Cachinga Caracal


Tribute to Cachinga Caracal

“Way back at the very far end of our sanctuary lived two of, what I thought were, the scariest caracals.  Cachinga and Cachanga taught me, very early in my volunteer days at Big Cat Rescue, to respect the ferocity of these small wild cats.  It never failed that, whenever I was cleaning their cat-a-tat, they would hiss and spit and swat at a moment’s notice.  But, they truly seemed to love each other’s company – just not mine!  I’d always find them laying together, very protective of one another.  I know it has been very sad for Cachanga, now that Cachinga is gone.  How painful to lose a companion that shares your days and the only one who can truly understand the life you’ve been forced to live.  I’m happy to hear that Cachanga will now be living with Rose, one of the most social and well-liked caracals at Big Cat Rescue. Hopefully, Cachanga will be able to share many more happy days with Rose now by his side”……Julie, Senior Volunteer Keeper

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