Crackle Caracal

DOB 4/1/92 – 2008

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 12/29/94
Crackle arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 12/9/94 as a three year old and was very thin. She’s the sweetest Caracal we’ve ever met. Her name was given to her when a USDA inspector who came in when she was just born said “Oh look! A litter of crackles.” He obviously did not know how to pronounce the name, and it was so cute it became her name!


Anytime I got to be near Crackle, I would always greet her and she would stick her chin straight up in the air (like Snoopy when he danced) and rub on her enclosure…which always made me laugh. She would follow me around the enclosure and look at me as if to say “Good morning Regina…care to get some exercise with me?” She was always a good girl at feeding time, too. But, what always popped into my head when I was near her was the Rice Krispies commercial…..PUT SOME SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP INTO YOUR MORNING!!!! And Miss Crackle certainly did that…..I miss you a lot…..Regina, Senior Volunteer Keeper
Crackle was the first caracal that I ever saw in the flesh, anywhere in the world. In 2001, she was situated in a cage beside the visitor check-in area and, as people started to arrive, she emerged from where she was sleeping in the long grass. This vivid-colored cat with amazingly long ear tips mesmerized me and I always looked for her whenever I visited. The visitor’s center has now moved and the building is now the education center with the original cage long gone. Crackle was moved to another area and I was lucky enough to be able to continue to see her during my visits over the next few years. My nickname for her was always ‘sweetheart’ as that’s just what she was…..Daphne, Volunteer Trainee
Crackle was Rambo’s next-door neighbor, one of the cats I work with at the sanctuary. Everyday I spent with him, I also ended up spending with Crackle since she would meander over and plunk herself right next to me so she could share in our conversations. We quickly became a regular threesome. She would crack me up (no pun intended!) when I would look over and that adorable little head of hers would be poking completely through the cage wire and she’d be munching on the sweet grass outside of her enclosure. At feeding time, I’d always call out saying, “who’s the cutest caracal ever?” and I’d hear the leaves rustle and she would magically appear as if answering, “cest moi!” I used to hope that, one day, she would be moved closer to the tour path so everyone could enjoy her as much as I did. Our time together was a perk enjoyed only by those lucky enough to volunteer. Now, every time I visit Rambo, I look over and see her beautiful spirit still with me……Julie, Senior Volunteer Keeper
I really liked Crackle. She was such a beautiful cat, probably the most beautiful caracal we have. I liked that she was always so feisty when I came around to clean. I will really miss her…..Willow, Volunteer Keeper

Looks are deceiving. The old wisdom of, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” applied to the sweetest caracal I have met, Crackle. One would never know there was a powerhouse hidden beneath her sweetness. Her power was not the kind that forces itself upon you or was aggressive. Crackle’s power was the stillness that was always present.

I had the privilege and honor of working with Crackle for a short time doing operant training. She would be very dainty in taking the piece of meat as I clicked. She would patiently wait, although her eyes would betray her excitement, as I prepared another piece of meat. Often, I would have to wake her up, but as soon as she smelled her treats, the stalks of grass would start to move, and I knew she was on her way.

Crackle’s stillness spoke volumes. She touched hearts. Her soul could be seen as you looked into her eyes. Dainty in her physical appearance, strong in presence, Crackle will never be forgotten……Laura, Volunteer Keeper

Caracals are one of the most beautiful of the small cats to me, and Crackle was certainly one of our sweetest caracals. Something about her demeanor suggested a smile, and always brought a smile to my face when visiting with her. When we were told she was terminally ill, my heart really sank. It’s sad to lose any of our cats, but Crackle was special to me. She will be missed and remembered….Beth, Volunteer Keeper
What a wonderful and beautiful Caracal. I loved how, when I approached her enclosure and called to her, she would sometimes wander out to greet me and then follow me all the way around. It felt like we were taking each other for a walk. Other times, I would have to look and find her lazing in the tall grasses, blinking at me as if I had disturbed her beauty nap. She always seemed such a relaxed and confident cat, not to mention elegant. She will be missed for her sweet personality and beauty…..Lisa, Former Volunteer Keeper


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