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Roar Reserve Wine available at

Wines to Benefit the Big Cats


We are very excited to announce the launch of Big Cat Rescue’s Roar Reserve wines available for purchase through Benefit Wines.  The Roar Reserve wines offered – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc are imported from LaFortuna Vineyards in Lontue Valley, Chile. These vegan friendly wines are produced using certified organic grapes by a fair trade certified vineyard.


Each wine bottle label features one of the big cats living at the sanctuary and $7 from the sale of each bottle (retail price is $19.99 per bottle) is donated to Big Cat Rescue.  These beautiful bottles of wine make the purr-fect gift for that someone who has everything or purr-haps to just treat yourself.  After all, it’s “fur” a good cause! To purchase Big Cat Rescue’s Roar Reserve wines visit:

Or you can just buy these gorgeous labels and dress up your own preferred stock from your local store:


Bobcat Settles into His New Home at Big Cat Rescue


In our May Advocatwe brought you the story of Max the bobcat who was rescued from Rhode Island after he was seized from an individual keeping him as a pet illegally.  It has been almost two months since his arrival and Max has settled right in as the sweetheart of Big Cat Rescue.  His youthful antics and limitless energy have quickly made him a favorite among visitors and volunteers alike.


After an initial quarantine period Max was moved into a large enclosure on the lake furnished with two ponds and waterfalls, two rock caves, a large log, and a maze of platforms, elevated walkways, and tree houses.  He loves splashing and swimming in the shallow water.  What better way to beat the heat this summer? When he’s not taking a dip, Max is perched high up in his tree house in search of his next visitor.  Max has a great new home with lots of things to keep a young bobcat busy.  This is all made possible and thanks to our supporters.



Cougar Recovers from Surgery


Dr. Hay performing surgery on Sassyfras the cougar at Veterinary Surgical Services

Sassyfras, a 13-year-old male cougar, recently made a trip to Ehrlich Animal Hospital for an examination after a lump was observed near his testicles.  The lump was discovered thanks to the keen eyes of one of his keepers.  All of our keepers observe each cat daily while cleaning their enclosures and during operant training, enrichment, and feeding times.  Observations are logged daily for the staff and veterinarian to review to ensure that each cat receives the care it needs.


At the clinic Dr. Wynn performed a routine physical examination including an inspection of his skin, coat, claws, eyes, ears, and mouth.  While inspecting his teeth Dr. Wynn discovered a bad tooth!  She continued with an examination of the lump.  Sonogram images were not able to clearly identify what exactly was in the mass.  It could be a number of things including a tumor or herniated organs or fat. She called Dr. Hay of Veterinary Surgical Services (who performed the pelvic reconstruction surgery on Skip the bobcat) to ask for his opinion on the mass and the surgery that it would require. Sassyfras’ bad tooth was removed and he was sent back to the sanctuary.  Dr. Wynn and BCR President Jamie Veronica coordinated with Dr. Hay to make an appointment for Sassyfras’s surgery.


On July 15th Jamie and Big Cat Rescuer and veterinary student Justin Boorstein tranquilized Sassyfras and transported him to Veterinary Surgical Services located 8 miles from Big Cat Rescue.  Once Dr. Hay opened up Sassyfras the source of the lump was immediately apparent.  He had herniated fat through a tear near his lower abdomen and scrotal area. The fat was removed and the tear was repaired.  Sassyfras was also neutered. The surgery was a success!  Sassyfras will recover in onsite Cat Hospital for two weeks after which he will return to his enclosure.  You can help cats like Sassyfras get the medical treatment they need by making a donation here: Read the story of how Sassyfras was rescued here:

Taking Action for Animals in D.C.


Big Cat Rescuers, Jeff & Coleen Kremer and Howard & Carole Baskin just returned from Washington, D.C. in the sanctuary’s 7th annual trip to meet with other animal lovers where they petition lawmakers to enact more humane legislation.  One of the best takeaways from the conference each year is the Humane Scorecard which lists all of the animal legislation from the previous session and how YOUR lawmaker voted.


Howard said, “It’s just like homecoming every year to reunite with such great people who are working hard to end animal abuse.” The four Rescuers went up early in order to make this the most profitable conference for big cats ever.  Howard and Carole met with Richard Patch and Sara Amundson of the Humane Society Legislative Fund to get their expert advice on the best ways to end the abuse of tiger and lion cubs who are bred for pay-to-play schemes.  They had similar meetings with Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, Cynthia Armstrong, the State Director of HSUS in Oklahoma, and many others too numerous to recount here.


The conference workshops were excellent, as usual and there was a private screening of The Elephant in the Living Room along with a Q & A with the producer, Mike Webber and the star, Tim Harrison.  The DVD will be out in August and we will let you know when it is available.  The conference concludes each year with Lobby Day where the hundreds of animal lovers from all over the country gather in groups by state to go see their members of Congress.  See photos of Big Cat Rescuers showing Congressional Staff the horrid conditions in which big cats live in the U.S. due to the lack of governance and enforcement.


The Story of Skip the Bobcat



Cheetah Conservation Promotes Big Cat Rescue Abroad


Rob Moses of Minnetonka, MN showed his stripes by wrapping his truck with some gorgeous big cat graphics and the URLs for Big Cat Rescue, CCF in Namibia and TWS in Minnesota.  He will soon be moving closer to our nation’s capitol where these ads will be seen more often by those in power who can change the laws to save big cats.



National Geographic presents Little Kitties for Big Cats

A Campaign to fund the Big Cats Initiative

Lions crossing river in Africa
Lions crossing a river in Africa


As you may know, the world’s big cats are in trouble. Less than 3,200 tigers still roam the wild, and lion populations have declined to perhaps as low as 20,000 (dropping from 450,000 some 50 years ago). Only 12,000 cheetahs remain in the wild. Immediate action is needed before these iconic cat species are lost.


The National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative is funding special grants to help save big cats, especially Africa’s lions. The grants are aimed at stopping the conflict with humans, poaching and habitat loss that are eradicating these magnificent cats.  To support the Big Cat Initiative, National Geographic created the Little Kitties for Big Cats campaign—a fun way to make more people aware of the grave threat of extinction facing so many big cats, while raising the resources needed to save them.


With a donation of $5  you can add a photo of your cat to the campaign’s honor wall.  Help the Big Cats Initiative reach it’s goal of raising $50,000 this summer by supporting Little Kitties for Big Cats

New Enrichment Your Pets Might Like


The enrichment committee made and handed out raw potatoes with holes cut out and stuffed with liverwurst. It was an unqualified success! Amazing Grace the ocelot and Mac the cougar ate the entire thing in about 2 minutes and most of the other cats LOVED it. Tonga was rubbing his face all over it and got covered with liverwurst.  Try it out with your pets.



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