Big Cat Rescue Cams

Alex el Tigre

Big Cat Rescue is Live 24/7 on Webcams (plural with the letter ‘s’) is the shortcut link to get you to THIS page.

Best Quality Cams are the Cams

Our best quality webcams are provided by and are located at these links:

Easy to Remember Shortcut – (no letter ‘s’) is the easy URL link to get you to our main page of webcams on’s site.

  1. Tiger Lake – Dutchess and Priya
  2. Vacation Rotation AKA
  3. Feeding Station Vacation Rotation feeding lockout
  4. Nikita Lioness Nikita’s open-air play yard
  5. Kitten Cabana Domestic foster kittens NOTE:  When the kittens are not in the Cabana the camera sometimes gets pointed out the window toward a section of Max and MaryAnn Bobcats’ enclosure, or toward Purr-fection Ocelot.
  6. Bobcat Rehab (warning live prey hunting as these cats are being prepared for release back to the wild) Big Bobcat Run
  7. Windsong Memorial Hospital
  8. Windsong Hospital X-ray Room

Nest Cams

We have Nest Cams that are not as clear but have sound.

  1. Cool Cat Cave This is the video feed inside the Cool Cat Cave which is the building you can see from the Kitten Cabana cam.  Kittens go in here for air conditioning/heat.
  2. Nikita Lion’s Feeding Area
  3. Hoover Tiger
  4. Nest cam by Food Prep
  5. Recovery Hospital 2
  6. AR Zoo at the Mall

Bobcat Rehab NEST Cams

  1. Run 2 by Large Gate
  2. Run 2 Medium by Large
  3. Run 2 Medium by Small
  4. Middle of Large
  5. Small Right
  6. Bobcat Rehab Hospital – Flint Bobcat Kitten
  7. Bobcat Rehab Hospital – Bosco Bobcat Kitten

Recovery Hospital

The hospital cameras below are only on when there is a patient.

  1. Recovery WebCam – nest cam
  2. Recovery WebCam
  3. Recovery WebCam 3 – Outside Recovery Cage
  4. Windsong Memorial Over The Surgery Table

Enrichment Center

Every Wednesday night at around 6:00 PM EST our wonderful volunteers come in and make enrichment for the cats.  Sometimes we do live events, where we will answer your questions, or let you make suggestions to them on what to make for the cats, but most of the time it is just a one-way window.  We use Facebook for the two way interaction when there is someone who can manage it.  Enrichment Center

Food Prep

What goes on in the Food Prep building?  Find out at  Food Prep

Temporary Cam Links

Sometimes we turn on other webcams temporarily for people to enjoy.  If you go to these links and they aren’t playing it is because we have them turned off until we have something to show.  Leaving them running when there is nothing to show eats up out bandwidth and makes the other cams freeze or lag.

We have two YouTube channels:

  1. – Behind the scenes
  2. – Shorter fun and educational videos

Facebook LIVE Streaming Videos:

Several times each week both Carole and Brittany will walk around the sanctuary or follow keepers and answer viewer questions while streaming LIVE on Facebook.  Find replays of those videos at

YouTube LIVE Streaming Videos:

Most Saturdays are 12:15 pm EST keeper Bridget and Andy will walk around the sanctuary together for you to enjoy the cats.  The shortcut to this YouTube channel is

What do you want to see?

We will be adding more cameras and opportunities for live interaction.  Let us know, in a comment, below what you would like to see.


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  • El Tigre

    I would like to see one of the servals!

  • e1stin

    FYI – The nest cam for Spirit Feather has been down all day.
    Is everything ok?

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