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Snow Leopard in Flowers

Someone got lucky already in our Animal Lovers Dream Vacation giveaway and has been notified that they won.  If you didn’t get a message from me on your cell phone this morning, saying you won, then be sure to enter now for next year’s prize package:

Give a four leafed clover of good luck to the big cats by picking one, two, three or even all four of these ways to change the luck of an exotic cat in need.

1.  Be the Tooth Fairy for Freddy the cougar.

Freddy the Cougar’s Keepers at Big Cat Rescue noticed that he has begun to chew only on one side of his mouth and keeps dropping his food.

Freddy is 15 and looks a lot older.  He is a recent rescue who was abandoned in IL when his owner committed suicide.  Yesterday he had two rotten teeth extracted but needs extensive work done to two more of his canine teeth.

You can read more about Freddy’s rescue here:

You can help be the Tooth Fairy to Freddy by donating in our matching grant at the link below, where your donation will be doubled.

2.  Help Kricket with her rickets. Kricket the serval is our most recent rescue having just arrived from Virginia last week.  She was the product of divorce and her owner no longer felt she could properly care for her.  While her former owner insisted that the cat chose a predominantly vegetarian diet, we have never known a cat to do so, and Kricket has not shown that preference here.  When she runs it is obvious that her back legs did not develop correctly and for a cat who is designed to leap 12 feet up, that could be a big problem for her as she ages.  She is 10 now.

Our carnivore diet is perfectly balanced and the best exotic cat food that money could buy at $1.10 lb, but during our last order we were advised that the price had leapt to $3.10 a lb.  We want our cats to continue to be able to eat a diet that is perfectly designed for them and that has no hormones, antibiotics or preservatives in it.  Would you consider helping us with this unexpected increase by donating in our matching grant at the link below, where your donation will be doubled.


3.  Send a letter to save a cub from abuse. We know times are tough for just about everyone right now, but you can change a big cat’s luck at no cost to you by sending a letter to a decision maker.  Just go to to find a dozen or so letters to choose from, or really change the world by sending them all.


4.  Change your luck. Meet up with some great animal lovers in our summer camp for kids or social sites for adults. Sign up for free using the codeword advocat AND Join more than 41,000 members here!

We hope you had fun on St. Patrick’s Day and remembered the Florida Panther during Florida Panther week.  We are experiencing some of the most beautiful weather of the season.  As the trees are all going green and the grass starts to grow and the plants who barely survived this cold winter are regaining ground and blossoming there is new hope in the air.  Read about some of the ways that is manifesting in the stories below.

To see all of the photos and videos view this month’s newsletter online here:

Bellona the Bionic Bobcat is Freed!

After 16 months recovery, from two surgeries to repair a shattered leg, that cost thousands of dollars to provide, Bellona the bobcat is free at last thanks to donors like you!  We also want to thank a special donor, who asked to keep their name and location private, but who gave us the use of their expansive wilderness.  You know who you are and we are so thankful for your help!  You can watch the videos below to hear Bellona’s miraculous story and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you are the first to see her full length release video which is coming soon!

See Bellona being released back into the wild where she belongs:

Our elation at seeing Bellona go free is tempered by our sadness for the sad news concerning our two remaining rehab bobcats.  Midnight, the last of the three orphaned bobcats that were rescued when a  hunter shot their mom in Alabama, has died.  She was found dead, asleep  in her boma.  She had not shown any signs  of being ill and a necropsy was done that indicated exposure to parvo.  When Big Cat Rescue arrived on the scene to rescue this litter they were being kept with a dog.  At the time of her death Midnight was in beautiful condition and had  always been the strongest of the three kittens so her death came as  quite a shock.  In all of our years of bobcat rehabilitation we have only lost this litter and two others who had been hit by cars and could not recover from their injuries, Kennedy and a bobcat who didn’t live long enough to get a name.  Midnight’s memorial is posted here:

We were also very upset that Skip’s last set of x-rays showed that his pelvis is too narrow to pass fur and feathers and will have to be kept on a ground diet to survive.  We are working with him now to see if he can adjust to life in a cage because his only other option is euthanasia.

