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Greetings Friend of Big Cat Rescue!

Spring is budding beautiful at Big Cat Rescue and the sound of cat calls echo along the paths.  It’s a good time to visit before the Florida summer begins to sizzle.  As usual there are far too many exciting things going on at the sanctuary and in the movement to protect big cats to mention here, so I hope you will use this issue as a launch pad to soar through the rest of our site.


Carole Baskin, Founder




  Biggest Cat Has Biggest Time

Tiger Shere Khan in the lakeYou may have heard about the tiger escaping at the San Francisco Zoo, mauling three and killing one young man.  Big cats are the most difficult species to house and that is why there are not many accredited facilities who are dedicated to rescuing lions, tigers and other big cats.  They are expensive to feed, hard to contain and the most likely to kill if they get the chance.

Come see a slide show of Big Cat Rescue’s cage enhancements and the biggest of our cats having the biggest of times.


  Chat Big Cats

People who love animals love to share their photos and stories.  Now Big Cat Rescue has a Chat Big Cats community.  Only animal lovers need apply.  This site is for you and about you and it’s free.  You get unlimited storage space for your photos, videos and music.  Post your own blogs, or join in our forums and contests.  Check out this YouTube/ MySpace styled community made up entirely of animal lovers.  Watch some of the funny animal videos or maybe add a few of your own.

  Get Rescued… in Gulfport


Get RescuedBig Cat Rescue had a wonderful day as invited exhibitors at the recent “Get Rescued …in Gulfport” event on March 1, 2008.  

Get Rescued… Gulfport was established in 2005 with the sole purpose of bringing together 501 (c) (3) registered nonprofit animal rescue charities.  Over 50 groups attended this year’s event. See the photos and find out more.


  Veteran Heroes Meet Big Cat Heroes

Reaching Out- A Special Tour for our Veterans

We recently did a free tour for a group of veterans from our local V.A. hospital. Since a number of our own members are former military it is always a meaningful experience.
This video allows you to come along on that tour.

  CFO of the Year Finalist!

CFO of the YearBig Cat Rescue’s Howard Baskin shuns the limelight whenever he can, but his good work couldn’t escape the notice of the Tampa Bay Business Journal when they hosted their CFO of the Year Awards.  On 2/22/08 The Tampa Bay Business Journal did a follow up feature on their awards banquet where Big Cat Rescue’s CFO, Howard Baskin had been honored as a finalist in their CFO of the Year Award.

See the links to coverage and the video:

  Big Bobcat is Watching

Bobcat is watchingAs Big Cat Rescue has become more successful in ending the trafficking of exotic and endangered wild cats we have drawn the wrath of the breeders and dealers. Our lives have been threatened and our vehicles vandalized.

See what we are doing at the sanctuary to keep the cats safe and how this technology is helping us with our rehab cats as well.

  Wildlife Trafficking Presentation

Alan Green wrote Animal Underworld in 1999 which documented how wild animals go from our nation’s most respected zoos into backyard cages, garages and basements as pets.  His four year investigation culminated in the book that rocked the exotic animal industry in 1999.

The animals being bought and sold in flea markets and livestock auctions were surplus animals from zoos who were being sold to brokers who then sold them to anyone with cash in their pockets.  Alan Green spoke up when no one else dared and was Carole Baskin’s hero, so when he was unable to be a panelist at the 25th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, you can imagine her trepidation at being asked to fill his shoes.  See what happened:


  Big Cat Bingo

Big Cat BingoInstant Bingo works like the Florida Lottery and became legal in FL in July of 2007.  This is a great way to make your donation dollars go farther because for $1.00 you could win $500.00.  That money is yours to take home, or you can donate it back to the cats.  Many of our supporters say, “When I win the lotto I am going to give it all to Big Cat Rescue!”  Now is your chance and your odds of winning are considerably better with us than the state.

Everybody wins because even when you lose, the money goes to the big cats.

Visit us in person to play Instant Big Cat Bingo. You must come at a regularly scheduled tour time in order to access the gift shop. Tour times are at 9 am and 3 pm M-F and at 9:00, 9:30, 11:30 and 1:30 on Sat. Closed Sun.

Visit this web site to play a new wild cat version of free online bingo or if you are a non US resident and are 18 or older you can play for cash & prizes.  Void where prohibited.

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