Cubs Ripped from their Moms for Eufaula Chamber Event

Cubs Ripped from Moms for Eufaula Chamber Event

Cubs Ripped From Their Mothers For Petting
Cubs Ripped From Their Mothers For Petting
Despite being advised that the sideshow the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce booked for Whole Hawg Weekend travels the country 50 weeks a year offering pay to play with cubs as young as 5 weeks old (which is illegal) they have ignored the facts.  The Chamber knows these tiny cubs will be used for a money making scheme where the public will be charged to pet the cubs and have their photos taken and is even advertising the display on their website!
Outfits like this one promote this kind of abuse under the guise of providing consumers with education about big cats.  The truth is that they breed and exhibit cubs ONLY to make money. You can see a video of this group at a mall in Illinois last December with cubs sick with diarrhea yet being forced to be constantly awakened, bounced and held by children.

This particular exhibitor is currently under investigation by USDA for the deaths of 23 cubs last year and we even put the Chamber in touch with the official at USDA so they could verify it, but they either chose not to check or just don’t care.  Please let them know that you care and that you are appalled that they would allow any traveling act with big cats to attend their events, much less one that continues to breed cubs and rip them from their mothers for this kind of commercial gain.

Update July 2011:  Eufaula responded and agreed to not have big cats or their cubs at future events.

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