Seasons, 1953

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