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Happy 4th of July from Big Cat Rescue


For anyone who knows cats, they think every day is Independence Day.  With your help we can ensure that for future generations.  Meanwhile, it’s not too late to send a Big Cat Rescue Fourth of July eCard for free here:


To recognize the Sanctuary’s 20th anniversary milestone

we have set a goal to raise $100,000 by the end of 2012



To help make your donation even greater, we are pleased to announce that the Reitzel Foundation has very generously committed to match dollar for dollar the first $25,000 in donations received!


Your donation will allow us to continue to feed the cats the highest quality meat – the cost of which has tripled to over $3 a pound (and the cats eat more than 65,000 pounds of food per year). Your donation will also allow us to continue to provide the cats, many of whom are getting older or came to us in poor health, with excellent veterinary and dental care.


Just last week 15 year old Missouri the cougar (she’s 90 in cat years) had to have more than $2,000 in emergency surgery for a broken leg and dislocated joint and we could not have done it without you.


Thanks to your compassion for the cats and generous support of our sanctuary, 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Big Cat Rescue.  If you follow Big Cat Rescue on social media sites, or visit our website, or read our publications and blogs (and we hope you do!), then you know what a huge responsibility it is to run the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned exotic cats. It’s also our greatest privilege.


Loyal donors are the reason we have been able to rescue hundreds of cats, many of whom have endured heartbreaking abuse and neglect, and provide them with the best possible home to live out their lives. The cats will never know freedom, but thanks to donors like you, they now know compassion.  Because of you, we have been able to rescue cats like Sasha and Nikita, a lioness and tiger who were not only declawed but also defanged, and then exploited for years by an owner who charged people to take photos with them and take classes on how to “train” them. They now live at our sanctuary in large, peaceful enclosures filled with trees, foliage and a waterfront view.


Thanks to you, in the last 20 years we have educated more than 250,000 visitors through guided tours of our sanctuary. Visitors from all 50 states and more than 100 countries have heard the important messages that you help us share: exotic cats should not be pets, exploited as entertainment, or killed for their parts.  Together, we are changing the world.


And with the Anniversary Match, your dollars will go even further to make the greatest positive impact possible on the lives of our cats.  Because of you we will be able to rescue and take care of our cats for the next 20 years.  Thank you!  Help us reach our goal here



Help Kickstart Animal Art Book to Benefit Big Cat Rescue


The artist who created this portrait of Jamie Veronica is doing a book that will benefit Big Cat Rescue. You can be a part of it, but only if you do so  before July 22, 2012.



Soaking Up Sunshine is Turning Cats Green


Big Cat Rescue just completed its first solar panel project to generate electricity.  22 panels with over 5KW generating capacity now sit prominently by our lake in an area that gets sun all day.  The panels are connected to a special meter that allows the power they generate to offset our electric bill, saving us around $1500/year on average over the 20+ year life of the project.


This project was funded by a grant from The Body Shop Foundation, who previously had funded our backup generator for our freezers, funding from Tampa Electric’s solar rebate program, and extra panels and installation donated in part by Solar Energy Management.  We hope this will be the first in a series of projects that allow us to use the sanctuary’s open areas to save the environment by generating more solar powered electricity.  You can see, in real time, how much energy we are creating from the sun here:



The “Mane Event” was a ROARING success!!


Everyone at Big Cat Rescue would like to thank all of our friends at Hello Beautiful Color Salon and Spa for successfully producing a spectacular evening of fashion and fun in support of both Big Cat Rescue and Equestrian Inc. Horse Rescue of Tampa.


Held at the Green Iguana on North Dale Mabry in Tampa, this fun and festive event was attended by approximately 200 guests and helped to raise $700+ in support of the magnificent animals that call Big Cat Rescue home.


Support Pets & Wildlife this month on eBay – Lots of Ways to Help!


Looking for another way to celebrate and support pets and wildlife organizations this summer? You can support organizations like ours by buying, selling or simply donating to them on eBay now through July 31st. We’re partnering with eBay’s charity fundraising program, eBay Giving Works during its Pets and Wildlife campaign. It was organized to bring awareness and raise funds for nonprofits providing services and support to pet and wildlife related organizations.   Here’s how you can participate and support us:


BUY: Between July 9-15 go to this page and buy items that have designated 10-100% of the sale price to Big Cat Rescue. You can also buy anything on and donate any amount to Big Cat Rescue when you check out.


SAVE Big Cat Rescue as YOUR FAVORITE: Go to our eBay page click the “Save as Favorite” button. Now you’ll be prompted to donate to us every time you buy or sell something on eBay.


SELL: Got some items lying around your house that you don’t know what to do with? Make some extra money by selling them on eBay and donating 10-100% of the proceeds to us. eBay will give you a discount on your listing fees. Start here to learn how to sell through eBay Giving Works



Flavio the Tiger is 23




Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Friday, August 17th, 2012


Cats Roar Magnum is being auctioned in Monterey, CA as part of the prestigious Mecum Muscle Cars & More Auction.   The vehicle’s owner, John Callison is very generously donating 50% of the proceeds of the sale of this spectacular car in support of the magnificent animals that call Big Cat Rescue home!


This award winning show car has been designated “Star” status, which means it will be broadcast LIVE on Discovery’s Velocity Network!!





Offer Our Big Cat Games to YOUR Customers


Why is Offering Games On Your Website Important?


1. Draws more visitors to your website

2. Keeps visitors on your website longer

3. Increases chances of visitors returning

4. Increases chances of visitors sending your link to their friends and family

5. Increases chances of other websites linking to your website


Hiring a programmer to build games for your website is a very costly venture.  Purchasing co-branded games can also be quite expensive.  However, Big Cat Rescue is making a limited time offer to our supporters.  If you or your organization has a website and would like to offer co-branded games on your website we have a special deal for you.  $5.00 per game will add your website URL(link) to a cute little flash game.  We have dozens of games to choose from.  To make the offer even better we will waive that game fee IF your website actively hosts links to and to on your main pages.



A Big Roar of Applause to the Big Cat Rescue “Kool Cats”


for winning the Plantation Youth U6 soccer championship!


This team consists of players ages 4-6 coached by Moe Khalili.  Plantation Youth Soccer Club has over 300 members ages 4-15.   Everyone at the sanctuary would like to thank Jolene Horton and all of her “Kool Cat” colleagues for helping to sponsor and support these wonderful athletes and the Plantation Soccer League!


Sponsorship helps with the cost of field maintenance, equipment, supplies, referees and most importantly provides scholarships to children who cannot afford the cost.  Donations are a great way to invest in promoting healthy activity for the youth of our community.


Thank you for all of your support and remember to pass this on to your friends!

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