Cat Chat Show Notes June 12 2013

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Cat Chat PodcastCat Chat 1 has been lost

There is always so much to talk about.

This newsletter will be launched tomorrow, so I was thinking we could talk about the stuff in it and tell people that if they want the full stories and photos and videos they need to sign up for our Animal Lover’s Dream Vacation and that subscribes them to the newsletter.  A slide for that shows them how.

This is the link to the content for the June AdvoCat newsletter:

If we still have time we can talk about the new momma cat and kittens who just came in from this raid.  Photo attached.  Please give this URL on the screen when we ask people to open their hearts and homes to cats during “kitten season.”

This page talks about how states are trending toward big cat bans as they see that there is just no way to enforce humane standards.

Also attached is a screen shot for Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Bingo to benefit Big Cat Rescue July 1 at 7:30 PM and the radio ad that Cox Radio made for us and is airing on their six local stations.  They are great supporters of ours.

Play the Ad for Hamburger Mary’s


Penelope Cat With Kittens

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