Aquarius Fishing Cat


Aquarius Female Fishing Cat

DOB 2/1/97 – 9/28/09

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 2/4/98

Aquarius came to Big Cat Rescue on 2/4/98 with Pisces from a broker.

She had paper shell bones from improper nutrition and broke two legs jumping less than three feet.

She was also immediately switched to a healthy diet and has now fully recovered, although she has been permanently stunted.

We lost Pisces to kidney disease in 2007 so she now has the run of both of their Cat-a-tats, with two ponds and two riverbeds.

Here she is perched atop the rock ledge overlooking the fish stocked ponds.


My first impression of Aquarius was how much she was in charge of her and Pisces’ beautiful waterfall enclosure. She was such a pint-sized powerhouse of cat-titude, especially at feeding time! I returned to BCR after Pisces had passed and rarely saw Aquarius for a while. She started to venture out more and more and even stayed somewhat graciously visible during tours… at least for about 30 seconds or so! I spent more time talking to her during cleaning and feeding and getting to know this shy girl better. Her favorite spots seemed to be anywhere she could hide in the abundant tall grass yet in a ray of sunshine at the same time. She wasn’t much on ‘conversation’ but I will miss her and that fierce spirit that allowed her to survive her horrific beginnings and spend the rest of her life with us at BCR…Lisa, Volunteer Keeper
I worked with Aquarius as one of my operant conditioning cats for about a year and a half. Though she was a little thing, she was tough and it was always “her way or no way.” I’d always go to her enclosure first, before the other cats assigned to me, but she would refuse to budge if she wasn’t in the mood for click and treat time. Most days, I’d just have to come back to her. Who was training whom, I’d think? As we spent more and more time working together, she progressed and would sit, do a down command, and give her paw in order to receive a treat. I enjoyed our time together……Jarred, Volunteer Senior Keeper
When I first met her, she was always in the background; never the first one to come out when called. Over the past few years, she started coming out more for the tours and to visit when I would come by and call to her. She liked to hide in the ferns by her pond to take her naps. She learned her operant commands quickly and was always there waiting in the morning when I got to her enclosure. She will now be reunited with Pisces and they can fish in the ponds and sleep together on the logs in the sun. She was a beautiful cat and I will miss her…..Gale, Volunteer Senior Keeper


Aquarius, the elusive one! However I heard she enjoyed some enrichment – at the expense of some little ducklings’ lives. I’ll bet, when everyone was gone and it was quiet, she looked out on the lake and was happy. Now, she enjoys her days with Pisces, sleeping with all the little ducklings….Rosie, Volunteer Keeper

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