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Speak Up to Protect This Baby Tiger

Larry Wallach from New York has been exploiting tiger cubs and charging the public to hold them for over a decade. In 2012, USDA filed a complaint against Larry Wallachfor a litany of animal welfare violations, including failure to provide vet care to the cats and stressing out his tiger cubs with the constant cub handling.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.10.09 PMHe was set up at the Cacklebery Campground in New Smyrna Beach, FL with 2 young tiger cubs but when they started hearing from YOU they asked him to leave. Now they say he is setting up on Main Street. Can anyone tell us who owns that property so we can let them know that the public hates cub abuse?

He’s preying upon the hundreds of thousands of visitors in the area for Bike Week. Florida Fish & Wildlife sent an investigator but unfortunately said what he’s doing is legal. But we know you agree with us that just because it’s legal does NOT make it right.

How can someone like Wallach with a long list of USDA violations dating back to 2008 STILL BE OPERATING AND EXPLOITING CUBS? How can USDA and the Florida Wildlife Commission look at the raw, oozing sore on the cub’s nose, from frantically dragging his face back and forth across the cage wire, and not treat it as a violation of the Endangered Species Act?  It’s heartbreaking. But we CAN end this abuse with the passage of the Big Cat Public Safety Act.


Take action here:

We also need YOU to let the campground know that tiger cubs DO NOT belong at campgrounds being exploited for profit in these cub petting schemes. Please keep your comments professional.

Post on Cacklebery’s Facebook page at

Tiger Cub Abuse

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Right now our volunteers are handing out St Patrick’s Day enrichment to the cats.  You just know there is going to be a great video coming out soon.

Cameron Zabu St Patricks white tiger lion

Since we will be going to a bi-monthly mewsletter, some of the items on this page aren’t ready yet, but you can get the pounce on the ones that are ready for your enjoyment:

Amazing Bobcats Use Tools to Escape

I apologize for the grainy video, but it was taken by remote cameras in the middle of the night, thanks to our partnership with  This is the most amazing video of bobcats using tools to escape! Check it out! This is Mr and Mrs Claws and they were separated to keep them from fighting over food, but after dark they try to foil their captors. Learn more about them at

Have You Voted for Big Cat Rescue to Win $50,000?

Zabu Drink Wine TigersMarch 12 is the last day you can vote to help us win $50,000 in the Valspar Golf Tournament.  You can only vote once, so if you did THANK YOU!!!  If you haven’t, time is about up.  We plan to use the contest prize to jump start the funding of a huge, new bobcat rehab facility.  Find out how to vote at

Got a Grrrreat Recipe to Share?

RecipeSubmit YOUR recipes to be part of a new cookbook called “Cooking, Big Cat Style” to enter drawings for some pawsome participation prizes.

The new cookbook will have not only recipes and kitchen tips but also photos and stories of the big cats at Big Cat Rescue. YOU are invited to share recipes for people food, pet treats, pet food, and crafts like finger paint and play dough, too.

Big Cat Dentist

Zabu TagDr. Wade Gingerich from the Pet Dental Center in Miami, are coming to work on Thor the rehab bobcat and Zabu the white tiger.  Our amazing vets usually donate their time, but there are a lot of other costs involved in providing the top notch medical care we give.

If you would like to help fund these procedures please donate here: or get this luggage tag to help fund the work for Zabu.


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