Big Bobcat is Watching

Big Bobcat is Watching

Bobcats WatchingAs Big Cat Rescue has become more successful in ending the trafficking of exotic and endangered wild cats we have drawn the wrath of the breeders and dealers but that came as no surprise. What did surprise us was the number of people who have been in the animal “rescue” business who see our success as a threat to their continued business. If there are no animals to rescue, then they have no reason to exist, and while you would think we would all share that concept as our ultimate goal, it has not been welcomed by some.

As a result we are under increasing fire by those who make false accusations about us and when those tactics have proven futile we have been subject to vandalism and threats to our safety and that of our animals. In recent articles we have told you about our campaign to install a 8 foot tall wall around the property to help keep our cats and our supporters safe, but our latest security measures are even more effective and serve more than one purpose.

As technology has been rapidly improving we now have security cameras located around the property that all feed into huge data banks of video that can retain three months worth of activity at a time. The cameras are so small that they are easily camouflaged to the point where even though I knew exactly where one such camera was located, it took me a long time to actually find it. The range on these little cameras, supplied by The Gate Experts, is so far that we can crisscross the sanctuary with surveillance. The clarity is such that we can make out a license plate, or similar detail even on those outside our gates. The night vision makes the coverage 24 hours.

Rehab BobcatsEven more exciting is our ability to watch panels of these views from several of our on site computers and over the Internet on our private online site. From there we can keep an eye on the cats and anyone who would seek to harm them.

Perhaps the most unique opportunity that this technology affords us is the ability to monitor our rehab bobcats and see how they act when they are sure no one is watching. It will greatly enhance our ability to determine when they are ready for release. This also works for our other cats and can be used in our West –Boensch Cat Hospital, the recovery area, or any cage we want to keep a close eye on.

This is a welcome addition to our security measures and as cameras are added, at a cost of $1,000 per unit, our coverage area is enhanced, but it will never take the place of our committed staff, interns and volunteers who regularly patrol the property. Thanks to you our cats and the people who care for them are a little safer now that Big Bobcat is watching.

Your donations can help us install more cameras and provide life long care for more than 100 big cats.

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