Cameron Lion


Cameron the Lion

10/1/00 – 2/19/19

Rescued 5/3/04

Cameron the 18 year old lion was euthanized on 2/19/19. His necropsy seems to indicate liver cancer and samples have been sent out for testing. Zabu Tiger slept in her hammock through the entire ordeal, but we will be giving her extra attention over the coming days to make sure she adjusts to the transition.

When Cameron arrived in 2004 he was skin and bones and for the past 15 years his keepers have coaxed and tempted him, at just about every meal, to eat. In recent years they would come out 2-4 times a day, and offer every kind of food they could think of, to see what he might prefer that day. In recent months his medications were changed several times to try and find that magic balance that would keep him eating and feeling good, but the time had come when there was nothing left to try.

We will miss his roars across Tiger Lake and his joyful antics with his toys. We will miss seeing the love he and Zabu expressed for each other in daily baths and spooning naps. If ever there was a cat who should inspire us to end the practice of breeding wild cats for life in cages, it was Cameron.

lion Cameron

Cameron the lion and Zabu the white tiger are Big Cat Rescue’s odd couple. They were both born at a run down roadside zoo in 2000 and were rescued in 2004.

At the New Hampshire zoo, Cameron had been raised with Zabu, the white tigress, with the hopes of cross breeding them and selling the resulting liger cubs.

People often hybridize lions and tigers because they are either trying to create a novelty that people will pay to come see or trying to avoid the law. Until recently, some state’s laws did not recognize a 500-pound cross between a lion and tiger to be either. Therefore, people would buy them and claim that laws against owning a lion or tiger did not apply to them. We were told that prior to Cameron’s rescue he had lost over 200 lbs. It was up to us to help turn his life around.

Since Cameron and Zabu were true companions, we had to do whatever we could to make a long life together possible for them. The first step was to build a very large enclosure fit for the two energetic big cats.

Next we spayed Zabu so they would not breed and produce any more cats for life in cages.

Over the years Cameron became more and more possessive of Zabu and would not allow keepers near the enclosure to clean or feed. Because Cameron’s behaviors were testosterone driven we had only two choices; separate him from Zabu forever or neuter him. The decision was easy, Cameron was neutered.

Several months later he lost his mane as a result. It does not seem to bother him though. Cameron’s mood has mellowed dramatically and he seems much more comfortable in the hot Florida summers without the extra 15 pounds of fur around his neck. He has even become much more playful since he no longer worries about everything that is going on around his enclosure. His favorite toy is a big yellow ring which he bats and pushes around his enclosure in the early morning and late afternoon. While it was sad to see Cameron lose his mane, it was completely worth it so that he could continue to live with his best friend Zabu.

Cameron Lion Mane   

While Cameron tries to sleep most of the day away (as lions do in the wild), Zabu is extremely energetic and is always pestering him to play. She’ll often give up on him and just run and jump and play with her big red Planet Ball. Of course, that’s after she’s tired of playfully stalking her keepers or trying to spray the groups of visitors that stop by everyday.


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Medical Update June 13, 2018

Cameron Lion was born 10/1/2000 and rescued on 5/3/04. He was neutered in 2014 and lost his mane, but that may have saved his life because we discovered and removed a tumor that would not have been visible in that thick fur. He’s been on the fussy cat list for as long as I can remember; meaning that keepers beg him throughout the day to eat. For the past week his appetite and zest for life has been steadily declining. Tonight we will sedate him, draw blood and make a decision. If his kidney values aren’t much worse than the last time, we will give him a big shot of Depo-Medrol, to see if that helps him any, but if his kidney values are worse, it may be time to let him go.

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  1. I am just now reading about Cameron passing. Heartbroken! And with the losses of Andre and Seth Tiger, overwhelming. RIP all of these magnificent cats. Fly free, whole, healthy, and forever Loved, Cameron, Andre, and Sethy. Watch over your loved ones here below until reunited in due time. *My heartfelt condolences for your loss of these three beloved ones.*

  2. How I miss you Cameron! I am comforted to know you are finally of cages and are running around roaring and having a great time. My heart hurts the most for all your caretakers at BCR who knew you so well and loved you. They will all love and care for Zabu until she is with you again.

  3. Can’t believe that the beauty, Cameron lion is gone. I’m so heartbroken. R.I.P. There has been so many losses recently… I hope Zabu and you guys will be okay.

  4. Im sorry to hear about the tremendous loss to all of the BCR family that came with Cameron’s departure. He was my favorite lion there. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  5. WOW! I am so sorry to hear about Cameron! He will be missed by Zabu, his fans, and all of you at Big Cat Rescue. Thank you for giving him and Zabu a second chance at life at Big Cat Rescue. I know Zabu will miss his presence along with everyone at BCR, who provided him with so much tender loving care and tireless efforts to keep him healthy and eating. You gave him such an amazing life with you. I am holding all of you close in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers. Thank you for loving him, caring for him, AND for making the difficult decision to let him go when it was time. This decision is never easy and I know y’all take this decision very seriously and after careful consideration make sure that your decision is based on what is best for each cat, BUT it is never easy. Thank for releasing his from his fragile body, so that he can now run free forever!

  6. Cameron’s the name of my brother! I also imagine we also had an ice age lion as a pet and Cameron named the cat after himself!

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