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Sustaining Donors Society – Automated Giving – Checking, Credit Card, or PayPal

Having your donation made by monthly or annual deductions from a bank account (which costs us the least in fees taken from your donation) or charges to a credit card or PayPal is particularly helpful because it allows us to better plan our cash flow to care for the cats while saving our donors the time it takes to mail checks or donate online. Automated donations can be changed or discontinued at any time by emailing

For Credit Card or E-Check (automated withdrawal from checking account) just click HERE and click the “Make this recurring (Monthly)” box next to the amount.

For PayPal, click the button below:

Enter the amount of the monthly donation you wish to make, check the “make this a monthly donation” box, and select “donate with Paypal.” You will likely have to login and then you will then see a screen confirming you are paying with Paypal.

Thanks for becoming a Sustaining Donor! See more ways to donate to save big cats here: