Caracal Cachanga



Male Caracal

12/1/94 – 12/15/10

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 2/16/96

Cachanga was imported from Africa in February, 1995. His parents were being used in an Educational program. In 1995 we believed the “new” bloodlines were a valuable acquisition to help strengthen pedigrees in the U.S. When we first began we only had the guidance of those who bred and sold cats and believed that what they said was true. We started breeding some cats under the misguided notion that this was a way to “preserve the species.” A few of our cats were purchased with this in mind, although invariably we were also giving them a home far better than what they were destined for if we did not purchase them. I had not then figured out what seems so obvious to me today, that breeding for life in a cage an animal that was meant to roam free was inherently cruel, and that most of the “homes” these animals would end up in were places where they would live in unsuitable conditions. Cachanga has since been neutered to insure no accidental births.

Sadly, Cachanga passed away on December 15, 2010 from kidney failure.  We will miss his feisty spirit always.

Tributes to Cachanga Caracal

When I started out as a keeper many years ago, my favorite thing was cleaning the section we call “Little Back.”  That’s where you’d find Cachinga and Cachanga.  They put the fear in me from my very first day, and made me respect the ferocity of “little” cats at Big Cat Rescue.  They were little spitfires.When Cachinga passed, Cachanga eventually moved in with Rose – who had to be the polar opposite in personality types from Cachinga.  Today, he is finally reunited with his true soul mate Cachinga and they are hissing and he’s overgrooming her and things are back to normal for him.  What a caracal, what a spirit, what a loss…Julie, Senior Keeper
I will miss you Chang of my heart…..Becky, Volunteer Senior Keeper
Sleep well dear Cachanga. You are now free…..Kim, Volunteer Keeper

I will miss you!…….Yara, Intern

Glad I got to do operant with you the last 2 months. You were so good. I will miss you…Beth Ann, Volunteer Senior Keeper
May you RIP Chang! I know deep down Rose is missing you as will of us!….Nanci, Volunteer Keeper
RIP dear Chang…Merrill, Volunteer Partner

Unknown Jan 14, 2011
Cachanga: You never trusted any of us,did you? However,you dealt with your health issues admirably. Hopefully, one day, you’ll let me know why you never gave up. For now, romp and be happy with Cachinga. Love you.

Unknown Dec 18, 2010
Cachanga I don’t know what to say other than I loved your spirit and wish you could have lived wild with Cachinga. I am so sorry you had to spend you lives in a cage but hope that you knew that we cared and loved you very much and you will be missed. Sometimes, just sometimes, I think those hisses may have been a thank you! Just maybe. I see you and Cachinga now out patroling your territory together on the warm African plain. Be at peace.

Unknown Dec 16, 2010
Chang Chang, you were always one of my favorites. I miss our talks and I miss you, but I know you’re in a better place now. You’ll always have a place in my heart.

Carole Baskin Dec 16, 2010
As these cats age, it gets harder each year to deal with the loss of so many furry friends, but the light at the end of the tunnel is all of the progress we are making politically to end the suffering that these magnificent animals have had to endure throughout all time until now…until you.

Unknown Dec 16, 2010
Cachanga, you were my favorite cat large and small, and there was something especially wild about you. There was an independence in those piercing yellow eyes that showed above average intelligence and said you had never been “broken” to captivity. I often suspected that if it had been possible to return you to the wild, you would have survived and thrived. Freedom was your calling, and now you have arrived. I will always remember you. Go in peace wild spirit.

Regina Rinaldi Dec 16, 2010
Chang my hissy boy you were a pleasure to love and care for. you will be missed dearly.

Meredith Pennino Dec 15, 2010
ChangaRoo, I will miss your hisses.
Before we started doing operant together you were very standoffish to me, however we developed a better relationship (one with less hissing) through meat treats. There were days you would come to the edge of the enclosure, and refuse all commands. We would click & treat that day and you got the last laugh “I don’t even have to work for it and you’ll give me treats!” Some days you were quite stubborn and would refuse certain commands, but one thing was for sure, I always looked forward to doing operant with you, whether you did all your commands or none at all.  You were a special boy Changa my Roo. My heart breaks knowing Monday was the last time I will ever see your sweet face.

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