Alex el Tigre

Big Cat Rescue is Live 24/7 on Webcams

Best Quality Cams are the Cams

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Easy to Remember Shortcut –  is the URL link to get you to our main page of webcams on’s site.

  1. Jasmine The Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  2. Dutchess the Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  3. Aria the Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  4. Max the Tiger at Turpentine Creek
  5. Bobcat Hospital – This camera is directed to the bobcat hospital kitten room
  6. Bobcat Rehab   Intensive Care 
  7. Bobcat Rehab Cage 1~cam 2
  8. Windsong Memorial Hospital
  9. Windsong Hospital X-ray Room

Bobcat Rehab NEST Cams

Bobcat hospital kitten room (empty)

Bobcat hospital-

Kitten outside catio

Bobcat hospital room 2 (empty)

Outside rehab run 1 nest cams (Winter bobcat)

Small Section 1

Small Section 2

Medium Section 1

Medium Section 2

Big Section by Medium

Outside rehab run 2 nest cams (empty)

Platform cam-LIVE 24/7

Small Section

Medium section

Big section

Outside rehab run 3 nest cams (this enclosure is currently empty)

Nest cam 1-medium by small

Nest cam 2- large by middle

Recovery Hospital

The hospital cameras below are only on when there is a patient.

  1. Recovery WebCam – OFF
  2. Recovery WebCam –  Cool Cat Cave Recovery
  3. Recovery WebCam 3 – Outside Recovery Cage
  4. Windsong Memorial Over The Surgery Table
We have two YouTube channels:
  1. – Explore videos of our cats
  2. – Short fun and educational videos and our daily walkabouts

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