Big Cat Rescue Cams

Alex el Tigre

Big Cat Rescue is LIVE 24/7 on webcams (plural with the letter ‘s’) is the shortcut link to get you to THIS page.

Our best quality webcams are provided by and are located at these links: (no letter ‘s’) is the easy URL link to get you to our main page of webcams on’s site.

Watch Little White Dove Bobcat in the recovery room after her dental:

We have Nest Cams that are not as clear, but have sound, at these easy to remember links:

Temporary Cam Links:

The hospital cameras below are only on when there is a patient

  • Recovery Room at West Boensch Hospital for cats who are in Intensive Care.  This camera is set to private currently.
  • Recovery Room 2 at West Boensch Hospital for cats who are in Intensive Care.
  • Recovery Room 3 at West Boensch Hospital for cats who are in Intensive Care.
  • Windsong Memorial Nest cam is on all the time, but there isn’t much to see unless there is a procedure going on.

Every Wednesday night at around 6:00 PM EST our wonderful volunteers come in and make enrichment for the cats.  Sometimes we do live events, where we will answer your questions, or let you make suggestions to them on what to make for the cats, but most of the time it is just a one way window.  We use Facebook for the two way interaction, when there is someone who can manage it.

Temporary Access to Other Webcams

Sometimes we turn on other webcams temporarily for people to enjoy.  If you go to these links and they aren’t playing it is because we have them turned off until we have something to show:


We have three Facebook Show pages:


We have two YouTube channels:


What do you want?

We will be adding more cameras and opportunities for live interaction.  Let us know, in the comment, below what you would like to see.

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  • El Tigre

    I would like to see one of the servals!

  • e1stin

    FYI – The nest cam for Spirit Feather has been down all day.
    Is everything ok?


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