Big Cat Birthdays

Thanks to Christina P., Lauren Elizabeth L., Matthew B. and Dianna S. you can keep up with the cats’ birthdays by subscribing to this calendar.  Just click the + Google icon at the lower right and add it to your own google calendar.

This will be very helpful to all of us at Big Cat Rescue.  If you enjoy having every cat’s special day right at your finger tips, be sure to let the calendar creators know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

You might notice that a lot of the cats have the birthday of Jan 1, or the first of a month.  Many cats come to us with sketchy, if any records, so the standard practice in the industry is:

  • If you know the year for sure, take an educated guess at the month and assign to the first. (We do that for the most part, but did give extra credit to Earth Day)
  • If you don’t even know the year, then guess and make it the first day of that year.

When I say guess, it is based on the vet’s assessment of the condition of the cat’s teeth, eyes, blood work, X-rays and overall health.

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