While our rehab area is empty we want to make some major modifications to enhance the survival for future rescues.  You can help and have your donation matched by donating below:

Donations Doubled by Modglin Grant

Over 1000 donors have had $133,416 in donations doubled by the generous $200,000 matching grant made by the family of William and Lois Modglin.  We have $66,584 to go and every donation helps.  You can have your donation matched 100% by this grant by donating online at or by sending checks with Modglin Grant in the memo section.  Thanks for helping us earn the full amount of this grant for the cats!

Kids 4 Kats Celebrates Creative Kids from Cypress Woods Elementary!

Samantha R. is 11, a 5th grader at Cypress Woods Elementary in Palm Harbor, Fl. She was quite moved by the recent field trip visit to BCR, and when an assignment called “Heroes for the Planet” was described to her in science class, she knew she wanted to do something to help the cats. This very resourceful child and her friend and assistant Linnea L created “Ani-Bandz” …they are colorful beaded bracelets the girls make every night, with a wild animal bead at the center.  Their efforts raised $100 so far for BCR in just the first 3 days at their school!  Samantha was awarded the school’s “highest spirit” award for this and other efforts!  We are delighted to feature exceptional young people and the creative efforts they undertake for a worthy cause. According to Samantha’s mom Lisa, “She’s a great kid, and came up with this completely on her own”.  Our Big Cat Thanks to Samantha, Linnea and all of our friends at Cypress Woods Elementary in Palm Harbor, Florida!

Be sure to sign up for Big Cat Camp here:

SEM-SEO For The Cats? You Betcha!

Chances are you’ve never thought of how an organization like Big Cats Rescue works to get the word out about our efforts, or to communicate our mission and achieve our vision in this online world.  Maybe it will surprise you that we care very much about helping people find us in Google and the other search engines, or in social media.

Enter LocalDirective, stage left!  In the last couple of years, Big Cats Rescue has been partnered up with a like-minded company that fully supports our goals, that of getting the word out about how to drastically change the future of the big cats….for the good.

If you have a business that is trying to grow an online presence by building a powerful Website, and then driving visitors to that site through Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing, check them out.  They’ve even offered to contribute 5% of any program you purchase (see details) back to Big Cats!  Check out, for your company or for someone you know.  It’s a win-win-win!

A “Soulful” Collaboration in Support of the Animals

Bill Fleming, international best-selling author of over 1 million books and Big Cat Rescue are pleased to announce the release of his newest book titled “Soulful”.

Developed in cooperation with Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, Florida, Soulful features a collection of Bill’s acclaimed big cat digital paintings, accompanied by educational information about each species.

Bill’s publishing company, Komodo Publishing, is donating 100% of the profits from the sales of Soulful to Big Cat Rescue in an effort to help educate the public regarding issues facing exotic cats in captivity and in the wild.

Soulful can be purchased online at in soft cover for $34.95 and e-book for $19.95.

2011 Non Profit of the Year Nominations

Can you think of any Big Cat Rescue group that should be nominated?

The Tampa Bay Business Journal is  thrilled to announce the sixth  annual awards and event special  publication dedicated to recognizing  the nonprofit organizations that  are making a difference in our  community every day.

Nominated organizations must be 501(c)(3), non-foundation  community organizations in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Hernando,  Sarasota, Pasco or Manatee county and have an established date prior to  Jan.1, 2008.
*Arts Culture & Humanities
*Crisis Resources
*Environment & Animals
*Family Services
*Health & Human Services
* Public & Societal Benefit

Go to    to submit your nomination online.


Meet Us at Tampa Theatre for The Last Lions

Read the review and be one of the first 18 people to respond and win two free tickets here:

Or, read it here and win a pair of tickets by posting the best and most accurate review of  One winner will be selected randomly from best entries.

