Eko, and 8 year old Malayan tiger was shot to death at the Naples Zoo 12/30/2021 because a janitor allegedly hopped the barricade and stuck his arm in the cage.  The reason people do stupid things like that is because they see faux conservationists show off on TV and social media with juvenile big cats who appear to the uneducated to be full grown lions and tigers.  People like Kevin Richardson, Kevin Antle, Eddie Serio and others apparently want you to think they have some supernatural power.  In this monkey see, monkey do world, their fans are inspired to throw caution to the wind in order to emulate their “heroes.”

That cost Eko his life.  Please!  Never pay to see a cub on display.  When you see animal exploiters trying to convince children and the ignorant that they are somehow special by frolicking with what appear to be adult lions, tigers and ligers, call them out for the hucksters they are.

You can help put an end to the abuse by helping us pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act that bans cub petting (which is where hundreds of these cubs start out the lives of abuse) and phases out private possession of big cats at BigCatAct.com

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