Cubs at Mall and in Newspaper Appall Customers

Letter: Animals exhibit’s photo appalling


Last October, when a group currently billing itself as Big Cat Rescue Entertainment brought a traveling exotic cat exhibit to Mounds Mall, The Herald Bulletin ran an enlightening article about the exhibit of baby tigers and the exhibitor, Joe Schreibvogel.


Joe-Exotic-Joe-Schreibvogel-GWPark-Wynnewood-OKThe article brought to light the fact that Schreibvogel has been investigated by the USDA for numerous violations of mistreating his animals and fined $25,000. Your article stated “the USDA’s report showed Schreibvogel was reprimanded for numerous cases where staff failed to handle animals in a manner that would reduce harm, failure to provide veterinary care and failing to keep animals separated so they do not harm one another.”


When Schreibvogel spoke to a Herald Bulletin reporter then, he acknowledged he is breeding tiger and lion cubs, but said he only does so “as a means of ensuring that he can afford to rescue the 1,400 animals on his ranch.” However, no legitimate sanctuary or rescue organization would continue to breed more animals while claiming to not be able to afford the animals he does have.


You can imagine my disappointment and disgust March 26 when The Herald Bulletin ran a front-page photo of a family feeding a cub at Mounds Mall with the ignorant caption, “Big Cat Rescue Entertainment exhibiting at the mall again, allowing individuals to get close to exotic animals.” I am appalled with this photograph in your paper that practically endorses the abuse these poor creatures endure as a result of traveling exhibits. Shame on you, Herald Bulletin.


Velda Boenitz



More about Joe Schreibvogel at


Update:  2013 Big Cat Rescue won a judgment for more than 1 million dollars against Joe Schreibvogel and GW Zoo for copyright and trademark infringements.

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