Big Cat Rescue Hosts Wednesday’s Child

Big  Cat Rescue was privileged to recently have partnered together with  Camelot Community Care to introduce a very special child named Cody to  the magnificent animals that call the sanctuary home as part of the  Channel 10 News “Wednesday’s Child” program.

Cody is an impressive 13 year old young man that is seeking his  “forever home,” guided by the wonderful folks at Camelot Community Care,  in partnership with Hillsborough Kids.

Cody earned the title “the cat whisperer” during the course of his  private tour as it seemed that almost every cat he passed along the tour  path was drawn like a magnet to come and say “Hi!”

Narla, one of the sanctuary’s Cougars purrrsonally made a painting  for Cody in recognition of his visit as part of Big Cat Rescue’s animal  enrichment program.

This wasn’t Cody’s first visit to the sanctuary and it won’t be his  last as plans are in the works to see to it that this deserving young  man has the opportunity to attend an upcoming session of Big Cat Summer  camp.

Platforms for Big Cat Enrichment

Big Cat Rescue’s Enrichment Committee meets every Wednesday night at the sanctuary to dream up and create new ways for the big cats to have fun.

Thanks to loads of free lumber being donated they have been able to create platforms of all shapes and sizes and the cats are loving it!

We could build a lot more of them if we had two or three more cordless drills.

Right now Lowes is having an online sale on the drills.  15% off¤tURL=%2Fpl_15%2Boff%2BAll%2BDewalt%2BTable%2BSaws%2BMiter%2BSaws%2BPneumatics_4294816167_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr%7C0%7C%7Cp_product_quantity_sold%7C1&facetInfo=15%20off%20All%20Dewalt%20Table%20Saws%20Miter%20Saws%20Pneumatics

Please call us 813.920.4130 before ordering to be sure that 10 other people didn’t already do so.  Thanks!

We Need YOUR Help!

Mounds Mall in Anderson, Indiana has repeatedly hosted exotic cub exhibits, despite our urgent pleas to stop this abuse of the cubs.

Well, they’re at it again!!

An exhibit returns to the mall today, March 23rd through Sunday, March 27th.  Joe Schreibvogel, the exhibitor, is an incessant breeder of big cats.  He rips the cubs from their mothers a few days after birth, a torment for both the cubs and the mother.

Visit to see how you can help with a letter or phone call.

Children Rewarded With Big Cat Rescue Videos

HopeLab, a nonprofit organization based in Redwood City, Ca. that makes technology products to improve children’s health (,  has developed a system called Zamzee that rewards kids for being  physically active. The group recently approached Big Cat Rescue to seek  our permission to include videos of our big cats as rewards on their  Zamzee research site. Kids will be given the option of selecting our  videos, along with other fun, entertaining rewards, based on how much  they move around.

HopeLab will initially be showing Zamzee users a number of Big Cat Rescue videos, including Big Cat Halloween, Bobcat Kitten Fall, Big Cat Christmas and Cutest Big Cat Contest.

Big Cat  Rescue is proud that HopeLab has selected our videos to help make a  small difference in the lives of chronically ill children.

The Magnificent Thomas Big Cat Rescue Enrichment Fund

What would the animals that call Big Cat Rescue home do with 938 pounds of catnip, or say 7500 sardini-martinis?

Thanks to Magnificent Thomas the little cat the sanctuary now has a fund specifically dedicated towards ensuring the physical as well as emotional wellbeing of the sanctuary’s animals.

Magnificent Thomas’ companion Arlene Hoffer generously donated $15,000 in 2010 in honor of Magnificent Thomas to provide catnip and other enrichment treats for the animals that call Big Cat Rescue home.

You too can help make sure that the big cats stay happy and content by contributing directly to the Magnificent Thomas Big Cat Rescue Enrichment Fund.


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