Alex el Tigre

Big Cat Rescue is Live 24/7 on Webcams

Best Quality Cams are the Cams

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Easy to Remember Shortcut –  is the URL link to get you to our main page of webcams on’s site.

  1. Jasmine The Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  2. Dutchess the Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  3. Aria the Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  4. Max the Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  5. Bobcat Hospital – This camera is directed to the bobcat hospital kitten room
  6. Bobcat Rehab   Intensive Care 
  7. Bobcat Rehab Cage 1~cam 2
  8. Windsong Memorial Hospital
  9. Windsong Hospital X-ray Room

Bobcat Rehab NEST Cams

Bobcat hospital kitten room (empty)

Bobcat hospital-

Kitten outside catio

Bobcat hospital room 2 (empty)

Outside rehab run 1 nest cams (Winter bobcat)

Small Section 1

Small Section 2

Medium Section 1

Medium Section 2

Big Section by Medium

Outside rehab run 2 nest cams (empty)

Platform cam-LIVE 24/7

Small Section

Medium section

Big section

Outside rehab run 3 nest cams (this enclosure is currently empty)

Nest cam 1-medium by small

Nest cam 2- large by middle

Recovery Hospital

The hospital cameras below are only on when there is a patient.

  1. Recovery WebCam – OFF
  2. Recovery WebCam –  Cool Cat Cave Recovery
  3. Recovery WebCam 3 – Outside Recovery Cage
  4. Windsong Memorial Over The Surgery Table
We have two YouTube channels:
  1. – Explore videos of our cats
  2. – Short fun and educational videos and our daily walkabouts

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    1. Yes you can find her LIVE cam at or on her bio page at Please note it does go down from time to time so check back if you don’t see it LIVE.

    1. Val is now in Pharaoh’s old enclosure, she is eating well and is now going to lockout to eat but she waits until everyone is gone to eat. We are hoping that the FWD will let her stay at Big Cat Rescue but we are not sure yet. Dr. Justin B. said she is not releasable so we are still waiting.

  1. Please show more of our precious boys flint and biscuit. They my my and my fiance loving babies thanks so much Joey and Holly.

  2. I have family in town, they would like to visit BCR December 2nd… are you open to the public? Do we need tickets?

  3. After spending so much time watching Ms. Claws grow up in bobcat rehab, I fondly remember being with a small group who would stay up most of the night watching her having the cat crazies and creating games to play in her head. We rarely get to see much of her now, but I know she must still have that crazy streak that only comes out late at night or when humans aren’t around. It would be such a joy to watch her on a camera, as she is still young and crazy. I sure miss her.

  4. Do the Verkada cameras have audio and do you need an account to view them? I’m blind and I love listening to the cats) Have a great day and God bless.

    1. How did you know Manny had an intestinal obstruction? What were the signs and symptoms? Asking as house cats can suffer the same so would be useful to know how to recognize something’s wrong.
      Thank you

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