Female Bobcat

Tribute to Angie Bobcat

1/1/93 – 4/7/17 Angie Bobcat was 24 years old which is twice as long as most bobcats live. Angie’s owner brought her and two cougars to Big Cat Rescue in 1998 saying that his county had changed their ordinances on keeping wildlife and asked if we would look after them while he moved and built new cages. He never came back. She lived at Big Cat Rescue for the next 19 years and was loved by all who knew her.

When she was younger, this funny little bobcat would hide in the bushes and then spring up to the side of the cage, right at eye level. The gleam in her eye said, “I got you!” In the wild, she would have roamed and ruled 5 square miles or more, but because she was born in a cage it was not legal, or in her best interest, to set her free. Only cats who are born in the wild can be returned to the wild.

Angie spent her entire life in prison because a foolish person wanted to touch the wild. Please carry her voice out into the world to end the private possession of exotic cats at

More about Angie Bobcat

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 1/9/98

Angie the bobcat at Big Cat RescueAngie’s owner brought her and two cougars to Easy Street in January of 1998 saying that his county had changed their ordinances on keeping wildlife and asked if we would look after them while he moved and built new cages.


After being here nearly two years, we went ahead and built her a new cat-a-tat and as you can see from the photo she is enjoying her new found freedom.


Angie the Bobcat Goes to the Dentist



Angie the Bobcat Goes to the Dentist Again



2/4/17 update:

Angie Bobcat: She is 24 and was a little bit anemic.  Her kidney values have increased, although, not a whole lot since she was last sedated in April.  She had one rear molar removed and was shaved.  We have scheduled her to get shaved every 4-5 months depending on how quickly her fur grows in.

For those of you who do not know she has very bad arthritis in her spine that makes it very difficult for her to groom herself.  Because we need to be able to catch her in lockout when it is time to sedate her for a shave we need to feed her in the lock out and do operant with her in the lock out to get her used to being in there and not being afraid.

4/7/17 update:

On Tuesday (4/4/17) Angie was brought in to see Dr. Boorstein because she was refusing to eat.  Angie’s kidneys were worse, but the vet wanted to give her one last chance to turn around.  She was given fluids and an anti nausea drug to see if she could make one more turn around.  Bobcats are the most fierce of the cats and just hate being confined.  Angie hated the Cat Hospital and refused to eat, so Keepers thought she might do better, back in her enclosure.  Keepers noticed that she was stumbling and no amount of coaxing would get her to eat, so today Dr. Boorstein came by in the afternoon to offer her a peaceful transition to the happy hunting grounds that wait beyond.

I spend some time today, just watching her sleep.  As old and arthritic as she was, she still looked so vibrant in every other way.  In her dream she was clearly in pursuit of prey and had such a blissful appearance on her face.  The only good in saying goodbye to her today was that she didn’t have to suffer and linger when her time came.  At the age of 24 she had lived twice as long as most bobcats do and we were blessed that she spent the last 19 years with us.



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